Abba fucked Ruksana with his big lund

Abba fucked maid with his big lund - Pakistani sex story
Ruksana’s sexy boobs

Hello friend my name is Aashiya and I am from Lahore. I am young college girl. And this is not my sex story. This story is about my abba Jenul and our maid Ruksana. My mom is a working woman and one big lund. And today I will narrate this incident to you.

Ruksana is around 24 years of age. She is married and stays near our house only. She is working at our house for last 2 years. Last Sunday after my Physics tuitions I came home early. I skipped going to my friend Nasrins’s house. Mom had gone to kitty party. I entered the house and was about to go upstairs in my room. And I heard someone moaning. Could it be ammi? I thought, but she was at the kitty party. And that voice came from my parents’ bedroom only. That curiosity led me to peep in the room through keyhole. And I had biggest surprise of my life. Ruksana had my abba’s big lund in her mouth. She was sucking it and abba was just moaning with pleasure.

Ruksana looked quiet professional with her blowjob. That big lund was coming in and out of her mouth nicely and she was trying to take it full in her mouth. Abba had his hands in Ruksana’s head and he was pressing her mouth on his big lund.  Abba looked quiet satisfactory and Ruksana looked equally horny.

The blowjob fun went on for 2 more minutes. Ruksana kept on sucking it and made abba’s lund hard and red in color. My abbu is fair in color and his dick looked like some firangi’s cock. Abba now lifted maid in her hands and threw on the bed. Ruksana was all nude and first time I saw her chut. That desi chut was full of hairs and it was black in color.

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Abba parted her legs and spat on her pussy. Ruksana smiled and said, sahib yah thunkte kyun ho aap chut par. Ganda lagta hain mujhe. (Why do you spit on my chut. I feel it’s dirty)

Abba said, saali thunkunga nahi to chut fat padegi teri. (If I don’t spit, your chut will be torn)

And then he placed his dick on chut and gave a nice jerk.. Abba’s big lund was half inside her chut and Ruksana screamed. Abba held her shoulder and started fucking her. Abba’s big loda was tearing apart her chut and Ruksana kept on moaning for 2 more minutes. After that she was well adjusted and she started shaking her ass too. Abba’s lund was making fuch fuch sound and Ruksana was shaking her body nicely. Abba now asked Ruksana to turn and position herself in doggy.

Ruksana turned and positioned herself in doggy style. Abba went behind her and placed his dick on her chut. With just one big jerk abba pushed all his dick in Ruksana’s chut and she started shaking her big gaand. This time she did not have the pain and she was shaking her body nicely. Abba’s lund was going in and out of that chut.

While fucking Ruksana abba said, Sali tu aajkal bahut badi randi ho gai hai. Pados ke Abbas bhai bhi aajkal badi smile dete hai tujhe. (you have become a big bitch nowadays. Neighbour Abbas bhai is eyeing a lot on you)aand

Ruksana smiled and said, Ha sahah wo budhe ke lund me jawani fut rahi hai aajkal. Kahta hai ki paise dunga mujhe khushi de do. (Ye, that oldie is getting young nowadays. He is eager to pay me and get some happiness)

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Abba now spanked on Ruksana’s big gaand and said, cha lab teri gaand marta hu. (I will fuck you in your ass now)

Ruksana said, bahut dukhta hai piche sahib (it pains a lot in the asshole)

And now abba took out his big lund from Ruksana’s chut. It was all sticky looking and pulsating. Even I was feeling horny looking at abba’s lund and his fucking style. I thought in my mind that ammi must have been having great time.

Abba placed his dick on Ruksana’s black asshole and pushed it in. As dick was already lubricated with chut juice; it slowly entered the gaand. Ruksana screamed again and abba pushed entire dick in her gaand. Abba now slowly started moving his body and that lund was going in and out of gaand.

Abba kept on fucking Ruksana’s gaand for 2 more minutes and Ruksana moaned with pain all the time. AAnd now there was a strong shiver in abba’s body. He was about to cum I think. He took out his big  lund from gaand and started shaking it in front of Ruksana’s mouth.

Ruksana opened her mouth and abba was about to explode. And the jet spray finally came out. Abba filled Ruksana’s mouth and few drops came out as well. Abba made her drink all the cum and then he cleaned his big lund with Ruksana’s dupatta. Ruksana stood up and they started dressing. The show was over now and I stood up and walked out of the house.

After 5 minuets I deliberately knocked the door. Ruksana opened the door and she was looking satisfied. This randi had just taken my abba’s big lund in her chut and gaand.

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Abba was in the drawing roon reading newspaper. He was also normal. I don’t know from how long this is going on. I thought of saying this all to my mom, but I fear what mom will do after hearing this. Which is why I am silent till now.

Dosto, what shall I do now? Please don’t comment that I should take abba’s big lund. I am not that type of girl.

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