Going down the memory lane

Reena and I were college friends, and we use to have sex talk over the phone but never got a chance to have real sexual inter course. We both enjoyed having sex talk and continued it till our college studies finished. After that we both never saw each other or for years.

May be after ten years we both met at shopping mall in different city where I was working. I never knew that Reena was settled in that city with her husband. We were surprised to see each other and we talked for long. She took my cell number and we started talking every night. Slowly we moved into sexual talks and our sexual talks while studying at the college. She expressed the feeling to have sex with me.

Reena, after marriage and pregnancy was fully mature woman, with gorgeous boobs, sexy butts and tantalizing thighs. While we met to the shopping mall, I couldn’t control my eyes galloping through her body. She also enjoyed me looking at her body. So we started planning to have sex and waited for the occasion to come. Since she was staying with her husband and children, to meet and have sex was not that easy. We kept on waiting for that day.

At last the day arrived; her husband had to travel to another city for a business meeting. We selected the morning time when her kids would be at school. I took half day leave from the office and reached Reena’s flat as per schedule. When I entered the flat, she was dressed up like a porn queen. Straight away we hugged each other and shared kisses. We both were in hurry to have sex because of our long lasting friendship.

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We were both undressed in split of second and started caressing our body. To watch her nude, my dick was fully erect and we shared naughty comments rubbing our body. We started having oral session in 69 positions. She sucked my cock so softly and licked her pussy. Both of us enjoyed each other having oral sex at a time. After that Reena sat on my dick and started riding.

We kept on changing positions and I hammered her harder to make her cum twice before I was climaxed. We slept in our arms for while and then we were back in mood again and started pricking each other. Slowly and slowly we were stimulated and this time she sucked my cock and took it deep throat which was a first time feeling for and she asked to fuck slowly into her mouth. I did it for some time, when it was to cum I took it out, make her lean to doggy position and hammered. She cried and bliss and told me to fuck her ass. Her ass was so tight and I found it difficult to penetrate. She went to the bathroom bought some body cream and painted it over my dick.

Then she turned pulling apart her ass and asked me to penetrate. I pushed the cock inside, she screamed and cried louder, Fuck me! Fuck me! I hammered her ass; I was having anal sex for the first time ever in my life. The sensation of having anal sex with a lady is unexplainable. The tight ass was holding my cock stronger inside and the hammering was so delightful. After half an hour I got climaxed inside her ass. After having one more fucking session I left that place promising her to satisfy her whenever she is ready to have it.

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