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I am raj,writing my first experience which took place few months back with a girl on my workspot.Please write your feedback to [email protected] .Any girls or aunties who need enjoyment on safer side can contact.

I don”t want to waste anytime.Coming to the story straight away,I am raj ,25 years of age having a dick of 6 inches working in some standard company in bangalore.I am from tami nadu and as like all boys,I too had sexual desire for aunties or young girls,…I started to watch porn videos around 13,and from there I had a dream to fuck a girl or women. This happened few months back.

It was a cold season in bangalore,as everyone knows how the climate will be.I had a collegue whose name is sanjana(name changed) who had been working with me for past 1 year or so.She is a local girl.Her assests are stunning and anyone who can see her will drop a cum.She is having angelic look,sharp eyes,cute pair of boobs and a nice aroma.

We had been friendly and we had not have any sexual thoughts between us .We used to be very free .I used to drop her near her room and we used to have long walks,we used to chat lot.
This happened in december,on one fine asusual I dropped her room and suddenly she asked me to come to her room.Just we were talking with merely less gap between us. Suddenly we had a conversation on something which made a short friendly fight,where while fun beating I pulled her near,our body is touching and we were fighting simply like that, this is the time I really felt her aroma.It is so awesome,her sweaty armpits and her deo odour made me crazy.I got a sudden bulge in my pants which I guess she could easily felt while fighting.
On a sudden she suddenly hold my dick,where a wave of current passed inside me.It took sometime for me to realize what is happening. Sudenly we started smooching each other it last for more than 10 mins.

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I love girls armpits and so I went straight away,removed her t-shirt and started to lick over her,believe me guys that taste brought the real mood.Then we smooched again for some more time while my hands where playing on her boobs. I removed her bra and in no time we became nude.She started giving me the blowjob of her lifetime,that made me more harder,

We went to missionary position and I fucked her for more than 10 minutes. She was sounding like ahhh,come on raj fuck me,fuck harder ,tear my whole,shhh,ahhh,…Like that which drove me crazier as this is the first time I am near to a girl and that too a real beauty. Mean time I was squeezing her boobs harder and harder. Once I was about to cum,she drank all my juices…..

Then I laid my face on her hairy cunt,which I thought she might have shaved 10 to 15 days back.I buried my face in her lovely cunt and was licking her cunt like a dog.She enjoyed it and hold my hair,I drank all her juices which was flowing and it tasted with bit salt,but I liked that.

We both were lying on each other for some time, with our lips locked.
I have a long dream of fucking a girls ass and her ass is in a perfect shape for that.I turned her back and started to insert my dick in her ass,it was so tight as it had not gone inside.Then we put a lubricant and slowly I inserted inside her,she screamed in pain and asked me to stop.

But I was in no mood to listen,I gave a sudden jerk and it went inside.It was so hot and I fucked her for some time .Tears rolled on her,and I gave a kiss once I reached the climax.

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I was ready to move from there as I was getting late, so we thought of taking a bath together as we were filled with each other’s juices.
I had the most wonderful bath of a lifetime,I was licking her from her head to toe,once I went to my favourite spot,I stopped there. I said I want to lick her with honey over there and her cunt.

She brought that,and I slowly filled her armpits,boobs ,navel and cunt with a layer of honey.I left that there for some more time and started to smooch her,I like to smooch a girl longer and so I do that repeatedly to her and she also loved that. After 5 minutes once I break the kiss ,I moved straight away to her armpits .It tasted like a sweet salt mixture.The body aroma along with honey tasted the best,I think every guy should try this…

I licked her on both her armpits and pressing her ass.She was just caressing my hair.

Then I went down to her nipples, where she had small hairs, I bit it and tasted and try to eat it like a mango, but I couldn’t.It was too big for my mouth to take.

Here comes one more place, navel of girls. Where South Indian guys from conservative families know how much sexual part the navel is.As they couldn’t see any of the girls who wears modern dress. I too had a craze on navel and I went deep in her navel and licked the honey,she was moaning in all the time,finally I reached her holy hole.
I opened her pussy, slightly kept my tongue and was teasing her by slowly rolling my tongue.

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The movement of my tongue made her crazy and she asked me to fuck her, I had not listened to her.I licked her cunt like an ice cream and after few repeated instruction I tongue fucked her.

She again came in my mouth as always I drank that too. She again started to play with my balls, which made me crazy I was licking her neck,bitten her ears slowly.We hugged for some time, where my dick was gently pressing her pussy lips.

Then I sat on bathroom tiles where she had a ride on me.She was riding up and down so fast,I could feel the heat ,it is so hot as we were not planned I couldn’t wear any safety things. We reached climax after a long fuck of more than 15 minutes. Then we smooched for some more time,had a lovely hot water bath and I dressed up and started to move. While moving she gave me a kiss of her lifetime. My dream came true and we had few more encounters,but now she went out of town,and my cock z feeling sad.

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Raj ….

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