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Girlfriend me mujhe cuckold banaya – Indian sex story

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I was in a steady and stable physical and sexual relationship with my gf for last 2 years , or so I thought until I found what actually was going on. We both were working with mncs in mumbai and were doing great career wise.  


She was initially staying with her roommate but then later on moved in with me when we both were able to afford a 2 bhk in posh bandra suburb. She was an attractive broad minded flirty and adventurous female with shapely and firm perky tits and a tight bottom. She knew that men desired her and she dressed provocatively to tease them and reveal more than conceal. She was a female of high sex drive and would take charge whenever she felt like.

I was in the marketing field and used to travel a lot in and out of india. I had gone to bangalore for some client meeting and was staying in the hotel and was drinking in the night when I called her up at 10 o clock in the night. She didn’t pick up the phone first time and then I called her up again.

She picked up the phone this time and started talking to me , I felt something was inconsistent and amiss as I felt that she was talking in a miffed and low tone voice with periods of long silences which sometimes lasted for 30 odd seconds or so. Also she was giggling slowly and was trying to suppress something which I didn’t understood. She asked me if I had my dinner and then consistently told me to go and have dinner and call her later. I said I will order dinner in room and would have here in the room itself and would talk to her for some more time on which she seemed a bit irritated but continued talking. After some time I felt as if I was hearing the sounds of her heavy breathing and sounds which are exchanged while french kissing with tongues engulfed and exploring each other. Her responses were a bit slow now and I was doing most of the talking with strange sounds hitting my ears. After some 20 minutes or so my dinner came and she said she is tiered and will sleep and talk to me tomorrow.

I had my dinner and slept and after 2 days on weekend I came back to mumbai. That night she greeted me with all the lust and sex and desire she had and had sex with me like a bitch in heat , she was all horny and hot but seemed a bit distant and lost somewhere. That night she ravaged me thrice before sleeping but somehow her pussy felt not so tight as it usually was. Next day she had gone to the parlor when I was at home and was checking my call recorder for some client details which were discussed over the call.

Out of curiosity I just decided to listen the conversation I had with her on the night when I was drinking. I played that recording wearing my earphones and slowly it seemed to me as if some other person was also there and I could hear some miffed voices and incoherent sounds and heavy breathing, it felt as if she was involved in some kind of act which didn’t seemed appropriate given the way she was silent sometime and breathing heavy and sound of slow kissing and sucking were coming from the conversation. I replayed that recording again and again and felt something was very wrong. But I didn’t say anything to her and acted as usual.

Next weekend on friday night she told me that she is having a girls night out with office friends and would stay with them. I told her to take my car but she refused and said she will go by cab. I waited till 1 o clock for her call and then called her, she picked up the call after 3rd time and sounded drunk, there was loud music in the background and she said she is in another room and is fine and enjoying though a bit drunk. I asked her who all are there with her and she was silent for few seconds and then said that office friends are all here and she has to go as they are calling her and she would come by tomorrow. I asked should I come to pick her up but she refused and said she will come by her own. Next day she came at around 3 o clock and looked a bit ruffled and exhausted.

After she got fresh and lied on the bed I tried to slowly hug and kiss her but she seemed not much interested , I slowly started to suck her ears and neck and she was wearing a sleeveless gown till her knee length. She was initially facing me and then after some time she turned her back towards me and was trying to sleep where as I was horny as hell and went closer to her and slowly started sucking her ears and neck. I slowly lowered her gown below her neck a little and started nibbling her neck when I found that there was a red rash mark, the hickie, the kind of love bite which one gets in the sexual act and she is very fair and was not aware as it was on her lower neck side on the back. It started ringing alarm bells in my head. I started to suck and bite her a bit harder and suddenly she said to me to stop as she is too tiered and wants to sleep. I was very much fucked up in my head and didn’t know what to do but I understood that my suspicion was not illogical.

Next week on monday my boss told me that I need to go to singapore for a week for a new product launch there by the coming friday. I called up my gf and told her that I need to go to singapore and she sounded very happy and said its a wonderful opportunity and that lets celebrate tonight over drinks and raw hot rough sex. That night I came home with 3 packets of condoms. One ultra thins , one ribbed and one green apple flavored all the pack of tens. We had awesome sex that whole night and used both the ribbed and the ultra thins 2 each and had sex four times before she left me sleeping.

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Next few days we both were busy with the work and nothing much happened and then I left for singapore. Before leaving I left the condom packs in the almirah and noted the date of manufacturing of all the 3 packets and left for singapore. It was a busy and hectic schedule over there and I didn’t got much free time. On wednesday I called my gf from there and she told me she is going for a movie and will call me later next day. On saturday night I was back to mumbai and she greeted me with the wild complimentary sex in the drawing hall itself. She asked me to ride her like a dog from behind while she holds the sofa. Then she asked me to fuck her on the dining table with her legs wide apart and kept on moaning and groaning like a bitch. The only thing unusual was that she said not to use condom and she will take the I pill as she wants to feel me inside her without anything in between us. After the sex we went for the shower together and then had food and slept.

