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true incident of 16, march ’2012 friday evening) I am raj from mumbai, studing with my girlfriend shikha sharma in **** university. We have been in a relationship since 11th class, and now we are doing b.Tech and are in 2nd year. I am 5’8″ weighing 65 kgs, having fair color and good personality. My gf shikha, is an extremely cute and decent looking girl.. She hight is 5’5″ , extremely fair, weighing 60 kgs, she wears nerdy spects which just add to her cuteness. People often want help her just out of her baby like cuteness.


I have a very old frnd from school , who is with me in my collage , his name is nikhil. He is a very good looking , muscular, 6’2″, dashing guy and also her newly made gf is a masterpiece… her gf’s name is pratima, she is easily the most beautiful girl of the university.. She is not as cute as shikha , but way more beautiful and sexy, and she is a perfect match for kartikeya.. I don’t know exactly about pratima, but she is about 5’5 , weighing about 50 kgs.. Her measurements are about I guess 34-26-34, and as I said my gf is very very fair, pratima is even fairer…skin quality and colour of pratima’s skin is the best I have ever seen.

I must mention the measurements of shikha, her awesome white body is 36-28-34 (little chubby)…. All 4 of are are ver good friends and we always hang around together. It is almost certain that both the couple will end up in a marriage.Me and nikhil live together in an apartment(2bhk) in mumbai. We made a plan to get the girls for night out , and drink a lot of alcohol. Very next day shikha and pratima lied ih their homes and came to our apartment. Just when pratima and shikha arrived I gave the a can of budweiser beer … we had very light lunch and sat on the same bed to talk for a while and drink whiskey..Girls had a can of beer, so they were little high.

While having whiskey, I jokingly said..

Raj: leave your gf here and just go get some fresh air, I will take good care of your gf.

Nikhil: why don’t u go and leave me with these beauties.

Shikha: why don’t you both go and get some air, we will call someone else… or rather are can take good care of each other..Pratima and shikha laughed together..

Nikhil : raj, our girlfriends are bitches, we must never leave them alone.

Then I went to get something to eat, and nikhil brought french fries.

Pratima : are we going to have drunk sex tonight?

Nikhil : not us bitch me and u, and raj and shikha separately.

Pratima : ha ha ha ha , I ment that only.

Raj : I wish u dint mean that only…..(to tease shikha)

Shikha pinched me on my belly, in anger..She whispered in my ear, “your dick is meant for this cunt only, and yes tonight is going to be ur exam, I want to see how long and hard u can fuck your girlfriend, satisfy me before getting any ideas” pratima made the pegs, and we started drinking

Nikhil : we are going to have the best sex yet honey.

Pratima takes a sip and looks at nikhil , than gives a naughty smile… I interrupted “the second best sex, best will be ours”

Nikhil was very obsessed with his sexual power, so he took offense and smiled with arrogance.Changing the topic pratima asked me

Pratima : raj, are u possessive about shikha?

Me : not at all, I rather trust her, a lot

Pratima : will u stop her from wearing exposing small cloths

Me : no, if she likes that..Don’t know why pratima got up, and softly kissed shikha’s lips…

Pratima : problem raj?

Me: ofcourse not., but if a guy would do that, I will have a lot of problem.

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Pratima : nikhil, learn something from asad, you are too just possessive, u never let me kiss a girl even.

Nikhil: I am not possessive

Pratima : yes u are..

Shikha : asad is lying pratima, he is very possessive .

Me : come on, I am not..!

Shikha : if u are nt possessive than why did you say that u would have had problem with guy kissing me..

Nikhil : shut up.. All of u..!


Nikhil : I just think I can fuck the best , so my girl pratima will not even think of someone else.

Me(in attitude): what makes u think so?

Nikhil : my strong body, and huge dick..

Me: girls go out , let’s see who has better dick.

Nikhil : let the girls stay here!Silence…” I am not going anywhere”, said pratima , “mee too” said shikha, following her.

