Bhabhi Showed Me How To Use My Dick

Amrita Bhabhi's tits could make any dick taller
Amrita Bhabhi’s Tits

I toold you in last part of the story; how I cummed on bhabhi’s body and she drank it. Let me tell you the pleasure I had after that!

Amrita bhabhi looked so hot with cum drops on her lips. She stood up and asked me to follow her. We went to bathroom. She turned on the tap and cold drops of water started to wet us. Bhabhi went on her knees and she took my dick in her hand. She appllied soap and cleaned it all. With every touch of her hand my dick was climbing high. She looked at it and asked me.

Bhabhi: Is this your first experience?

Me: Yes bhabhi!

Bhabhi: Wow, I will teach you everything. Will make you a fucking genius.

And after saying this she laughed loudly. That laugh was so cunning and notorious sounding. She started to stroke my dick with her palms now. And in between she was placing it in between her boobs. That was amazing feeling and my dick was rocket high again. Bhabhi kept on stroking it for few more minutes and then asked me.

Have you tried the taste of pussy ever? Or you are virgin with the licking too?

I said, no bhabhi nothing.

Come on then, suck my clitoris.

She parted her pussy lips and showed me a small muscle hanging in the middle joint of two pussy lips.

This is clitoris, just like your dick! When you touch this; it arouses a woman. And if you lick it; woman can do anything for you. I want you to lick it for me darling.

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I went on my knees and bhabhi placed one of her legs on my shoulder. I could smell her pussy nicely. She pushed my head which neared me towards her cunt. I took out my tongue and touched the part she jst showed me a minute ago.

OOOOOOhhhhhh, eeee……yessssssssss baby just like that!

She pushed my head more on her cunt now. I made a slurping sound and licked the clitoris nicely. My hands went on her big ass automatically and I started to squeeze those big buts. Bhabhi was moaning and making hiss soudns. She was demanding more and more licking from me.

Lick it all darling, it feeeels sooooo gooood you know!

My tongue went in the hole now; I could feel a lot of liquid there. Bhabhi had the pussy juices on the flow already. I rotated my tongue there for a while and bhabhi started to act like crazy. She pushed me to the deepest of her sex hole and she asked me to slap on her ass.

Go on baby, suck it till the deepest and slap my bums!

I obeyed her and started slapping her with my hand. She liked it a lot.

I kept on sucking her for 2 minutes and then she asked me to stop. She cleaned ourselves with a towel and we walked towards the bedroom now.

She jumped on bed and spread her legs. I could see the pussy leaking the juices.

I sat between her legs.

Put your shaft on my thing now, she adviced me.

I placed my dick on the vagina, it was feeling so hot.

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Mukund, now you can insert it slightly. Don’t try to penetrate it all; do it slowly and steadily.

I did the same and my dickhead entered her pussy. Wow that was amazing and feeling great.

Bhabhi moaned a little and she parted her legs more now.

I took out my dick and started to stroke it with just gentle pushes. My dickhead was dipped in juices and bhabhi was asking for more strokes now. At least she did not object when I started stroking. I gave a couple of strokes and half of my dick went inside her pussy now. Bhabhi moaned a lot with pleasure. She was admiring my moves.

You are doing it right dear. Fuck me slowly now.

I liked it when she praised me, any virgin boy would like it for that matter.

I gave one more stroke and my dick went inside most of ots length now. Bhabhi moaned with a small shouting now.

Uiiiiii maaaa… have a big one Mukund!

I started to stroke my dick in and out of her pussy now. Bhabhi liked the way I stroked my dick in her vagina.

She then told me, Mukund you know a woman likes it more when she is being touched while having sex. If you touch her here and there you can get maximum out of the sex.

I thought why not! My hand went on her boobs and I started to squueze them. Those big boobs were ncie and hard now. Nipples were poking in my palms when I squeezed those titties. Bhabhi kept on moaning with pleasure. I kept on fucking her like that for 4-5 minutes. I was in need to change the position now.

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I thought bhabhi knew this too. She put her legs on my shoulder now. My god that was a hot position to handle. My dick was in the deepest part of her pussy and it was making me more and more hornier. I started to stroke her once again. Bhabhi was also moving her ass to give me pleasure I deserved. We both were moaning a lot now. Bhabhi was helping me cum I think.

Within a minute I had the feeling of cumming.

Bhabhi, shall I cum inside?

No, no…not inside. You can come on my tits Mukund.

I took out my dick and started shaking it in front of her. She joined both her tits with hands. I gave a huge cumshot and all my cum was caught on those milky tits. Bhabhi spread the cum on her tits again. She looked so horny while doing so.

That was the start of a fucking ear with this hot bhabhi. Amrita bhabhi taught me in and out of the sex. Thanks to her; I can satisfy any girl or woman now!

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