Next morning while she had gone out I opened the almirah and took out the condom packets. Both the ultra thins and the ribbed which I had used earlier with her were the same packs and intact but what turned my head upside down was that the date of the flavored condom was not same as the one I bought.

Slowly it all started making sense to me that she was getting the sex from some one else as well apart from me and was cheating and fucking behind my back. The thought made me feel sick and yet excited me as well imagining her riding someone else like a slutty bitch in heat. I started fantasizing about her being ripped by guys and strangers in all possible manner. It was making me horny all the time and I slowly started talking dirty with her to see how she reacts for the group and threesome kind of thing. To my surprise she didn’t liked the idea and said something is wrong with my head and I am becoming a pervert. And I said to myself that you are a slutty cheating bitch and I am the one who is pervert. But this whole idea of seeing her get fucked by someone else made me a lot hornier and I started imagining these things even when I was screwing her hard. After 2 weeks on friday I told her that I have to go to the northern part of india as a part of product campaign drive and will be away for around 10 days or so and she felt excited and relieved and pretended she would be missing me.

Next morning on monday I packed my bag and left from home. I took a hotel room nearby and decided to act on my instincts. On monday night by 8 o clock I was near to my flat and was waiting in a taxi at a distance overlooking my flat. She had not come to home yet. I waited there till 10 o clock and then called her up. She picked up the phone and sweetly said she is missing me a lot. I asked her where she is and what she is doing and she said that she is at home relaxing and thinking about me. She asked if I had dinner and said me to eat and sleep early and said she also will sleep early as she has office work early tomorrow. I waited there till around 1 o clock but she didn’t came home. After that I left for my hotel.

Next day I was waiting for her in the night and she came at around 9 o clock and then left by 10 with a small bag in her hand which I knew would be containing the dress for her she would be wearing to office if she is not planning to come home tonight. I stayed there for a while and then left for my hotel room. Next day again I was waiting for her nearby my flat and was drinking sitting in a cab when she came by 9 o clock. She was carrying the bag and was wearing a different dress and I knew what is going around. At around 10 o clock she called me up on my phone and asked about my where about.

I told her that I am drinking right now and am missing her , she talked to me for few minutes and asked couple of times that when I will be back to mumbai as she is missing me very much. I told her that the campaign will probably be extended for few days as we need to move to remote areas as well. I could see her standing near the window wearing just a thin sleeveless nightie. All the windows were open and there was no drapes on them.

After some time she said that she is sleepy and needs to go to sleep as she is very tiered. I said goodnight to her and then waited there only. I sat there in the cab drinking and imagining all sorts of dirty things with her. At around 11 I saw a figure with backpack on his shoulder walking towards my building. After some time I saw the same figure with backpack standing near my window of the hall and pulling down the curtains. Then I saw my gf pulling down the curtains for all the other rooms and closing the window.

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After some time all the lights except for the master bedroom were switched off and there was darkness and I could not see much. I was too drunk and yet too sober witnessing what’s going on over here. I called my gf on her phone but she didn’t picked it up. I kept on calling her and she picked up the phone on the fourth call. I said I am too drunk and I am missing her and am too horny thinking about her and pretended as if I was too drunk. She said me to go and sleep but I said I wanted to talk to her and she sounded a bit irritated. I slowly started talking dirty stuff with her which she said to stop initially but didn’t resisted much. I kept on talking a lot and knew that she was silent for most of the time probably enjoying with the guy over there. I could feel her breath going up and down and I started talking even more dirtier to her. Slowly she started responding to my talks in horny manner.

I could imagine her sucking and kissing the guy while she was talking to me on the phone. I could hear her moan and breathe and I could understand that she is enjoying herself then. I then asked her if she would masturbate for me to which she readily agreed which she normally doesn’t do. After some times she kept the phone on the side on the loud speaker and I could hear her moans loud and clear. She said that she is fingering and pumping herself and imagining me doing it to her. I could clearly understand that she was being fucked like a bitch and at the same time she was talking to me on the phone while the light were still on in the bedroom. I could hear the thumping sound of flesh meeting flesh in the carnal desire of lust and knew that she was being drilled hard loud and clear. After some time I said that I was too drunk and sleepy and would go now and would call her tomorrow.

