All My Holes Are Yours

Hello dear readers! I will introduce myself as raja (name changed). I have been reading stories here on indian sex stories dot net from past couple of month and decided to share my experience too. Please excuse my mistakes in writing as it’s my firat time and have fun 🙂

I will begin my story without further ado.

This is my story when I was in Russia as a student and lived in a hostel. Boys and girls all lived together, right next to each other’s room.

I am a brown guy, average height, commanding voice and like to lead people. I had a girlfriend, she was from Mumbai.

Let me describe her.
She had an apple bottom ass, medium breasts but not small! She was my junior and I made her mine.
She was very submissive and very dirty minded. We had a master-slave relationship inside the bedroom but outside we loved each other.

She completely submitted herself to me, I was the master of all her holes. I could use her however I wanted. Every day after college I would return to my room to find her on her knees. Body in a seductive curve, boobs out and ass out, her back curved into concave shape. Head bowed to me and I would get an instant hard-on. She would just be in lingerie, her boobs spilling out due to her position. Her knees in pain from the hard ground but she would still be there and look up to me with pretty eyes in distress from the hurting knees.

She would then ask ” which hole would you like sir today?” I would slap her, pull her hair. She would moan sexually and open her mouth. I take out my cock, average size but thick and force it in her mouth. I don’t regard her comfort, just start fucking her mouth. I use her mouth hole the way I want. Tears rolled from her eyes and she is crying from the suffocation and the paining knees. She cant use her hands, I ask her to keep them behind her back while I continue to fuck her mouth.

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I like to fuck her throat, her nose touching my shaved pubic skin and her eyes in tears. She looks into my eyes for mercy but I hold her by the hairs and force her on my cock. Finally, when I’m on the verge of cumming I let her go.

Let her stand and take her to the bed. Now I like to use her anal hole. Without warning I apply lotion and put her in doggy-style and fuck her anus from behind . I pull her hair and she moans with pleasure and pain . I continue to anal fuck her and suddenly pull out and put in her mouth . She hungrily slurps it. This is her fantasy, to be fucked in her ass and then her mouth.

Without giving her rest, I use her pussy, it’s tight. I choke her and fuck her like an animal. She moans and her body shivers with pleasure and pain. I keep fucking her in different positions. All her holes are to be used for my pleasure. But I love to fuck her mouth the most. It’s so sexy when she is on her knees and her mouth is open for my cock to go in. She gags on my cock, using her mouth as just a hole to fuck.

After I’m done fuckin all her holes I order her back on her knees and press her boobs together and fuck her boobs. It’s so soft! In between, I put my cock in her mouth for lubrication and then fuck her boobs again. She looks so sexy on her knees and pressing her boobs together for me to fuck it. And finally, I fuck her mouth again and cum on her boobs. And throw her on the bed, while I go eat something.

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She lays there, tired, in a mess. Cum on her boobs, teary eyes, and saliva on her face and body and her hair in a mess. Too tired to get up.She does this all for me. And then later I wash her and take her out to eat and at night she gives me a blowjob and and then we sleep together. She sleeps like a baby in my arms. 🙂

I continue to use her every day for my pleasure. Sometimes, I add bondage to it too. I tie her hands behind her back and make her lie on her back. Then I let her head hang over the edge of the bed and fuck her mouth.

I love to fuck her pretty mouth, my dick deep in her mouth and my balls blocking her nose. She cant breathe and pleads to me with her gagged voice. I let her catch her breath and continue fucking her mouth.

Her anal hole was the tightest, it was the best to fuck her from behind and then keep on spanking her ass and pressing her boobs. She was very sweet and loved to please me.
I loved her this line, ” raja, use any hole you want ” and I always wish to hear it again.
Fucking her tits was the best way to easily jack off and a blowjob from her on her knees bent with hands behind.
Me on a chair, sipping coffee and she pleasuring my cock. Occasionally I would pull her hair just to hear her moan and then roughly facefuck her. She was totally mine and she would throat fuck herself on my cock because she knew it made me happy. I was happy to use all her holes.

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We fucked till we lived there and made great memories 🙂 she was sweet, loving, caring and mature.

If anybody interested, please contact me at the email below. Serious, responsible, mature and understanding guy.
Contact me for suggestions and chatting:

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