Ananya Made Me Forget Preeti & Pranitha

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As many people know that I already have sex with my sis pranitha and mom priya regularly.If not please do read my previous stories.I’ve been searching for a job for a while and finally I got selected in an interview of infosys.My family was happy to know this but my mom and sis were a little depressed as I got placed at bangalore for 6months after which I can get a transfer to the branch office in our city.The night before my journey I enjoyed sex with preeti & pranu.They sucked my dick the whole night and I’ve been licking their pussies.

The next day morning dad dropped me at the railway station.I boarded the train and after a long and boring journey reached bangalore in the eve.My uncle who stays at bangalore came to pick me up as I had to stay at his home for a month or so before I could find a good room for myself.We reached home where aunty welcomed me.We had tea and spoke for a while.Now comes the heroine of this story ananya,my uncle’s daughter and my cousin.It was a long time I met her and when I finally met her today,I couldn’t take my eyes off her.She was all grown up beautiful and sexy girl.She spoke for a while with me.Then uncle showed me my room where I got settled and went to take a shower.Ananya’s picture was not getting out of my head.She is a 21years old,5ft 7inch tall girl with a perfectly maintained 34-37-34 figure(got to know it later)with flesh at the right parts of her body.She was on hell of a bombshell.She looked a little similar to the telugu actress rakul preet

I came out of the bathroom and was just in my shorts when I heard a knock on the door.It was ananya

Ananya: bhaiyya, the dinner is ready, we’re waiting for you.

Me: yeah ananya, I’ll be there

Ananya: ok.By the way, nice body,she winked with a smile.

I was not wearing my t-shirt then.Later I went to the dining room where we had dinner and some chit-chat.After dinner, I went to the bedroom as I was tired.I slept as soon as I got on the bed.There were 4days more before I have to take office.The next day morning I woke up, got fresh and came to the hall.Aunty and uncle were getting ready as both of them were job holders.

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Aunty: good morning viraj, slept well??

Me: yeah aunty.Getting ready to office huh??

Aunty: yeah viraj.

Me: where is ananya??

Aunty: oh I forgot, she is still sleeping.Viraj can you go wake her up, she’s in her room.

I went to her room and opened the door.There she was sleeping, the sexiest girl in her hot pants and a sleeveless top.I couldn’t take my eyes off her.However, I went to her and tried to wake her up..She was hesitating to wake up.But some how I woke her up and greeted a good morning.She went to the bathroom, got fresh and joined us at breakfast.

Aunty: viraj beta, ananya will be at home today.Ask her what ever you want.Ok?

Me: ok aunty.

Both aunty and uncle left at 9 am.I went to my room and was chatting with my sister.It was 10 am, ananya came to my room with 2 cups of coffee.She handed me over one cup and we both took a sip of it.

Ananya: bhaiyya, how’s the coffee?

Me: umm, it’s good but a bit sweet.

Ananya: oh, then here, take mine, this is not as sweet as yours.

She took my cup and gave her’s to me.I was watching her while she was drinking the coffee.Her juicy lips touched the spot where I took the sip of coffee.That was too good to watch.Her round boobs were perfectly visible over her top and her ass, oh my god, it’s a bomb.I wanted to fuck her at any cost.So we were casually talking when I asked her

Me: so, any boyfriend or something?

Ananya: no bhaiyya, had one but not now.

Me: ooooho, had one, so had fun with that one?

Ananya: no bhaiyya, not even kissed anyone,aur kya fun.

Me: oooho, waise even I’ve not kissed anyone till now.

Ananya: you must be joking.I won’t believe you.

Me: really ananya, I swear.

Ananya: ok, give me the cup.

I handed over the cup and she was leaving the room.After a while, I came to the hall where ananya was cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner.She bent down to clean the area below the sofa when her whitish boobs were clearly visible to me.I was awestruck.I purposely went close to her and while watching her boobs

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Me: ananya, are there any mangoes in the house?I love eating mangoes , especially juicy and big mangoes.

She understood my intention and left the room with anger.She didn’t speak a word the whole day.Aunt and uncle arrived at night.We had dinner and went to our rooms.

It was 11’30pm.I was chatting with pranu.We were having a sex chat, she was sending her nudes, my dick was rock hard by then.I didn’t lock the door of my room.At 12 o clock someone opened the door, and to my surprise it was ananya.She saw me awake and came near me.

Ananya: bhaiyya, what you told in the morning, I clearly understood your intention.But we are cousins and doing this is a sin.

She was about to leave when I caught her hand and pulled her over me.She fell on my thighs over my dick.She did feel my hard dick.She was soo close to me and I took advantage of the situation.I locked her lips with mine.She hesitated at first but I didn’t let her go.After 5mins she started responding.She put her tongue into mine and we were sucking our tongues in no time.

I thought this is the time and removed her top while kissing.I freed her round boobs and was pressing her boobs soo hard.She was biting my lips out of pleasure.We kissed each other for 20mins.She broke the kiss.

Ananya: blushing, bhaiyya, the door is open…Close it na….

I closed the door.Removed my t-shirt and short.I was in my underwear and she was in her hot pants.I jumped at her and started sucking her boobs.Her nipples were firm and hard.She pressed my head hard into her boobs.I licked her navel and belly button for a while.Then I slid my hands over her hot pants.Removed them and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy.She had a clean shaved pink pussy all wet by then.Without wasting time I inserted my tongue and started sucking her pussy.I was pulling her pussy lips with my mouth.She was moaning loud and loud.She cummed while I licked her pussy.

Ananya: can I open your underwear now.

Before I said anything she pulled down my underwear.She got hold of my 6’5inch dick and applied her saliva.She pressed my dick and started taking it into her mouth.What a hot and wet mouth she had.

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She made my dick as hard as a rock.

Ananya: bhaiyya, do it, fuck me now.I can’t wait.

She laid down on the bed and lifted her legs.I positioned my dick and inserted it in one hard push.She shouted out of pain which I covered by putting her mouth on mine.She was a virgin.A little blood came out her pussy.She was crying.Now slowly I started in and out motion.Her pain started to turn into pleasure.I increased the speed.Her boobs were bouncing up and down.I was squeezing her boobs with my hands.

Later she came on top of me and was jumping over my dick.I fucked her in doggy position for a while and when I was about to cum, she took my dick out and put it in her mouth.She drank all my cum, didn’t leave a drop behind.

I was happy and satisfied to fuck such a bombshell.She enjoyed the session and was sweating.I pulled her towards me and kissed her pink lips.We started kissing each other again and shifted to 69position.


Her pussy tasted really awesome and she was biting my dick soo hard in between that marks of her teeth were visible.We both cummed in each others mouths and drank out love juice.

Later we had another session and this time I cummed in her hot pussy.It was 6 am in the morning by then, she left to her room and I slept in my room.From that day ananya and I had sex almost daily trying new positions and in new erotic ways.She made me forget pranu and preeti.

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