First Experience With Best Friend’s Mom

Hello, indian sex stories dot net readers. My name is Karan. I am from Bangalore. I am 20 years old and this is my first sex story. I am a student. Excuse me if I make any mistakes since this is my first story which I am putting up here. I have known my friend for the past 2 years since when I joined my engineering college. From then I have frequently visited his home. His mom was a traditional Indian with very good looks and nice figure. Her name was gayu(name changed) I don’t know about her size. She is 41 years old.

Everything went well and I also never had any such intentions for her until one day when I went to meet my friend, she told me that he’s gone out to shop and asked to take my seat. She bought me coffee. She bent a little and her saree pallu came on her hand. I felt nervous as it was my first time. Instantly I had quite a hard erection. Even she felt a little embarrassed and to make it not awkward, I asked her to feel free and go inside. From then on devil started playing games inside me. I started having a very high sexual pull for her. I used to visit their home quite often. Even she was happy to see me and she greeted me well. We got even closer. One fine day this conversation took place.

Me: hi aunty.
Gayu: hi Karan. Come in.
Me: how are you?

Gayu: I’m fine. Your friends went out.
Me: yes aunty, he had told me.
Gayu: so why did you come here?

Me: just to meet you.
Slowly the conversation went on and things slowly started taking a change
Gayu: so how’s life? Are you in a relationship?
Me: no aunty. Not interested in one.
Gayu: why so?
Me: nothing aunty. Just leave that. How’s uncle?
Gayu: he’s fine. He’s gone to work. He would return only late in the night.

I felt a little happy listening to this.
Me: so how’s life, aunty? Do you have any work?
Gayu: no work and all. My life is a little bad now. Uncle is a bit harsh on me.
Me: oh why aunty? And Idk if I should ask you but how’s your sex life?
I could see she was in a little shock.
Me: sorry aunty. I shouldn’t have asked you about this.
Gayu: no it’s fine but we hardly do it.

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I was happy inside but showed a sad face. I knew she wanted something of me.
Me: I’m sorry aunty. But can I help you?
Gayu: what?? (shocked) how can you help me?
Me: If u don’t mind, we can do it.

Gayu: are you mad? What’s my age and what’s yours? If I tell all these, it doesn’t mean you will talk all these with me.
She shouted at me. I felt very bad and I asked her sorry.
Me: sorry aunty. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I actually felt something for you for very long.
Gayu: what??
Me: yes aunty. I really want to help you and I wish you be with me for long.
She kept quiet for a while. I held her hand and she didn’t resist me from it. I went closer to her.
Gayu: she said I can’t-do it. I really can’t.

Me: (I didn’t leave her hand) holding her hand I said her sorry and I got up to leave. But this time she held my hand firm and she didn’t let go of me. I asked her what. She just nodded her head and she told me I am yours. Just give me everything. I haven’t got anything for long. I felt bad a little for her. I asked her how does she want it to be. She said very wild and hurting. Even I like woman dominating me as I feel woman wanting more for sex is when sex is best. Then I Sat on top of her and started kissing her cheeks, forehead and slowly went to her lips. Omgggggg that was the best feeling for me. Her touch made me forget myself. We kissed lip to lip and we started playing with our tongues. She was so hungry and was biting my lips hard. I had marks on my lips lol. I started pressing her boobs on top of her blouse and I slowly removed her hooks.

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She removed my t-shirt and started playing with my nipples. Any guy loves girls aim their nipples. She figured out that was my point. She started pinching them and she was rolling one and licking and playing with her tongue with the other. Then I removed her bra and I started pressing her boobs. She left moans which made me horny. She then put me down and lied to me holding both my hands with her and she started kissing me. Then she removed my pants button and she removed my pant and she started pressing my thighs hard. I felt really good and all of sudden I put her down and removed her bra and started pressing her boobs.

I started playing with her boobs and-and started gulping her boobs into my mouth. I started playing with her nipples. She was moaning loud and she even had a bit of pain as I was quite wild. I started playing wid her nipples with my tongue. I licked and played with her nipples and come down to her navel. I love a woman wearing saree below their navel. Which she does. I licked her navel and she was playing with my hair and she was scratching my back with her nails. And then I removed her panty. I was wet af. I kissed her thighs and rubbed her and started pressing her ass. Even she got so horny and she started spanking my ass. That turned me on. She was so horny and she pushed my face into her pussy.

I was Teasing her by just rubbing her pussy with one finger. She got very restless and she was like ‘please give what I want’. I put my fingers and started fingering her. She was so wet down there and I started doing it fast. I didn’t want her to orgasm this early. She told me she’s almost there and I stopped it and went on top of her and started kissing her and at the same time, I was pressing her boobs. She pushed me down and removed my underwear and took out my fully erected dick. She was slowly moving to and fro and we were deeply kissing. Then she went down and started giving me a very good bj. She was a very pro in that and I enjoyed to the core. Seeing my expression that I was almost there, she started stroking it even faster and I loaded a huge amount of cum into her mouth. I felt so relieved and it was the bj anyone can get.

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I just lied down for two mins and we again went to 69 positions and this time both of us were very horny and I licked her pussy so badly that she had her orgasm within few mins. I didn’t stop her and she had two three orgasms. Then she told she’s not able to resist and she wants me in. But I asked for protection. She told she can’t be pregnant anymore and she asked me to put it in. I started Teasing her by rubbing outside her pussy over her g spot. She then begged me to put it in. I slowly put it in. It was quite tight. Within three pushes it went in and I started pumping her. I could see her feeling nice and enjoying it. We fucked very hard. I was fast and she was also cooperating and I came so much inside her. It was the best anyone can get. I just lied to her for some time with my dick inside her.

Then she put me down and started riding me. She was stiff and she started jumping hard. The sight of her boobs jumping made me hornier and both of us came together. We had two more sessions after that and I left. We are still doing it. But not as often as it was earlier. She’s me as her best friend. As I feel best relationship can be achieved only as friends. To all my friends this is my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Please do write your feedback to me at [email protected] woman/aunties / unsatisfied woman in Bangalore can feel free to contact me. Male pls avoid me as I’m straight and hope to see you soon in another story.

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