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Hello, Indian Sex Stories dot net Readers, I am back with a new sex story to take you all on an orgasmic ride. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Rohan, a 19-Year-old guy from Delhi with a thick 6-inch long dick and an athletic body because I hit the gym regularly. The sex story is a bit long and narrates a real incident happened between me and my Bhabhi. The heroine of the sex story is Divya Bhabhi, my neighbor. Our families are very close to each other.

She is a very sexy woman in her 30s, her most striking feature is her 36C boobs, which can turn on any guy instantly. Her alluring Lips and her fair radiating skin will make you fall for her in a split second and you will probably miss a breath with her stunning gorgeousness. She is a very humble and down to earth person, always in a suit or salwar kameez at home, avoids makeup, and very religious. I loved her from the day she came here 5 years back but never had any bad intentions towards her, until recently.

As she was an immediate neighbor, I used to go to her house a lot to chat with her and her in-laws in my free time. She also has a 3-year-old kid, Aarav, and it was a delight to play with him and teach him ABCs with Bhabhi. The little kid turned out to be a lucky charm for me and changed my whole perspective about Bhabhi one day.

One day, not long back, I was over at her place and teaching Aarav how to draw basic things, she came over after preparing dinner for her in-laws and husband and joined us. “Wait! Let me teach him how to draw a circle,” she said as she held Aarav’s hand and taught him to hold the pencil and go in circles around the page.

She has already kept her dupatta aside when she entered the room because she was sweaty. She looked so beautiful and her voice sounded like a perfect melody as she taught her kid, I was astounded by the shimmer in her eyes and captivated by her strange aroma.

Then my glance went over to her deep neck kurta and her deep, white cleavage spellbound me. She wore a black bra and a good part of her boobs and cleavage was visible. I just wanted to pounce on those juicy mangoes, but I controlled my feelings and decided to seduce her into fucking her.

Time flew and 20-25 days passed by without any major events, just me stealing occasional glances at her voluptuous body and her stunning beauty. Then one day, she went to a religious Yatra with her in-laws. Her husband, being a field engineer with L&T, couldn’t join. When she came back, I went to inquire about the experience. She complained about her legs being sore and hurting after all the walking. Wild thoughts gushed into my head and I had a great idea, opportunity itself has knocked my door. I offered to massage her legs.

“Are, nahi nahi, mai apne aap Volini wagerah lagalungi kuchh (Oh no! I’ll apply Volini something myself),” she hesitated. “Bhabhi aap bharosa toh karo, mummy ki massage bhi mai hi karta hu, apka dard bilkul theek hojayega (Trust me for once, I massage my mom too, your pain will be totally gone),” I insisted.

After insisting some more, she agreed. I asked her to change to something old and comfortable so oil doesn’t spoil her kurta and pajama. She changed into an old nightgown and lied down on the bed on her back. My hands shivered a little as I raised her gown a little above her knees.

Her smooth legs with a bit of hair here and there made me go crazy but I knew I had to control and today wasn’t the day. I took some hot oil on my palms, rubbed them together, and applied it on her legs. A jolt traveled down my spine as soon as I touched her velvety smooth legs.

I continued massaging it for some time with varying pressure and then asked her to turn over so I can massage her calfs, in somewhat a drowsy state, she happily obeyed. I knew that the calf area is more sensitive and pleasurable so I massaged her in a teasing manner with a blend of my fingers and my palm. I knew she was enjoying it, but I had to conceal my intentions and gain her trust, and at the same time wanted to leave her wanting for more, so I stopped and asked her if she was feeling better, she just nodded her head and said thank you.

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“Aaj kesa lag raha hai apko? (How are you feeling today?)” I asked her the following day. “Thoda Thoda dard ab bhi hai, agar free ho toh firse thoda massage kardo (A little pain is still there, if you’re free, please massage a little more),” She requested.

I knew I had Bhabhi in my clutches but I still decided to keep the big leap for sometime later, after making her addicted to me. That day, I massaged her again but this time, a little above her knees too. I realized she has shaved her legs and she looked like a goddess with those sexy legs and I got a hard-on when I massaged her soft thighs and her breaths became heavier. I left again that day.

Days passed by, she became busy and her in-laws or her husband were always around. Then came the big day, Aarav, her husband and in-laws went to their native town for a couple of days, leaving her alone because they felt that house cannot be left vacant. I went over to her place that day, she offered me coffee and we had some coffee together and watched TV. I asked her about her life in general.
“Bohot thak jaati hu Rohan, bohot kaam hota hai (I get so exhausted these days, there is so much work to do),” she sighed.

