Dream Of Deepti Part – 2

Hi, indian sex stories dot net friends. Hope you all will be enjoying your life to fullest. First of all, I want to say thanks to all the readers for their wonderful compliments. This really has encouraged me to write my experience further. For all those who have not read my previous experience they can read it

This is infact continuation of that part only. So dear friends, I am again going to cherish my memory of life.

So after I released my cum shot in her hands, we both became silent for some time. I was recovering & she was relaxing after her hard work. My eyes were also closed. After sometime, she spoke first.
She- oh my god. You are so bad.
Me- what happened

She- couldn’t you control
Me- you were playing so well, so I got out.
She- so now you are relaxed
Me- not fully, but yes upto some extent.
She- I know you will be never relaxed.

Me- but really thanks, deepti. You are really wonderful.
She- ok ok. Leave this. Think to clear the mess
Then I saw her fingers were ditched in my cum. Just for a moment, I thought to ask her to lick her hands but again I controlled. I didn’t want to loose a game which I had won with so much patience. So I handed over my underwear to her to clean her hands. She cleaned her hands. I asked her to clean my dick too

Me- please clean mine too
She- you clear yourself, only you have created this mess
Me- ok, its mine, but your hands are responsible for this
She- very clever as always
Saying this she cleaned my dick. Then she got up & went to toilet to wash her hands. After washing her hands, she came back. I was still sitting on sofa without anything.
She- come on, wear something

Me- my underwear is already dirty now & moreover I want to be like this in front of you. If you wish, you can do batting again with this bat
She- my god. You are too much. I am going now. Its already late.
I got up & held her from behind. I hugged her & started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes. I was kissing her neck all around. As my hands reached her boobs, she pushed me
She- not again , please. Already too much

Me- I love you , really
She – I should go.
Saying this she moved. I followed her just to say her good bye. As I was without anything on my bottom, she laughed & said- are you going to show this to all neighbours .
I also laughed & said – no, just going to see you as much I can
She- no buttering.

She had reached door now. I stopped. As she went out , I spoke
Me- thanks, deepti. Its was very nice
She- its ok. I enjoyed it too. She smiled & went away
I came back, locked the door . As I went towards the bathroom, door was knocked. I put on towel & afraid who came. But as I opened the door, deepti was standing on the door.
Me- kya hua

She- I forgot something
Me- what
She- to compliment you. Nice thing you have & a nice shot as well.
Before I could say anything, she went away quickly. I was in cloud nine. I was satisfied for the cum shot & very happy for the compliments. Now I was thinking how to proceed further. She has refused clearly for the fuck . So I lot of questions were in my mind. Still I had to get lot of things from her. I had to get a blowjob from her. I was not sure whether she will like this or not. I haven’t seen her pussy till now. So all the day, I was thinking how to proceed. Also she was in my hands & I could fuck her easily, but friends, you know sex is not enjoyable when we try to get it, it gives real excitement, when someone gives from heart. Even after lot of thinking , I couldn’t decide how to move further. I didn’t want to show her that I am behind her for sex only. So I decided to start again from starting. Yes, from where this relationship has started.

Next morning. As she came , I asked her to prepare tea. She went in kitchen to prepare tea. I went behind her & stood there. Then I put my hands on her hips.
She- what now?

Me- you forgot, I have yet to know 3rd size of your figure
She- ohh, but don’t you think this trick is old now
Me- yes, trick is old but sensation will be new , I promise.
Saying this I got hold of her hips fully. Then I made a hang around her hips as I am checking her size.

She- this time don’t expect any reward
Me- this is not fare. Every hard work needs to be rewarded
Her eyes were closed now. I was making full use of her hips. My hands were on her hips , moving here & there. I also started to kiss her neck . She moaned with my kiss. Then I took her ear in my lips & started sucking near her ear. She closed her eyes tightly. Then she spoke
She- you were supposed to check my size but you are doing something else

Me- I am checking but I told you that sensation will be new. So I am trying to give you new sensation.
She – enough now. Tea is ready
Saying this she pushed me away. I came back to dining table. She also came
She- so Mr. Expert- whats my size

Me- sexy, how you have maintained yourself so well.
She- ahha. Don’t try to impress again & again. Tell me what you guessed
Me- what reward I shall get if I told correctly
She- I already told you that there will be no reward this time
Me- but I want
She- what u want, sex na
Me- no, I will ask something & you will have to answer
She- okkk
Me- fine, your hips are 35 size

She- wow, very nice
Me- so can I get my reward now
She- ok, ask what you want to ask
Me- do you shave there or keep hair
Her mouth kept opened with my question. She gave me a weird look.
She- what ????????
Me- tell
She- what do you think
Me- I don’t know
She- guess
Me- I cant guess anything without touching
She- then leave, I am not going to allow you to touch.
Tea was finished. She took the cups & went to kitchen again. I again went behind her. I held her. This time straight away , I inserted my hand into her lower.
She- what are you doing