Next night she came by 8 o clock and the guy whom I didn’t recognize came at around 8:30 but without the bag. After some time the lights were off as usual and only the bedroom light was on the only difference today was that all the windows were open and no curtains were drawn. My gf was very erotic adventurous and horny by nature and was exhibitionist which turned her on a lot which she accepted as well. Around 9 I called her up and started talking dirty to her , I told her that I am not drunk today and feeling very horny and would like her to do erotic stuff to herself. But she was not in the mood today to do so and said she is too tiered from work and would like to sleep early. And I said goodnight to her and waited outside. After some time I could see her standing near the window smoking the cigarette and the guy was standing behind her slowly rubbing her shoulders and neck. The light was too dim and not much could be seen but was understandable what was going on. She was wearing the halter bra and nothing else on top and the guy wasn’t wearing anything. Then they started smooching and french kissing each other over there on the window itself and then after some time he lifted her up and took her on the bed which I presumed to be the case as I could not see anything. Then I went back to my room.

Next day I waited till 9 when she came home , after some time I saw the guy coming with probably bottles of alcohol in his hands. Today all the windows were open and so were the curtains. All the lights were switched on and I could see that they were drinking and indulging in foreplay in the drawing room from the shadows on the wall. After some time around 11:30 I called her up but she didn’t picked up the phone and I called her again. After some calls she picked up the phone and was already sounding a bit too drunk and slutty and horny and t. I could hear the sound of music in the room.

I asked her where she is and she said she is at her friends place and would stay there and is a bit tipsy right now. I asked her if she is alone right now as I was too much drunk and horny and she could talk dirty and she said she will go to the other room and will talk to me from there as she doesn’t want her friend to hear the dirty talks. I then saw both the figures moving towards the bedroom after switching off the lights of the hall and after some time she started talking dirty and moaning in between. I could clearly listen the heavy breathing of a male voice slowly sucking her breasts while she was busy in slow moaning. After some time I could understand that she is blowing his cock slowly and hardly and gulping it in her mouth. After some time it was getting too loud for even me to take it. It sounded like they were in the act like animals. I paid the cab driver and asked him to leave. She was still moaning in ecstasy and joy and I could hear the guy pumping and thrusting her cock first in her mouth and then later on inside her cunt.

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I slowly started walking towards my flat and reached over there while I was still on the phone. I understood that they were both in the middle of the lusty and horny act and under the influence of alcohol will continue the same whole night. After some time I said that I will call her later to which she said that she will call tomorrow night and she would be spending the night with her friend.

I waited sometime in the lobby. I had the keys to my flat , but was not too sure if she would have bolted it from inside but still I tried the key and slowly turned it and to my surprise the lock was open. I slowly tip toed inside the hall and saw that there clothes were lying on the sofa and on the floor. I slowly bolted the door and came inside. The other room and the hall were dark and the sounds were coming from master bedroom. I could hear her groans and sound of oh yes and fuck me coming from that room. I slowly went near the room and from the door slit and the light coming from inside I tried to peep inside.

And what I saw was something I never thought would happen. My gf was lying on the bed in doggy style facing the wall and the guy was pumping her from behind like a dog. He was rubbing her breasts like an animal and she was moaning and abusing him in between. He was holding her hair in one hand and was thrusting deeper inside of her cunt and she was ecstatic under joy. Then after some time he made her lie on her back and started fucking her in missionary style.

The room was not locked from inside and now I could see the guys face. He was none other than my gfs boss from office and was riding her like a stallion. I just pushed the door opened and went inside and they were still busy in the act till I called her name. They both were shocked and started to run for the clothes but it was too late for all of us now. I asked them to stay the way they were and sat near the bed. My gf was sobbing and was frightened and said that its all a mistake but I had different things in mind.

I asked her boss to start fucking her like a bitch till he comes inside her and ravage her and I watch all the sexual act. She was hysterical but after my stern voice they both agreed to do what they were doing. He started riding her again and she started participating in the act while I sat there watching. After some time I took my cock out and asked her to suck while she gets ponded by her boss. She was reluctant but finally agreed to do so. She was sucking me while getting fucked and then I came on her face and asked her to suck it all. I asked her boss to do the same thing with her and forced her to drink it all.

Then after some time I asked her boss to tie her up and then ride her from rear way entry. She pleaded to me but it was of no use. They did what was told to them and then I came on her face and mouth again till she was fucked from rear and was totally humiliated. I stayed there for an an hour more an observed and participated in all kind of humiliation and then finally said to her that I am going outside and by next few days she should just pack her stuff and get out of the flat and never show her face again and I stormed out of the flat and went to goa to spend and rest myself. And after few weeks later I found that she took transfer to delhi and switched the job and is probably fucking her new boss over there.

This was how the whole cuckold fetish started to develop inside of me to see the humiliation and ecstasy at the same time with pleasure and debauchery.

Aug 2, 2016Desi Story

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