I felt a little bad for her, but the next moment I saw an opportunity in this. I knew I had her trust now, she knew well about my massaging skills and we were more intimate.

“Bhabhi, back massage karu? Bohot better feel karoge aap! (Do you want me to give you a back massage, you’ll feel a lot better!)” I suggested.

“Nahi nahi, ese hi theek hu mai, faaltu mai apna time waste karega (No, No, I am fine, Do not waste your time uselessly),” she chuckled.
“Are bhabhi, time waste ki baat nahi hai, saari thakaan utar jayei (Oh Bhabhi! It’s not about wasting time, you won’t feel tired anymore )”, I insisted.

After repeating again and again that she is not wasting my time, she was convinced. I was already having a hardon thinking about her. She entered the room with the nightgown.

“Are Bhabhi, isme back massage kese karu (Oh Bhabhi, how am I supposed to do back massage in this),” I said, disappointed.
“Toh fir kese? (Then how?)” She asked, puzzled. “Ye utaarke let jao,(Just remove this gown and lie down)” I simply answered, “Are, ese kese? (But, I don’t think so)”

She hesitated. “Are Bhabhi, kha nahi jaunga apko mai, agar aap bolo toh m peechhe mud jaata hu aur aap utaar ke let jao (Oh bhabhi! I won’t eat you, if you say, I will turn around and you undress and lie down)” Saying this I turned to the other side. “Achha,(Oh okay,)” she said in a hesitating tone. The next moment, my excitement had no limits when I heard her undressing, and I had no idea how would I control myself seeing her. “Ho gaya! (I’m done)” she said.

I instantly turned backward as and saw her laying on her stomach. My heart was pounding like never before and my dick was already begging to come out. Her smooth buttery back and her cotton soft thighs were making me crazy and I just wanted to pounce on her, but I knew, this is not just about today, I want to make her addicted to me so that she wants me again and again.

As I poured some oil on her back and run my finger through her spine to spread it, I was totally hot inside out with excitement. With my palms, I gently started massaging her silky back as she gently slipped into her comfort zone and her breaths became heavier. Then I softly massaged and rubbed her shoulders and her neck.

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As she was totally lost in the massage I gently unhooked her bra and massaged the skin under it. Then with some warm oil on my palms, I started massaging and rubbing her sexy cafls and slowly moved to her thighs and poured some hot oil on her thick thighs and softly moved my hands over them.

The look of her sexy ass concealed in her black panties gave me a hard-on like I never experienced before. I softly caressed her ass along the line of her panty. Her deep breaths were making me crazy. Then I cupped her huge ass and started rubbing and caressing it over her black panty.

I softly just had to prompt her to turn around, and without an effort, she turned around. Her eyes were closed and her rosy lips, parted a little, dry from continuous deep breathing. The only piece of clothing hiding her 36C boobs was the loosely held bra around her shoulder.

With a little more oil, I massaged her stomach and teased her cleavage with my fingers. She clearly knew what was happening but was lost in the trance, unable to speak anything. I softly put my fingers around her bra strap to get her off her shoulders and she readily cooperated. Multiple sparks traveled through my veins when I finally saw those huge melons with pink areolas, waiting to be sucked and licked.

I took some more oil and started massaging her huge boobs.
“Mhmm!” She left out small moans as her boobs glistened with oil with my hands around them.

Still massaging her boobs, I leaned in to kiss her stunning lips. She reciprocated and we exchanged our warm saliva. As my tongue mingled with hers, my hands explored the gorgeous curves on her body. Her body was a temple of passion waiting to be worshiped and I was doing just that.

I moved a bit down and kissed and nibbled her gorgeous neck laden with pearls of sweat. She was breathing heavily, lost in another world. Simultaneously, I moved my hands down to her wet pussy through her deep seducing navel. I started to softly caress her clitoris and her breaths transformed into moans
“Ahhh, Rohan! ” she moaned. I knew she was enjoying it more than anything so I kept doing it, now, caressing it with two fingers.

“Ahh! Tumhaare bhaiya ne kabhi esa nahi kiya (You brother never did this),” she said. These words made me go crazy. “Abhi toh esa bohot kuchh hai jo bhaiya ne nahi kiya hoga (There is so much that bhaiya wouldn’t have done before)!” I told her as she gave me a confused look wondering what It could be. Nevertheless, she removed my T-shirt and my Jeans.

