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People say anal is not natural but sex experts say, anal sex is 100% natural and there is no chance of infection or any other medical deceases. Anal sex just all about the penetration of other hole of a girl or penetration of hole of a man. It gives the same sexual pleasure to dick which dick gets in the penetration of a pussy hole. If we talk about the kaamsutra definition, it allows using the complete body and all possible body parts to get the sexual pleasure. Only the difference to penetrate the ass of man and woman is, this place is more sensitive than a pussy or a mouth.

I am fond of anal sex and met few people two. I also many stories about anal sex. I remember, few year before, I read a question of a man in adult magazine and he really wanted to have anal sex with his wife but was not ready to do. Sex experts suggested that guy to show some pictures having anal sex, some articles and some doctor advice. And also, doctor asked him to some sex and anal sex movies to her. And surprisingly, after doing all these things that guy got the ass of her wife and she was pleased too and said it was complete flavor of sexual intercourse.

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