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Me- you are not telling, so I need to check myself
She- leave me, I shall tell
Me- tell now
She- I cleaned it yesterday.
Me- I want to see
She- noway, I cant allow you to see

Me- please, deepti. Let me see once
She- no please. You know this can lead to a problem
Me- nothing will happen, I shall see only
She came out. I pushed her softly to dining table. She didn’t resist. Then I made her lie on dining table & tried pulling her lower. She was saying me to stop. But I was pulling, she helped me in getting lower off by raising her hips. I pulled her lower. She was wearing a blue coloured panty with dots. Her eyes were closed. I complimented her
Me- deepti, wonderful legs you have

She- I knew, you will say this, my everything is wonderful for you.
Me- please understand my feeling. I am saying from my heart
Saying this I started to roam my hands on her thighs. Her thighs were really superb. Just perfect you can say. No extra fat was there. I didn’t do hurry. I came down from her thighs to her knees, then from her knees to her lower legs, then from legs to her feet. I caressed her feet for sometime. Then I started using my mouth. I took her one foot & started kissing. She opened her eyes
She- what are you doing

Me- I am loving your feet
She- leave, no one does like this
Me- I do, wait , you will also like
She- strange you are

I understood that her husband has never kissed her there. I kept kissing. Then I just sucked her thumb. She was watching me doing all this. I felt she is liking this. So I did this to all the fingers in her feet. I sucked all . Then kissed her foot from lower part also. I had read somewhere that this gives excitement to a woman. She was moaning slowly, but her eyes were not closed. Perhaps she wanted to see me doing this. I did the same to other foot also. After doing for sometime, I started to move upwards. I kept on licking & kissing, from feet to lower legs. Then I turned her around & licked the back side of legs.

Then again I turned her & came upwards. Now I had reached her thighs again. She kept lying, now she had closed her eyes. I started kissing her thighs , one by one. Her moans started increasing. She was trying to keep her legs tight. So it was little difficult to kiss inside of thighs. But I didn’t force. I kept on kissing outside & top of both thighs. After some times, her legs automatically opened up. I reached inside. I gave a look at her panty. Blue panty was fully wet with her juices. I kept on kissing & licking. I moved upwards. As I reached close to her panty, I stopped. I wanted to tease her more. I turned her around & started kissing her hips. She was only saying something- please-please.

I kept on doing kissing on hips. Then I inserted a finger in her panty. She was not resisting at all.

My finger reached her asshole. I caressed her asshole softly. Then I just removed the elastic part of her panty on her waist & kissed her there. I heard a sound from her mouth- my god. I didn’t say anything.
I kept on kissing, caressing & licking. Then again I turned her back & started pulling her panty. As I pulled , she held my hands & spoke
She- please, no,
Me- I want to see
She- please, I request,no sex please

Me- don’t worry, I will just see, see, I am still in clothes
She didn’t say anything, I pulled her panty. She kept her hands on her eyes, I saw her glory hole. I asked
Me- do you shave or use hair remover cream
She – please, stop, I am feeling so shy

I thought to enjoy, I kissed her there. She jumped.
She- no please, you wanted to see, just see, nothing more
Me- please wait.

I didn’t wait for her reply, I started to kiss there. Then I took a cushion from sofa & gave it under her hips. She opened her eyes, perhaps she was wondering that what I am up to.

With cushion under hips, her pussy became upwards, I started kissing around her pussy. Then pussy,slowly & softly. I kissed for sometime, then I softly removed her pussy lip to one side & kissed. She again jumped. I gave a look to her but her eyes were closed. I started licking. Now my tongue was inside her pussy. I had made place for my tongue. I started licking fully. My tongue was working fast now & her breaths were also fast. I started rubbing also. I was rubbing from outside & licking from inside. Then just for a moment, I gave a look at her,she was throwing her head bothways. I again kept licking. Now she started to move her hips to my mouth. I understood she is nearing her orgasm. I licked more furiously. But I wanted to see her face while getting orgasm. So I stood up & started fingering her. I used my both hands . With one hand , I was rubbing outside & with other hand, I was fingering inside. She started moaning more & more. She held my hand

Me- what happened
She- please, I may scream loudly & someone may hear outside. Please stop
Me- do you really want me to stop.
She- what to do.

I knew this was the golden chance. I immediately took off my lower.
Me- you can keep this in your mouth to avoid screaming.
She- nooo, I am not that bad.