I looked into her eyes and went near her pussy, that intoxicating aroma made me go crazy. Just when I was about to lick it, she stopped me. “Are! Ye kya kar rahe ho (What are you doing)?” She enquired with a very confused look on her face.

“Bhabhi, abhi mene apse kaha ki abhi esa bohot kuchh hai jo bhaiya ne nahi kiya hoga, ye mera promise ki jo bhi hoga, apko achha lagega (I just told you that there is so much that Bhaiya wouldn’t have done, I assure it’ll feel good)!” I assured her with a visible trace of hesitation on her face, she lied back. Visibly enough, the first lick sent a shiver down her spine as arched her back a bit. All her hesitation went away as I licked her and her breaths were heavier than ever. With my hands grabbing her waist, my tongue was going in circles around her clit.

“Ahh Rohan, aur tez (Faster)!” She demanded as she pushed my head closer to her clit making me almost breathless. .I wanted her to experience more, I came back up and kissed her nipples and licked them as I softly inserted a finger into her warm wet pussy.

“Dheere (Slowly)!” She was in some visible pain as her pussy was tight, looked like bhaiya didn’t fuck her for a lot of a time now.
Slowly with my finger inside her, I started to and fro motion and she eased into pleasure pretty quickly. Then, I softly increased the pace and inserted two of my fingers in her.

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“Tumhaare bhaiya ye sab nahi karte, vo toh seedha loda ghusa dete hai (Your bhaiya doesn’t do all this he straight away inserts his dick in)!” She said moaning and panting. These words from her mouth were enough to turn me on enough, given the level of innocent I thought her to be. I increased my pace of finger fucking her with my overwhelming excitement as she moaned and moaned.

Her breaths were now a lot faster and her lips totally dry with her eyes closed and she wasn’t moaning any longer. I knew she was close to cumming hence I increased the pace even more. Suddenly she gaped in a lot of air and her eyes rolled back, she orgasmed, I was sure about it.

“Ab kesa feel ho raha h Bhabhi? Gayi saari thakaan (How are you feeling now? Still exhausted)?” I winked.

“Haan Rohan, samajh gayi tumhaari back massage mai, aur aaj se mujhe Bhabhi mat bulana, sirf Divya (Yes Rohan, now I understand your back massage, by the way, don’t call me Bhabhi from today, just Divya),” she said.

These words made my dick even harder and it couldn’t anymore stay back in my boxers, and I removed them, and my dick came springing out. She gave a naughty smile seeing it, and held it and started stroking it. The next moment she did something totally unexpected, she took my dick in her mouth, oh my god, the feeling of her lips around my dick, it was heavenly. It was clear though, that bhaiya didn’t teach her to suck a cock properly, so I told her to use her tongue. She asked me, “how?”.

I told her to play with my dick with her tongue and then do the same inside her mouth and lick it like a lollipop. The explanation was sufficiently enough for her because she sucked my dick so much better now and had my legs shivering. “Divya, ab bed par let jao (Now lie on the bed Divya),” I told her, she obeyed.

Just as I was about to insert my dick in her, she stopped me.
“Nahi Rohan, ese nahi (No Rohan, not like this)” she requested
I understood her concern and pulled out a condom from my wallet. She just gave me a naughty smile. “Sab leke chalta hai na tu (You carry everything with you, don’t you)?” she gave me a smile as she took that condom and wrapped it around my dick.

“Ab theek h Divya (Is it fine now Divya)?” I jokingly asked
“Haan haan (Yes Yes),” she said. Now, was the time, I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy that was warm again, ready to embrace my dick inside of her. That feeling still remains unexplainable, the warmth of the pussy wanted me to keep fucking her.

“Aah Rohan! Aur tez! (Do it faster Rohan)” she said. I increased my pace and was turned on more seeing her boobs bouncing. After a satisfying fucking session, I came, and went to the bed beside her and cuddled.

“Mummy, Divya Bhabhi paani par slip kar gayi, mai thoda help kar raha hu, raat tak aunga (Mom, Divya Bhabhi slipped on water, It’ll be a bit late as I am helping her)” I rang up my mom and she agreed. In the night, after the dinner, she told me to take some dinner for Bhabhi and stay with her for the night. I refused to make it look natural but in reality, I was jumping with joy.

That night, I and Bhabhi tried doggy style, missionary and what not and we slept around 3 am after fucking and fulfilling her need for pleasuring sex.

That was it for the sex story, I hope you enjoyed it, please send your valuable feedback to [email protected] Women living in Delhi NCR looking for discrete mutual satisfaction and pleasure can also contact me.


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