First Experience With A Married Lady

Hello, everyone, this is my first story at iss so any feedback would be highly appreciated. My name is Kailash and I am from the USA. This is my experience with my colleague outside work.

I am an average looking guy with a huge sex drive, this story is from 2 years back when I first met the heroine of this story deepa (name changed). She is a married lady with a 6-year-old kid but she looks very young, she is short and has a great figure 34 26 32. When I first met her I taught she was a college student who had freshly graduated and is on her first job but as we got acquainted I found out that she was married and has a kid. She was alone here and her husband was in India. She seemed like a family lady I had a lot of feelings for her and masturbated thinking about her. So I helped her with the job and she was very thankful, then I moved to another job but she would still text me now and then if she needed any help.
One fine day I got a text from her that she got a job in the same state where I was working and she said she wanted me to help her with relocation I was on cloud 9 after reading that text , I told her I would meet her the following weekend and help her and the following nights I used to masturbate daily thinking about her.

So the d day went to pick her up and brought her back it was a long silent ride as I was little shy she was wearing a nice skirt and a t-shirt. Then after reaching back, it was starting to get dark and she suggested that she wanted to stay for that night at my place and search for a house the next day if I was ok with it.

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I stay alone in my apartment so I was immediately overjoyed and welcomed her. We went to my apartment she said she would fresh up and we could go out for dinner. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. Then she changed to a very comfortable short and t-shirt and we went out , she suddenly asked me if I drink and if we could get some drinks to celebrate her new job. I immediately accepted the offer and bought some nice wine and vodka after dinner we went home and started drinking with each drink we were getting more and more comfortable and I was still shy but she was making all the right moves so I couldn’t control anymore and gave her a kiss she immediately responded to it and started reaching for my dick I was shocked and couldn’t believe my luck. While kissing I squeezed her boobs over her t-shirt and she has very soft skin and within no time we both were naked and my hands were running all over her naked body, I started playing with her tits her nipples were hard and dark I started sucking them and I felt little liquid and I told her I think your milk is flowing she said yes when I am feeling hot I usually ooze milk sometimes.

I was shocked and continued sucking even harder. She was moaning aaaah ya suck them more. Then she said ” I haven’t had sex in a long time Kailash fuck me and fuck me hard tonight ” she was playing with my dick while I went to explore her pussy it was small and cute I started fingering her and she was fully wet and drenched. She started sucking my dick omg I was feeling so nice she was doing it very nicely then I she took it out and pushed me on the bed and climbed over me. She position her self on me and started pushing my dick inside. She was so tight I couldn’t believe that she was married and has a kid . I told her you are really tight and she said “Yes I didn’t have sex in last 1and half year that’s why. Do you like it” I said yes it’s nice.

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She then started riding faster and faster she was moaning with pleasure and I was squeezing her boobs and enjoying the view. After few mins, I got over her and started drilling her pussy and she was moaning “Aah aah oh my god faster faster Kailash push it deeper it’s so nice doesn’t stop” then we moved to doggy and her ass was so soft and firm. The room was filled with her moaning and she said: ” press my ass, don’t you like it?” I said ” I love it and will surely drill that too” with a wink after 15 mins I was ready to come I told her I guess I’m going to cum she said I already came twice it’s ok to come inside me. I shot all my cum inside her with a very satisfied smile she gave me a kiss and hugged me naked and slept. We woke up after 1 hour,

I will continue the rest in my next story. We had a nice strictly sexual relationship for almost a year until her job changed and she moved to another state.

Please provide your honest feedback as it will help me with my future stories. Hope my story made you ladies wet and guys hard thank you very much.

Ladies and girls this is my first story but anyone who is interested in sex chatting or is from Virginia and nearby area who needs some fun please feel free to reach me at my email [email protected] All your details will never be disclosed. I am posting this story with the permission from her so your privacy is my utmost concern anyone in Virginia who is married or single looking for a fun in your sex life please reach out.

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