Nikhil : come on show your pipi..!

Me : I have a bet , the winner gets to sleep with both girls..! Any problem girls?

Pratima: no problem boys, shikha will also have no problem… right shikha?

Shikha(with hesitation): I think so…

Nikhil looked at shikha’s body, from head to toe and said, “get ready baby”

Shikha was trying to hide her smile, but I notices that, that she was smiling I felt really bad and jealous.

In response, I looked at pratima with same kind of look, but she arrogantly ignored.

Me : my cock is not hard, ask pratima to remove her clothes slowly..Shikha looked at me with anger.

Nikhil, didn’t oppose, so pratime slowly removed her top. Her skin was looking heavenly, she was in a red bra… and her firm boobs formed the best cleavage ever… I had instant erection on having seen such a masterpiece in a red deep cut bra. I just wished to gram them and start sniffing and licking.

Nikhil : I need a solid erection as well…, why don’t u remove shikha’s top for me..I never wanted to do that, but since, pratima was standing in bra, so I had to go for it. I started removing her top… shikha looked in my eyes and said “getting me ready for him?”

With her words, everyone started laughing, I felt humiliated, but I handled the situation by saying “we will see”.Nikhil was looking at my love’s body like a hungry dog would look a chunk of meat. Then suddenly pratima went to kartikeya, and inserted her hand in his pants, and held his dick in her hands, and kissed it form above the cloths. . He dint were an underpants, nor did I . Then shikha did the same with me, but she took my hard dick out, which was about 6 inch long, and sufficiently thick…. But when pratime saw my erect cock.. She said “u lost your gf for tonight raj” … then pratima took out nikhil’s huge 10 inch long, and about double thick dick…. And both pratima and kartikeya started laughing… and pratima then said “love u ” and started sucking his gigantic dick..Then,nikhil(evil smile) : come here shikha , tonight u are going to be my bitch.. Aren’t u?

Shikha(evil smile) : sure sexy, but I am not sure I have the can bare that huge dick, but I want it in my small pink cute cunny…on hearing that I was in goosebumps, I could not believe that my love is talking like that. I was hard , but .. Pratima was sucking his monster, and shikha was smooching hhim..He inserted one hand in shikhaa’s jeans and grabbed her soft ass in his strong hands…shikha looked at me and said, ” my beautiful body doesn’t belong to u my love, but I still love u, and I know u will still love me ha ha ha ha..” and started smooching again….

Pratima : raj, kid, please remove the clothes of your lovely girlfriend…let her taste what I love a lot..

Shikha : yes honey, come undress your gf for your best friend…..

I don’t know, what forced me to do all that, but I went on and removed her top, she wore a black bra that day, her white bade, and cleavage looked great ….. Pratima removed her bra now, and my god, she had the most beautiful brown tits, that people dream of in dreams…. Then I removed , my gf’s bra, and she was again as good, with one of the best pair of boobs .. If only I was not the looser of that bet, this could have been the most beautiful day of my life. But it actually was nikhil’s day……pratima came close to shikha and started squeezing shikha’s boobs hard, with her nails indulged in her extremely soft and cozy boobs. While she did that, I sat and slowly removed her jeans, not she was in only a black thong.. Nikhil : good boy raj, now I will give your gf, what you could never give… u should be thanking me that.. Poor kidd… now get lost , there is the door.

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I felt pathetic, I turned and went out of the door.Shikha came running from behind, with her ass and boobs bouncing..

Shikha : darling , u will still love me naa?

Me: if not, then will u not get fucked by him?

Shikha : I will get fucked either ways, but I hope u will still love me…wait for me out side u small dick looser.. My master is waiting for me… love u, bye..! And then she slammed the door on my face and locked it…..

