A Relation In Mutual Interest

Hello Everyone,

This is Rajeev from Bhopal. Age 29, married. If any girl/lady wants to have a secret relationship, reply to my E-mail. Let’s not waste time. I’ll directly come to the story.

One night I got a poke from a girl on Facebook. I saw the profile and poked her back. We started chatting. She told me that she’s interested in seeing my profile. I asked her what she does. She said she works in a BPO in Bhopal. Didn’t chat much that night. She asked for my number and I gave it to her.

The next morning she called me up and said she wants to meet me. I went to the place she called me up to in my car, waited there for about 10 mins. and called her. She came up with her face wrapped in a dupatta. Her black leggings made her look even sexier. She got in the car. I asked her to remove the Dupatta from her face and she looked exactly the same as her FB DP. She was a beautiful girl of 31 years of age.

She asked me to go to CCD in a nearby Mall. I held her hand in the car and touched her thigh from over her legging. She smiled and liked my touch. I parked the car at the Mall, held her hand and waist while walking to CCD. We got in, ordered coffee and some snacks. Started talking about ourselves. Then she told me that she’s recently divorced and wanted to hook up now. I liked her honesty and after some more talking, I kissed her cheek and then placed my hand on her thigh again under the table. Our coffee came and we sipped some of it. She was very expressive and knew exactly what she was looking for. While she was talking, I was looking into her eyes. They were black and beautiful. She told me that her hubby couldn’t do well in bed and they started fighting right after their wedding. She walked out of her marriage then.

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Since we were sitting in a corner, the waiters and all didn’t see us directly. I wanted to kiss her lips and I leaned forward to kiss her. She didn’t move a bit, I kissed her lips and licked them with my tongue. She did the same. It was a small one. We touched each other under the table. I moved my hand towards her pussy and touched it, caressed it for a while. She grabbed my hand with both her legs and felt my touch to the fullest. She asked if I had a place to meet up in private, I said we can check in to a hotel. She wasn’t comfortable with that thought. I said I can ask some friend if their flat is vacant. She said that would be a good idea but it should be safe.

I called asked a friend but his flat wasn’t vacant that day. We left the cafe and moved out hand-in-hand longing for each other. Sat in the car and pulled off for a drive. I asked her to touch my dick. She started caressing it from above my Jeans. I started touching her pussy and pressing her boobs while driving. I kissed her on her lips. This time it was a long and lusty one. We were craving for each other’s body. We hugged and licked each other’s lips. I slid my hand into her Bra. They were soft and firm. I dropped her back to the place I picked her up from near Minaal Residency’s gate.

We planned to meet again. I couldn’t arrange for a friend’s flat or room. So I booked a room in a posh hotel. Picked her up from Minaal Residency again. We went to the hotel in MP Nagar and parked the car. She had covered her face today as well. We entered the hotel and the receptionist asked her to remove the Dupatta. We gave our ID Cards and took the keys, I paid for the room with my Credit Card. We got into the room. It was a good one. We shut the door and had a long kiss. The room service boy knocked and asked if we need anything. I had bought a pack of condoms while going from Minaal to MP Nagar. The waiter went off. We shut the door again, hugged each other tightly. I slid my hand under her panty and touched her pussy, it was soft and clean-shaven.

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I caressed it for a while and she was in ecstasy. She was kissing me wildly and I opened the hook of her Bra from above her Kurti. We broke the kiss and got apart when she said she’ll freshen up and get back. I retired to the bed and started watching TV while she went to the Washroom. I knocked on the door and she opened it for me. I got in and saw her hot body. She was nude in the shower. What a sight it was! I grabbed her from behind and undressed in a matter of seconds. I patted on her ass, grabbed her boobs from behind, started kissing her neck and licking it with my tongue. Positioned my dick on her pussy from behind and entered her love hole. She just loved the way she was being loved and started moaning. I started stroking her gently and gradually increased the speed. She started moaning wildly and got too wet. I turned her to face me inserted my dick again into her pussy by lifting her hot body. She grabbed her legs around my waist and I started sucking her tits wildly fucking her. It was hard this time and she was loving it.

We fucked for about 20 mins. I came in her pussy and she didn’t want to get apart at all. She fell into my arms and hugging me tightly. I took her to the bed out of the washroom. We hugged for some time and laid down. After a few minutes, we got charged up again. I asked her to be my bitch on the bed. I patted her ass from behind, hugged her from behind. She obeyed and got in doggy style. I entered her from behind and she was loving every stroke. She started moving to and fro herself and enjoyed a lot. I entered her deeper and deeper every time and could feel the walls of her pussy embracing my dick with open arms. We fucked for another half an hour and I cummed in her again. We slept for some time and got dressed after having some Biryani and sandwiches in the room. We left after an hour and I dropped her back to her home.

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We met again a few days later and this time it was steamier than before. I’ll write about it the next time.

Let me know if you like the story by writing to [email protected] If you want to have a secret relationship in Bhopal, let me know.

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