Fucked My Beautiful Cousin In Nagercoil

Hi everyone this is Daran(name changed). I am living in southern end of India which is Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu. I am living in Nagercoil,which is main city of our district. I am 19 with perfect muscular body. Doing B.E in our district. My family consists of three members me, mom and dad. I came to know about porn in my 4th standard by my school and tuition friends. And started to masturbate daily from my 6th standard by thinking about my school teachers. Now by seeing relatives, neighbors and classmates. I am virgin.

From my small age i am curious to have sex with someone, but haven’t got any chance. My father is farmer. He drinks liquors a lot. So he got kidney failure. First he did dialysis in Nagercoil for 6 months which is a blood filtration process makes your very weak. At first itself we booked for a kidney in KIMS in Trivandrum capital of Kerala. After 6 months we got a call from KIMS at night around 1 A.M and Kidney is ready for operation. Our family is very happy about it. We went there in the night itself. As it is a major operation there is so many scan and procedure for it. And my mom has put many signatures. And then it was a success operation we and our relatives are very happy.

Then the checkup is twice in a week. So we have to stay in Trivandrum. But that time I am doing my 12th. So my mom arranged me to stay in my aunty’s home. Who was my father’s sister. I reached there by night. My aunty, uncle and cousin welcomed me. My cousin who is the heroine of the story her name is hashini. She is 16. What to say about her she looks like a British girl with big boobs and a fit navel. She always wears sexy dresses mostly sleeveless. Looks very beautiful always. I am very friendly to her from my childhood. My aunty arranged me a separate room. First 3 days nothing happened I do not have much intention to her. Everything was normal as I had school. Then her sexy dress sense made me horny about her. It may sound funny I played cricket with her daily in the evening while giving ball most times I touch her hands which gives me instant boner I touch her when i get chance she gives me naughty smile most of the time.

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As I have six backs she look at my hard abs most of the time. I know she too has intension on me because of my body. Her father is working in office will return in only in 9 p.m. Her mother went to temple. So I and my cousin was in home. We were watching T.V. She is lying in bed, i am siting in sofa. I asked her I am feeling very bored shall we play a game. She said sure. I asked her we can play rock, paper and scissor with a rule we can play for five-time who leads by 3 should ask other to do what they want.

I had bad thinking of asking her to kiss me. But my bad luck she won. But guess what she asked, omg she asked that she wanted to touch my six backs with a naughty smile. I know it was a green signal for me, she touched my abs what a feeling it is omg got a instant boner which made me horny. With out asking anything to her. I gave her a french kiss for 3-4 minutes what a feeling it is omg. Then I started to lick wherever I see flesh I squeezed her boobs from her sexy dress. She told her mother may come now She then phoned to her mom and asked where she was coming. She said I almost came near the home. So harshini said we can continue in the night in her room. Then her mother came. We acted normal. Her parents sleep in seperate room. She told me I will call you in the night that time you come to my room. I waited for her call without sleeping. she then called to my phone at 10:30 to come to her room. She was wearing sleeveless T-shirt. She was very wild and horny. First we hugged each other very tightly and I enjoyed her boobs. We enjoyed many kisses. First I enjoyed her from her dress. Then we removed our clothes. She is in bra and panty and I am wearing my underwear. I sucked her boobs from her bra for some time. Then I removed her bra, for the first time I saw the real boobs her nipple is rock hard. I licked her pussy. Then I removed my underwear and took my 6 inch tool outside. She was very happy to see my big tool She gave me handjob and blowjob.

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I put finger in her pussy. I licked her whole body. We did not fuck in that day. She was curious to fuck. But I told her I will buy condom and we can fuck tomorrow. I cummed in her stomach. Then we went to her bathroom which is in her room. We both took bath by licking each others body. Then around 12 A.M we went to bed. I came to my room. Next day after school with the help of my friend bought a condom. That day we waited for night and in the night we watched premium porn collection of me from my Laptop. I stared to masturbate and then my 6 inch took came to its full length. She gave me blowjob and I cummed in her boobs Then I put condom on my 6 inch tool. Then I inserted my dick to her cunt what a feeling it was omg I fucked a girl for the first time I fucked her with a full stamina in high speed she enjoyed very well. She moaned ah… ah…. Till my parents return from hospital we fucked most of the days in the night. Whenever I go there I have great fucking sessions from my cousin. I hope you all like the story. Any girls and married ladies around Kanyakumari district Looking for well-built guy can contact me for chatting and private sex and send your feedbacks too in [email protected]

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