Banging My Girlfriend On Her Birthday

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For those who don’t know me. Here’s a short intro. I’m Tarun from Delhi. My height is 5’8” with an average body and fair color and adorable looks. Any girl/woman/couple around Delhi NCR interested in having a steamy hookup can email me at [email protected] privacy and satisfaction both are guaranteed.

Not boring u further let’s come to the story.

So the heroine of this story is Pooja (name changed for obvious reasons). She is way too beautiful and fair in color. She is 5’6” tall beauty with 34d boobs and 30 waist and 32 hips. She is the real sex bomb.

It was a week before her birthday when I decided to give her a surprise. Since we are in a long distance relationship we don’t meet much. I asked her to come to a nearby city we are going out of town for a ride.( actually, this wasn’t the plan). She agreed and I waited eagerly for her birthday.

A day before her birthday I booked a room in that city with the help of Oyo couples.

I reached hotel a day before and completed all check-in formalities and started planning for her birthday surprise. I got her 20 gifts ( as she just turned 20). Plotted each one of them in the room and hotel reception with sticky notes on them. Each sticky note had a clue to reach out another gift.

And then the day arrived of which I waited for a long time. She came out of her college bus and was looking most beautiful than ever. She wore a black crop top and black rugged jeans with high heels. With a light makeup on her face. She was looking adorable!!!

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I picked her up in my car. Blindfolded her and took her to the hotel. Then she played the little game that I organized of finding a;; her gifts. After unwrapping all her gifts she was touched. She came straight into y arms and hugged me tightly and said that it was her best birthday ever. I hugged her even tighter. Took her to bed. & made her lay on me hugging me. We were enjoying each and every moment and suddenly our eyes met. I plated a small kiss on her forehead. We were staring at each other. And our lips met.

I was sucking her lower lip and she was sucking my upper one within no time. We were too much into ourselves that we didn’t even realize when our kiss became more erotic and we caught hold of each other’s tongues. We were kissing as if there is no tomorrow. We smooched for over 30-35 mins without even a single break. Then I came on top of her and decided to make the first move. I started pressing her melons over her top. She didn’t resist. After some time of kissing and pressing, I tried to undo her top on which she resisted.

She: no Tarun m way too shy please we can do this next time not now

Me: baby this our moments just go with the flow.

I just grabbed her top and pulled it upwards and threw it away. She was shy and covered her boobs with her arms. I caught hold of her hands and crossed them into mine. And started licking her cleavage over her purple colored bra. She was enjoying it. She left out small moans. Ohh Tushar. Just go slow. Mmmmmm. You are too good. I then slowly moved my hands on her back and unhooked her bra. Her melons were revealed from that cage and just bounced out. But she again covered them with her hand. This time I took her hands and wrapped them around my neck and started kissing her neck. She was going mad. I then kissed and licked her earlobes and then came to her boobs.

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I was sucking and licking and pinching her nipples and pressing them with one hand. I alternatively devoted my equal time on bot her blossoms. Then I inserted my tongue into her navel. She moaned in pleasure and raised her hips upwards indicating me to go deeper. I kept on licking her navel. Suddenly she caught my hairs. Brought me towards her face and started eating m lips like a hungry bitch. Then she came on top of me. Removed my t-shirt and jeans in one go. Started smooching me and biting my nipples. I was on cloud 9. That feeling cannot be explained. She was shy to reach out my tool and I sensed it. I came on top of her. Got rid of her jeans and panties which were already overflowing of her juices.

I just applied some drinking chocolate to her love hole and started licking it. In no time her moans became louder and louder. In the meantime, I reached her g- spot and started tongue fucking her. Within 10-15 minutes she came and I tasted her salty yet buttery juices. It was her time to return the favor. I made her come over me. Held her hand and kept it over my tool. She undid my underwear and started stroking it like a pro. I asked her to take it in her mouth and suck it like lollipop which to my surprise she readily accepted and started giving me a blowjob. I enjoyed it thoroughly and came real soon. Then I came on top of her. Smooched her. Sucked her boobs. Wore a condom and was about to drill her love hole when I saw her expressions. She closed her eyes tightly as if she’s going to be in great pain. I comforted her. Held her lips with mine and entered my cock head into her virgin pussy. She screamed.

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I caught her lips tightly and started sucking them. I then started entering slowly. It was painful for both of us. I just entered my entire length in one go and she screamed out way too loud. I kept my tool in that position for some time. I could feel some wetness over my tool which didn’t take me long to understand that my girl is deflowered. I took out my tool half and then started thumping her in and out. She screamed in pain at first and then she too was enjoying the act. Oooohhhhh. Aaaaahhhhhhh. Tarun you are the best. Mmmmmm. Ohh Ohh ohh. Fuck me harder bae. Faster baby faster.

That day we had two rounds and then got ourselves ready.
I hope you enjoyed this story. Your feedbacks are always awaited to keep me motivated to pen down my real life incidences.
Any girl/ woman/ couple around Delhi/NCR looking for a steamy hookup with utmost privacy and satisfaction can email me at [email protected] M also available on google hangouts with the same id
God bless you all.


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