I again started fingering . This time she didn’t close her eyes but kept looking on my dick . I did it furiously. She was controlling her voice. But I didn’t stop. In 2-3 minutes, she came. Lot of juices came to my hand. She got relaxed. She went silent , lying in that position on dining table. Just for a moment I thought to fuck her, her pussy was out, my dick was in my hands. In one shot, I could push .
But I wanted her to ask for fuck.

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So I sat on sofa, slowly playing with my dick. After 2-3 minutes, she opened her eyes. Saw me. She came to sofa & held my dick
Me- will you help me

She- I shall try. You have given me joy, so I shall also
Saying this, she started jerking me again. I wanted more
Me- but I have given joy in a different way.
She- but I cant give that way
Me- why
She- just

Me- try once, you will like
She- no, its not good
Me- without checking, how can you its not good
She- I know taste

I understood she has sucked before. So it was only to convince her
Me- but my taste will be better
She- it may be, but I don’t want to
She- please for little time
She- I know, once started , it wont be for little time
Me- you start, if you don’t like, you stop
She – but I am afraid

Me- afraid of what
She – if you lost control
Me- I promise, I wont, please do
She- close your eyes first, I feel shy

I closed my eyes. For few seconds she jerked me & then I felt her mouth on my dick. I opened my eyes. She was watching me. She immediately left .

She- I knew, you will cheat.
Me- sorry, I wont open now

I again closed my eyes. She started sucking . I felt good. But I felt she was doing hesitantly. My eyes were closed. I guessed perhaps she was looking at me. I kept my eyes closed to make her comfortable. I got relaxed in sofa. In a minute or two, my cock got full hard. She was sucking now. I could feel. But she was not taking full as I had seen in porn movies. She was kissing more , sucking less. I was wishing her to take full in her mouth. She started sucking slowly. Now top part of my cock was going in her mouth. She was getting it out, perhaps to take breath. My hand slowly moved to her head. I started caressing her head as I was giving her encouragement to suck. I was in doubt whether she is liking it or just doing for me. I slowly started to press her head towards my cock. When I felt she is involved in sucking & not might not be looking at me, I slowly opened my eyes.

Yes, friends, she was busy in sucking. In between she was taking it out & looking at my cock. I understood she is enjoying. I kept quite & kept on looking how she is doing. Although I wished that she should do it fast , but in one way it was good for me because I would not cum early. I could enjoy more of her lips. But perhaps our position was also not allowing her to do properly. Also I wanted to enjoy her body. So I spoke
Me- Deepti, one minute
She left my cock.

Me – let’s go to bedroom
She- no

Me- here its not being done properly. Lets change position at least. She didn’t say anything. I got up from sofa. I made her sit on sofa & stood in front of her. She turned her face sideways. I said- please suck. She didn’t respond. I started to caress her cheek with my cock. As my cock was wet, her cheek got wet. She got back. To make her feel good, I kissed he cheek. She closed her eyes. I turned her face towards me , sucked her lips for a while. Then again I stood up. This time my cock touched her lips. She didn’t move. I caressed her lips with my cock. Again I sucked her lips with my lips to make her feel good. Now as soon as I stood up & my cock touched her lips, she kissed my cock, I moaned, she again kissed, I pushed little, her mouth got opened & my cock went little in. She kept like this. I started caressing her cheeks with my hands. With that, she slowly started to suck again. To get a better suck, she put her hand on my cock & started sucking properly. Now I was enjoying full. She was sucking good. I wanted to feel her tongue on my cock along with her lips.

Me- Deepti, please use your tongue as well. Lick it
She looked at me. I threw a kiss on her with my hand. She got charged with that. She started using her tongue also. Oh, friends, that was a real heaven. I enjoyed too much. But still my full cock was not inside her mouth. She was sucking good. So I decided to take a chance. I gave a little thrust to push my cock into her mouth. She was little shocked but was unmoved. She stopped sucking. I started caressing her hair & ear. She again started sucking. I again pushed little. Little more of cock went in. She again stopped sucking. I thought perhaps she is not feeling good. We were like this for few seconds. She was not sucking, but didn’t remove her mouth also. My cock was still in her mouth. I took another chance. Gave another push. She looked at me. I immediately closed my eyes as I am enjoying. She remain unmoved. I pulled my cock little out & again pushed it back in her mouth. She didn’t say anything. So I started doing like this. Then I pushed little more, almost full of my cock I thrust. She gave a moan, opened her mouth more, perhaps to take a breath. Now I was confident. So I started , pulling out & pushing in. You can say I started fucking her mouth. Oh friends, I cant explain the feeling here. I have never got that in my life. Also my wife had given me blowjob but I have never fucked her mouth. I had seen that in movies only. And now I was fucking mouth of my dream lady, Deepti.

