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Hi, This is Rahul, sharing my story about meeting a woman and getting rewarded.

One Saturday, I was bored at home watching movies, when I decided to go to the mall and pick up a few things, I went down to the underground parking to leave my car, when I got out of my car, I saw something on the floor, when I reached closer it was a woman’s clutch purse lying on the ground. I picked it up dropped it in my car and went to the mall to finish my shopping. When I came back to my car I opened the purse, and I saw a photo of a very good-looking, woman in about early forties, with a kid who appeared to be her son.
There was some money, credit cards, driver’s license and an ID card in the wallet; I found that the name and address in the ID and DL were same, and a little distance from where I was staying. I decided I might as well do a good turn and return her purse to her before I went home.

I went to the address, it was a small independent house, as I parked my car I could see the woman in the picture through the window. When she saw me park my car and move towards her house she came out of the house, kind of wondering who I was before she could say anything I asked her if she was Suman, which was the name on the ids. She said yes, I gave her the Purse. She was kind of shocked and then I saw a smile when she smiled it formed a dimple on her cheeks, She thanked me again and again and gave me a hug. While she was going through her purse, I was checking her out, She was beautiful, with jet black hair, big eyes and could have been around 38 or forty, she had maintained her figure and her breasts were kind of a handful. She told me she had just been on the verge of calling the banks to report a loss of her credit cards. She again thanked me. I said it was nothing and turned to leave when she said that she would like to do something for me. She asked if I could accept her invitation for Dinner, that night. I agreed, she told to come back around eight.

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When I went back around eight, I found Suman, She was looking real good. She had changed into a nice dress. She had cooked a dinner for us – just the two of us, I was kind of happy that we were alone and things might turn better as the evening progressed. After dinner, she asked me to stay and watch a movie with her. I asked her where her son was, and Suman told me he was studying in a boarding school and that she was divorced.

Suman then put on the TV, she had brought a bottle of wine and two glasses and came over to sit next to me on the sofa, She put her head on my shoulder, and soon we were sipping the wine, watching the movie. I emptied my glass and put it on the table, along with hers. As we were watching the TV, came a romantic scene where the guy and woman were on the sofa just like us and suddenly began kissing, I turned towards her as she brought her face near to me, then our mouths came together and we shared a very long, wet kiss. When we finally separated, Suman asked me, if I could do her another favor. When I replied, sure, what she wanted me to do, she said frankly that she hadn’t had any sex for a very long time and she found me attractive and she was hoping I might be willing to have sex with her. Hearing this dick got harder than while we were kissing. I told her sure, it would be my pleasure. She then really surprised me and said, I have an addiction, I love to suck and also love to swallow cum. Hearing that, I was close to bursting, here was a woman almost 15 years older to me and she was asking me that she would love to suck and swallow, I was in heaven, I just replied, sure whatever you like.

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What else could I say? We got up and went to her bedroom and undressed each other. Suman looked good with her clothes on, but she awesome in nude. Her breasts were full and firm, and her pussy was shaved, just the way I like.

She led me to the bed naked she pushed me down on the bed, she then spread my legs and took my shaven cock into her mouth. She really did love to suck cock, and she was as good as she had promised. I asked her to turn around and put her pussy over my face in 69, but she said not now, later, just let me concentrate properly on sucking your dick… She said I could go down on her later if I wanted to eat her pussy but now I need to lie back and enjoy it, who am I to stop a lady So I did. Once in a while she would move her mouth from my cock and stroke it with her hand licking my smooth shaven balls. She would, and then go back to sucking my dick. I let her continue going up and down on my dick until I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I warned her I was about ready to shoot. She began sucking faster and harder, and as the first jet of cum shot down into her mouth, she squeezed my balls with her hand, making me cum even more powerfully.

After I finished cumming, she kept sucking my dick, not letting it go, I finally pulled away, and it was like taking a lollypop from a kid, I then had her on her back on the bed. I spread her legs to expose her beautiful shaved pussy. I looked up and saw her beautiful tits and I decided to begin with them and come down later.I began sucking her nipples and my fingers were on her pussy. She was wet, I could feel her wetness o my fingers, as I kissed my way down her body. When I got down I parted her pussy lips and put my tongue inside her wet and juicy pussy that tasted very good!

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I began stroking her clit with my thumb while tongue-fucking her. Soon, she began moaning and groaning and her body began shuddering and her legs clamped on my head as she had her orgasm.I eagerly sucked and drank the juices flowing out of her beautiful pussy.

She then pulled me up; I got on top of her. My dick was hard again, and her pussy was ready and waiting for me. I slipped inside her, slowly at first and soon found my dick buried deep in her pussy. I fucked her steadily for a while, but Suman urged me to go faster and harder, I starting fucking into her hard, her legs wrapped around my back and she let out a scream as her body stiffened and moved off the bed. I thrust my dick into her as deep as I could and held it there while we both came violently; she once again shuddered and moaned. We kissed and cuddled for a while. Suman told me how nice she felt, it was great sex after a long time and she was very happy. I praised her for her beautiful and firm breasts and pussy. Suman asked me if I had to get back or I could spend the night with her since it was a Sunday the next day I agreed to stay back,

We had a shower and slept in each other’s arms. When I woke up in the morning, I looked down I saw that Suman was happily sucking on my cock, I had a hard-on and I thought I must be dreaming, But it wasn’t a dream. Because it felt like I was getting the best blowjob of my life. Who says honesty does not reward? I was happy that I came to return her purse, instead of handing it over at the mall security.

We continued meeting on weekends, very discreetly, till her son came back for summer holidays, soon I too left and moved to Chennai. Any women in Chennai interested in safe discreet fling with NSA can email me at [email protected]

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