I started to listen form outside the door, I could clearly get voices, as they were not hiding anything, all of the 3, were clearly audible…. I could hear that he said to my gf, to wait, and watch while he would fuck pratima, and get properly wet, as she had to be completely wet to have such an animal fucking him .I heard the noises of pratima getting fucked, my dick was still hard, I tried to see through the key hole, all I could see was my gf, sitting and rubbing her pink clit, waiting to be banged hard. After about half an hour, shikha was called for by pratima

Pratima:shikha, come taste the haven.

Shikha got up and went out of my sight through the key hole.I wanted to do something, I didn’t know what. This sensation was different, a hairline pain through my back, I don’t know what was that.. I started slamming the door..

Pratima opened the door.. Asked with a smile “what happened?” I went inside

Me : I want to make sure that shikha is not in much of pain, I have to be here. I saw, shikha was lying on the bed and he was licking her pussy, and biting it to make her moan loud. He went up grabber her hair, and forced his manhood in shikha’s mouth, she could barely open het mouth that wide, but he ruthlessly forced it in, and then started fucking her mouth.

Nikhil : watch it raj, is she your gf? Are u bitch..?

Shikha: yes I am his gf, but your slut, bang be make me your cocky bitch.

Next he went up and grabbed my girl, from her ass and lifted up, then slammed on the bed wildly, and squeezed her beneath his huge chest, and started smooching her. Opened her sexy legs with his muscular legs and placed his cock on her cunt hole. I shouted “slowly, she will die..” he smiled, and asked shikha, “slowly?”.. She replied, “don’t be a looser like him, fuck me the haredst u can…” than in one stroke, he inserted his whole dick in my shikha’s cunt..I was horrified … I could see a dropof blood on her pussy.. But he dint give a damn to her pain and kept ramming my love like an animal., anter a short while, shikha’s face was red , pain was extreme, and so was the pleasure, I could sense that.. Shikha was shouting ” oooooooohhhhhhhh..Fuck me with u r huge devil dick aaaaahhhhhh…, iam ur slut….A filthy whore… make me ur slut………aah… I always wanted something bigger that small pipi of my looser bf……. Fuck me ……aah ooh that pain…….., eat me I am ur chunk of meat my wild dog and let that pathetic small dick watch her love making love.. “

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I was that pathetic looser, I had to hear that, all I could do was I could see her having fun, without me, then that time realised that it has been about 45 minutes and nikhil is still fucking her, it was a shame that I could at most last about 5 minutes…

After about one hr of intense fucking he ejaculated in my gf’s cunt……. Then he go tup and forced his dick in shikha’s mouth again…. She never sucked my dick after fucking, she would say it was disgusting… but she was owned now, in the best way………his cum was dripping out of shikha’s pussy…. After getting sucked by shikha, he looked at me and smiled, dint say a word, he lifted pratima in his arms, and said “your turn my whore, and shikha next time keep ur ass ready and oiled for less pain” and thenhe took pratima to bathroom for third round.

Shikha was lying exhausted in that same position… I went close to her… she opened her eyes and said… love u.. And hugged me…. She said “baby I will get pregnant, u will have to do something..”

Me: what?

Disha: suck all of his cum out of my pussy please I beg u.

Me: I am doing this, because I love u. And I went down to suck her pussy…. I was disgusting…… I sucked lot of in my mouth, I was going to spit, but shikha stopped me… she said “no, drink that, I have heard your dick grows, if u drink cum of a real man…”

I nodded my head in no… she said “okay give it to me, its yummy….. Don’t waste…” I gave it in her mouth, she drank it all…. Then I did the remaining cleaning. She got up, wore clothes, and went to the other room with me. We took bath, sat on the bed to talk..

Me: baby I can never leave u….

Shikha :are u really okay with me getting fucked my other guys, and stay in relation with u?

Me: yes baby, I always wanted to share u with someone, a better man….

Shikha : are u a cuckold?

Me : yes honey, and the twist is, I knew that his dick is bigger….

Aug 3, 2016Desi Story

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