I was fucking slowly. Nut friends, you know, we cant be slow for much time in excitement. I started fucking her mouth fast. She also started breathing fast. I was pushing my hips & my hands were on her head pushing forward to my cock. I wanted to confirm if she is enjoying it or just bearing my mouth fuck. So I left her head but she didn’t pull her mouth away. Her mouth was fully gripped on my cock & my cock was coming out & in of her mouth. I understood she is enjoying. So I started pushing. I was pushing almost my full cock in her mouth but you know men are men. We men want to push even ourselves with our cock. So I gave a very hard push to push all my cock in mouth. She choked perhaps. Her eyes came out. She immediately pulled her mouth. I felt like I hurt her. I was afraid. I stood . I didn’t try to push again. She took a long breath. I felt she needed water. I gave her water . She drank water. I started talking
Me- Deepti, I am sorry. Just in excitement you know

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But she replied calmly
She- what do you think ? This is my mouth, not my pussy that you started doing like that
I was shocked to hear word pussy from her. So I took advantage
Me- if you are not comfortable here, lets us do in your pussy.
She- no no, enough now. I have to go

Me- but I am not done yet.
She- you will not be done easily. Go to office
Me- Deepti, please don’t leave me like this. Take pity on it.
I pointed towards my cock. She gave a tap on my cock & said
She- no, iska kuchh nahin ho sakta ( I can’t help it )
Me- please, suck

She- no, I was chocked just now. My breath was gone. I cant do
Me- please, I won’t push hard now.
She- I can do in my condition now
Me- I accept your condition.
She- I shall do in a way I like.

I was so happy from inside that she is active now. I agreed & said to do
She- ok, now you will not stand, you will lie on dining table as u made me lie there
Me- ok & I lied down immediately on the dining table.

She came & held my dick which was little limp now due to fear. She started fondling my cock.
Me- Deepti, please get off your top
She- no why so
Me- seeing your body will help me

She didn’t say anything & kept playing with my dick. I started to fondle her boobs over top. My hands did magic
She- you are too much. Let me get it off
She took off her top. There was no bra. I asked

Me- why no bra today
She- you only told that I don’t need
Me- right, saying this I got up & sucked her nipples. I gave bite . Immediately she pressed my dick hard. I lied back, she kept on jerking, I told her to suck. Then she did the real magic . She started doing as this was her dream now. She pulled back skin of cock to full back , then licked top of my cock as if she is licking ice-cream. Then she put the top part in mouth & sucked. Her hand went to my balls below my cock & she started fondling them slowly. My hand was on her tits.Then she left cock. I waited for next action. She did what I was wishing. She opened her mouth & slowly-slowly took all my cock in mouth.Oh my god, I was seeing her, gulping all my cock. Yes friends, big cock doesn’t matter. If a lady wishes, she can take it anywhere. I could see my cock was full in her mouth but sucking had stopped. Perhaps sucking space was not available to her. My cock was in her mouth & my balls were in her hands.Then slowly she released my cock. I felt like my cock has come out of a cage. Then she did another shocking thing. She gave a soft bite on my hard cock. I jumped.

She- did u know now how a bite feels
Me- you hottie. I pinched hard on her nipples.
She- can you control.
Me- yes I will

She started sucking again. In between she stopped, again took full cock in her mouth. Stopped for a while, then took it out, again sucked. I was enjoying fully & my climax was also nearing. She knew how to tease. She sucked & when pressure built, she stopped. She was teasing me now. I wanted to cum now. She also understood. She started sucking fast. But when I was about to cum, she again stopped. Again she slowly took full in my mouth. This went on for some time. Now I was thinking whether I should cum in her mouth or ask her to leave before I cum. I was worried that cumming in her mouth can spoil relation. I played a trick
Me- Deepti, I can cum anytime now. Take care

She – oh ok.
She stopped sucking & started jerking
Me- please, I want to cum by sucking
She- its difficult

Me- don’t worry, we will manage
She started sucking again. My all risks had paid me well, so I decided to take a risk again. When I was about to cum, she released my cock. I just controlled, then she again took it full in mouth as she was doing earlier. As soon as my all cock went inside her mouth, I ejaculated. Oh my god, even she wanted to release my cock, she couldn’t. But to my surprise, she don’t move. She was stand still. I was giving jets in her mouth. In a minute, I was empty in her mouth but she was unmoved. I wanted to pull my cock back but she was motionless. My cock got limp in sometime, I pulled back .

So friends, my dream of getting a full blowjob had come true now.
Now I stop in this part.

In next & final part of my story, I shall share my wonderful experience with you & a shocking truth which I came to know later
Thanks to all for reading my experience. Your feedback & suggestions are most welcome.

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