Fucked A Neighbor Kolkata Beauty

Hi. I am Rajasri( name changed). I am from Hyderabad, married, age 33, height 5.5 with an insatiable sexual desire. I had my fair share of sexual encounters with maids, girlfriends, and aunts. My seduction time period was as little as 1 week(my watchman’s wife) to as long as 2 years(my maid). This is my real sex story.

One reason I never preferred hookers or prostitutes was that I was told by friends that they would get irritated and annoyed if we try to have actual intercourse with them for prolonged time periods like 1 hour or more. Enough of Gyan. I shall come to my latest sex episode and request all the readers to pardon me if there are any grammatical mistakes. This sex story is not a fantasy but a very real one and a bit longer one so please bear with me.

Recently my wife gave birth to baby girl and I and my mother had to go my native place to take care of things and I had to come back leaving my mother as there was a marriage in relative’s house. When I was in my native for 1 week, my neighbor who was a Kolkata guy working as a software engineer, got married and I came to know about this only after I saw a beautiful lady coming out of his house when I was about to enter my flat coming back from vacation.

I saw her from behind and thought “Good yaar, this bugger got a rasgulla”. She was in a saree, probably just took bath and was sending off her husband to the office and talking in Bangla and as soon as he entered the lift and closed the lift door and left, she turned towards her flat door smiling. Man, what a beautiful smile it was. It was not sexy nor seductive but just a beautiful smile. I felt someone hit the tip of my penis with a finger.

Never did my penis react that way earlier. For the next few days, I was busy with my work and didn’t have a chance to see that beauty again as I used to come late at night. One night, I came home and removed my clothes and was just in underwear. I received a phone call and was talking and moved to a sitting room in the underwear. Since no one was at home, I didn’t worry much about what I was wearing. I was busy talking while sitting on the sofa and suddenly I felt a presence and raised my head.

My sitting hall has a window which is directly facing the neighbor’s balcony that was attached to their kitchen. When I raised my head, I saw the Kolkata beauty observing me, in the dim light, and on being caught like that she ran into the house and in a hurry, few of her washed clothes slipped into the gap that was between our flat and their flat. A smile lit on my face and I thought another pussy was getting ready to be feasted on.

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The reason for my happiness was that I never tasted a north Indian pussy earlier. I thought its only been a few days of marriage and I would get a nearly fresh pussy which turned out to be wrong after she revealed that she lost her virginity before her marriage.

Well, the next day was Sunday and my sleep was disturbed by the Bangla conversation. Husband and wife were trying to get their clothes out of the gap with a broom but the length of the broom was not enough. I said good morning to the husband and enquired what they were trying to do and he was trying to explain me about the clothes that fell into the gap. I thought who the hell gave this bugger a software job with such a butler English.

I told them that I would help them out and bought a long steel rod that was lying unused in my flat and started taking out the clothes from my window. One of them was the lady’s panty that I held with my steel rod and handed it over to the couple. I could see the shy smile on the lady’s face when I was handing over the panty, and I thought “My god, god is so cruel. Look at the pair. A beauty married to this bugger who looks bad smells bad and talks bad”.

After the work was done, the husband went inside the flat carrying the clothes and the lady followed him. I thought this fellow doesn’t even have the courtesy to say thank you. Just then his wife returned and handed over a sweet box and said thank you, with the same beautiful smile on her face. I fell in love with her smile and was imagining how sexy she would be when nude.

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It didn’t take many days for my wish to come true. That very Sunday there was a meeting in the apartment and in the discussion, the Kolkata guy informed to the watchman of the building that he would be leaving to Malaysia the next day and told him to take care of the grocery needs of his wife since she is new to the place.My joy knew no bounds. I was confident I will bang this beauty very shortly. After her husband left, I started coming to my flat early to use this chance.

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I put the window open and started roaming in underwear and sat in the sitting hall with the MacBook. I knew the lady would come at any time and be planning to have a conversation. It crossed 9:30 pm in the night and the lady is nowhere to be seen. Bored, I opened porn videos in my MacBook and started browsing the porn and was pressing my dick. Just then the light was switched on in their balcony and the lady was taking out the clothes from the washing machine. We both saw each other and she had a clear view of the tent in my underwear.

She saw my tent and neither blinked her eye nor changed her gaze. She was sternly looking at my tent. I too put my laptop aside and widened my legs and gave her clear view of my bulge. She still didn’t move away.I got up, and with a single push brought my underwear to my knees. My dick sprang up like a cobra and only then she gasped, put her hand to her mouth and walked slowly backward still looking at my dick, and closed the door. I thought to start stage of mission accomplished and masturbated imagining all the things that unfolded.

My next job was to converse with her in Bangla and started translating English to Bangla in google and repeated the statements in Bangla. The next day, I came early to home and wore night track(without underwear) and started browsing porn. This time she came to the balcony as soon as I brought my laptop there and just stood there. I saw her and without going near to the window asked her in Bangla” Had your dinner?”.

She heard what I said, looked at me with a confusing face. She could not understand my accent and gestured with open hands saying what. I went near the window, with the right hand, gestured her whether she had dinner and with the left hand, I was squeezing my dick. She saw both my hands and moved her head saying she had her food. I said I am hungry, moving my hand around my stomach. My left hand was still squeezing my dick.She gestured asking me to come to her flat and she went inside the flat and closed the balcony door. I thought this was my chance.

I squished mouthwash, sprayed a perfume, wore a shirt, and hid a condom packet in my pocket and left for her flat. She was in a nighty and with the round big bindi on her forehead. And with that same beautiful smile. She asked me to come inside. I went in and closed the door and sat in the dining room. She went to the kitchen and brought rice and curry and my favorite sweet Rasgulla.

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I was damn hungry and had food, all the while she was standing next to me and was serving the food. I was about to get up and took my plate to put in the kitchen sink, that is when she caught hold of my hand and tried taking the plate away from my hands. She was gesturing that she would take the plate and put in the sink. I moved my head sideways saying no and I went into the kitchen and put the plate in the sink and washed my hands there. I turned around and she was standing on the way.

I started walking out of the kitchen and sensing me coming her way, she turned herself towards the wall and was showing me her back, and was giving way to me. I stopped right behind her back, took my chance, and stood exactly behind her with my dick with inches away from her ass. She turned her head sideways and gestured with her left hand telling me to move ahead. I moved my head sideways saying no.And pressed myself against her ass. My dick was poking her ass crack. She closed her eyes, murmuring something in her native language.

We stayed in that position for 5 minutes, with each passing minute, I pressed my dick harder to her ass and I placed my palms on her palms and started dry humping her. I clearly knew that this lady got excited after her murmurings turned into moans. I turned her towards me and started smooching and put my tongue inside her mouth. She was displaying how excited she was, caught hold of my tongue between her upper and lower teeth was pulling my tongue and bit my tongue very hard.

I just could not handle the pain and pinched her right butt to make her let go off my tongue. After we parted our mouths, she gave that sexy smile which I fell for her in the first place. I could not wait anymore, caught her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I shall narrate the remaining sex story in the next part. I would explain how I widened her legs to a full 180 degrees and fucked her to the core.

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