Fucked My Hot Neighbour Aunt

Hey, guys, I am Amogh from Gujarat(18 years old ). This is my first story of iss and I am a random reader of iss stories.

I am 16 years old with a 6-inch penis. The heroine of my story is Swati who is my neighboring aunt. She has a very hot figure.. she is not perfectly slim but that only makes her look hot. Her figure might be 36-34-36. She has a big ass and boobs.

Moving on to the story. This happened just a day before yesterday… I didn’t go to school and was alone at home as my mother and father both have a job. So I already had a plan to go to Swatis house and fuck her. Swatis child is studying in 9th and so I gave him my 10th papers and other stuff. So I had a plan that I would go to her house to give her papers and if I get a chance I would fuck her. Swatis husband doesn’t give her much sex as they had an arranged marriage.

At 10:30 am I left my home and went to my hot aunt’s house. she was wearing a dress and tight leggins with a bouncing ass. I already had my rod up but I didn’t cover that as I wanted her to know that I wanna fuck her. I sat and she went to the kitchen to get water. Then we were chit-chatting and I was staring at her boobs with my rod erect. She noticed my erection and my stare at her lonely melons but didn’t react. After a while, she pointed at my rod and asked me: “Who are you thinking of? Your Girlfriend?”. I didn’t answer…. She told me: “Don’t be shy.. tell me”. Then I told her that: “Aunty I was thinking of you. Because I love you and your sexy figure.” She smiled hornily and asked me: “Do you want this sexy body to play ?”. I replied happily: “Who doesn’t want play with you”. And I pulled ger near we and started kissing. We kissed for about 30 minutes. And then I took her to bed. I threw her on the bed and started kissing her lips and neck. Then I removed her dress and leggins. Now she was just wearing a black bra and black panty. We again started kissing and then she removed my t-shirt and trouser and we started smooching
Then I removed her bra smelled it.

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It was very sweet….. I saw two huge melons who were waiting for me to lick them. I licked and bit her boobs for half an hour and as I was biting her boobs she was moaning like…”aahhhh”…… Then I removed her panty. She had a well-shaved pussy and I licked ger pussy till I drank her juices. My rod was at 90° and so she held my penis and started licking and sucking it. She gave me a blowjob for half an hour and drank my all cum. Then I made ger lean on the bed and started giving strokes… I gave more hard strokes and she was moaning like….”Aaaahhh””….Ummmmm.”…Fuck…..Fuck…..Fuck me as hard as you can”…. I started giving more hard strokes to her….. I was very exhausted as this my first sex in my life and took a break. After 5minutes I kissed her and said:”Let’s have a bath together”. And in Bathroom, I banged to the wall and started kissing her neck…ass and pressing my dick on her ass. Then I turned her and started kissing her wet lips and again sucked her boobs and fucked her standing.
Then when we came out of the bathroom we both were nude and told her to lean on the bed. I brought chocolate syrup and poured it on her lips….ass…..boobs and on her pussy. We had a chocolatey smooch.

It was delicious. Then I licked her chocolatey and it was a great taste of boobs and chocolate syrup. I licked the syrup which I had spread on her ass and licked her pussy with covered with chocolate syrup. Then she poured chocolate syrup on my dick and sucked it for again 20 minutes and we again had around and we did in all positions. I told her to remain nude as I wanted to use all the time I had. I brought ice and started rolling it on her boobs on her pussy and on her ass. She was making noises like…” Ohhhhhh”….”ah”. I again smooched her licked her boobs. Then it was time for her child to come from school and so we both got dressed and I smooched her deeply. I was not sad for losing my virginity but instead, I was happy to have sex with my hot aunt. Then we decided to have sex whenever we had a chance to. During that week I could not take a break from school as I had exams but the following week. It was 3 day holiday for me. But her son had still exams going on. So she knew that I would come and I had gone and all the three days we had a sexy sex and I tried different styles like putting ketchup instead of chocolate sauce and we ate chocolate in a sexy style like I held the chocolate in my mouth and she would eat it. Thus we enjoyed very much and we will enjoy more in future.

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So, guys, this was my first story on iss. I hope you guys must have enjoyed this story. If you have enjoyed this story leave a like and you also can use this trick to have sex with your aunt or anyone you want as I believe that this one of the best tricks of saying the truth and having sex. I will write more stories on Indian Sex Stories in future and I bet you will find my stories enjoyable. Till then have sex. Have fun.

Any hotties living in Gujarat who want to have sex with me can email me at: [email protected]

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