Gigolo fucked Desi Indian Girl in the outdoors of a local fort.


Desi sex with an English gigolo near the fort

Hi friends I m back again . With another sexy dick erecting story. This was a rare encounter of mine with a sexy hot English gigolo who came to India on tourist visa. I met him on the local fort where he was with his other gigolo friends who came along with him. I smiled at him when I caught him looking at my big , sexy and juicy ass. He was 6 feet tall and was too fair and handsome to look at. He was not too muscular but his built up was nice and he was a reasonably cute. Charming and chocolaty boy to look at yummilicously .

The English gigolo smiled back at me. He approached me and said – “ Hi , I’m Oscar Williamson . I am an English gigolo and I really feel attracted towards you baby. . Do you want to see what I’ve got here . He is called – Big John . “

I was so attracted towards his green deep eyes – he could feel my response in my eyes which were then glittering like a star in the daylight of a Sunday afternoon.

I spoke to him for another few minutes there in English while his other gigolo friends watched us and giggled naughtily to support his gesture.

We were getting aroused for each other, the droplets of sweat on his face added on to my arousal. I wanted him to sweat more while he fucks me hard like a bitch. . ! ! The gigolo hottie boy kissed me and quickly dragged me to a corner which was too dark and a little cold to do something naughty.

He then moved closer to me and looked into my eyes . He came even closer and to his surprise my heart was beating very fast and I was not able to catch my breath . This English gigolo was handsome as well as sensible and mature. He understood that I was being a little nervous because all this was quite new to me unlike him – who was accustomed to making out with strangers at strange places.

He hugged me nice and tight to make me feel comfortable. We kept on talking in English all the while , he even asked me if I was uncomfortable in talking in English – to which I replied , “ No , not at all, gigolo  “ while I kissed him frantically on his cheeks and neck.

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He had a gouty beard and was too silky and smooth to touch at. His skin was milky white and I was not able to resist any longer to watch his gigolo dick. I already started fantasizing what he must have been like in his pants.

No sooner , I asked him about his English gigolo ‘s Big john , which he was talking about sometime back in front of his friends . He told me that he could make me feel it inside my Pink Kitty – if I wanted to know more about it.

As I started getting aroused and horny and my pussy started to become wet and warm with internal juices flowing out frantically making me go wild for this white gigolo ‘s big john who was carried on by Oscar , I was getting crazier and more mad for everything.

I started craving for it . He could easily see that in  my eyes and said if that was the right time for me to feel his big john in the little kitty that was all wet and soaked by now . My little kitty was covered by pink thong panties and my big boobs were covered by a 36DD sized Victoria’s Secret’s pink laced bra.

The gigolo dick had started becoming harder for me. And I could pretty well fell his hardness against my soft and warm and soaked skirt .

The English gigolo slid his hand slowly under my white – now soaked – skirt , while he kissed and bit my neck and shoulders a little wildly.

I started humming but he asked me to control because being in India and that too at a public place it would have been quite risky to make out hidingly wherein Indian laws did not approve of having sex openly or in public . As this would have been considered as an indecent act against public policy.

The English gigolo kept on feeling my pussy with his soft white palm . He slowly tickled my cherry and rubbed my clit with his thumb and the rest of the fingers while he used his other hand on my big , juicy and sexy ass which was the first thing that attracted him towards me.

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The English gigolo told me that he had a fascination for Indian Girls with big boobs and juicy , sexy , hot and attractive ass .

I Asked him if he wanted to go ahead and do something more than this . He agreed to take the change in he outdoors in the public place where it was way too risky to take a go ahead in this regards.

But both of us were so fucking turned on for each other that everything else seemed to be so fucking meaningless and useless that we would barely pay any heed towards ever in such a situation.

As I have stated earlier that the English gigolo was sensible and mature , he was smart and intelligent as well. He said he had ideas and tricks which can make this thing work for us in this public place as well . He asked for my consent and without any hesitation or reluctancy – at the drop of the hat , I agreed to go for the big hit as “ Big john “  was all that was hovering and haunting my mind at that very moment.

I started to hum again as he kissed my lips hard and bit them until I started to bleed.  He was sexy and hot and amazing .Way too handsome to be fucked by. Unreasonably sensual and attractive. I was considering myself privileged that he chose me out of all the Indian girls that were present there and decided to show me the big john.

He hailed and asked a gigolo friend of his to take care and stay outside the corridor and let them know by making some noise if any officer’s or tourists arrived.

The English gigolo friends were smart too. They obeyed the handsome guy’s orders and stood outside the corridor in the old fort of the rajputana reign.

The hot English gigolo started to feel my body as he pressed against an old wall of the fort near the corridor . He brushed my hair and pulled me towards himself by holding my throat really hard. He was one sexy guy I  have ever met in my life.

He pulled my top off my shoulder and started to kiss my back as my ass was facing him – because that was the part of my body that he liked the most and which turned him on the most. He leaned towards me and bent down to kiss my juicy ass as he used his other hand to touch and scratch my sexy belly which was too smooth and silky.

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The English gigolo took the thongs off and held me closer to his body to make me hornier. I could feel his big john right there in the centre of my ass . It was really really hard and really big. Horny English gigolo also opened my bra with his one hand as if he was too experienced to do it again.

He then held my boobs from behind and squeezed my fun bags like he has never played with any –  ever before in his life . The horny English gigolo started to take his big dick out of his unzipped loose cargo pants and asked me to grab and feel it before anybody approaches that part of the corridor – ending up in breaking their private space.

I then leaned backwards and felt his big john which was a 10 inches long hard white cock like I have never seen ever before in my life and I don’t think I will ever get to see again. He asked me to bend down a little more while he penetrated his white big dick inside my pussy . it pained like hell and like never before  but he knew it in advance as he covered my mouth  with his palm and asked me to control my moans. He was so big and hard that I could feel him so deep inside me . He kept on stroking really hard in the outdoors while he kept on squeezing and scratching and rubbing my big boobs , ass and erect nipples. He took 5 minutes to cum and he literally screamed when he came. As soon as he was done he quickly made a move and asked me to move as well – also told me that we will never see each other again.

I will never forget this English gigolo in my life. I miss him.

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