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Ass lover, first thing in mind is that guy must be a gay. It is not like that, there are people who love anal sex; they are straight but they love to enjoy all positions and parts of sexual intercourse. Anal sex as enjoyable as people enjoy in pussy fuck. Male and female both enjoy anal sex but both need more energy and pain is also more. As ass is more tight then pussy and pussy got wet during the friction between pussy and dick but in ass, even after friction; no wetness is there but it can be wet after apply applying nice lubricant.

There are many anal sex position described in kamsutra to fuck female ass including front, on back, side and above body positions. The best part is these position give ultimate sexual pleasure with little pain. It is very important for male to prepare his female partner for ass fucking. Generally, females don’t get ready easily as it include lots of pain but after give them comfort; they give you immense pleasure of ass fucking.

Ass fucking is also pleasure in gay sex. Gay who loved male body smell loves to give their dicks inside the small ass of their partners. It is painful both males and females to have big dicks inside their small asses. Believe me, anal with male or female give pleasure to sex addicts. Ever you tied ass fucking? NO, try it today….

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