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This is the story of a night invasion with my sexy aunt Hema while staying in Bangalore. Hema aunt, her husband and only daughter stayed very next to my apartment. Hama aunt was 45 years of age but a busty lady looking so sexy at that age. Her husband looked much older to her. I was so close to that family and me and Hama aunty were little closer and we used to have sex talks and at time I showed her sex clips on my mobile. But we never had a chance to have sex but she was ready to have sex with me. Our waiting to have sex went on for long days.

After some months, their daughter went for a dance program from the school and uncle went alone to bring back from her the school. But uncle called Hama aunty from the school and said that the program has not yet finished and might take another two hours to end. So he said he will come back with the daughter only. That was a chance and I went to Hema aunt’s flat. She was afraid to have sex at that time, because she thought that somebody might come in any moment.

Luckily the power went off in that building. When the lights went I moved towards aunt in the kitchen and hugged her. She refused but I was not ready to move away. I smooched her on her lips and pressed her big boobs over the night dress. I started rubbing her pussy which made her slowly arouse. She asked me to close the door. I ran to the door and locked and came back to the kitchen and started smooching her again

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She got into the mood and she pushed her hands into my shorts and took the dick in her hands. My dick was fully erect. That made her hornier, I dragged my shorts and bent her face towards the dick, and she kissed it and slowly started sucking it.

I lifted her skirt from behind and caressed her ass and searched for her pussy, she was wearing black panties in which her ass looked so gorgeous. I dragged her panties to her knees and finger her pussy. She started moaning in delight and sucked my cock even harder. Later I asked her to stand in the doggy position in the resting her hands on the basement facing the kitchen wall Wow! It was sexy scene watching that bulky ass from behind. That tighten my nerves and I rubbed my dick on her ass and she was begging to penetrate her. But I continued to rub her pussy with my dick for some more time. With her hands stretching underneath her, she glided my strong dick inside her pussy.

When my dick entered her pussy completely, she screamed and I started pumping her from behind. She kept on saying “fuck me harder, fuck me, and fuck me please. I fucked her with more power, and suddenly she got cum. But my dick was erect. Then I asked her to hold my dick in between her big boobs sitting on her knees in front of me and fucked her in between the boobs. That made me cum spraying it all over her boobs. She loved it and kissed my dick.

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Suddenly the power was back and we both were gasping for fresh air. After that sexual intercourse it took more than a month to have a second chance. The long waiting between fucking sessions gave us rare sexual pleasure whenever we had it.

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