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This is small story which I had read somewhere or I listen it somewhere. Friends, my name is Meer and I am a photographer by profession and I use to travel a lot. Ones, I was travelling some place very interior. I was in a small auto and there are few villagers were my co-passengers. They were talking about some affair and about a couple. And, they were going to meet that guy.

The story is about affair between a security guard’s wife and a young guy. Security guard name was Ramu and his wife name was Neelam and her lover name was Raju. Ramu and Neelam was a matured couple and Raju was a young guy. Ramu came to city for Job after his wedding with Neelam and used to go ones in a month and in between only they had two kids. Ramu and Neelam was a happy couple but in winter season, Ramu used go to village ones in 3-4 months. And, in cold night Neelam used to feel horny but due to separation it was not possible.

There was young guy Raju who used to come to Neelam house as Raju was his kid’s friend. Neelam knew that her kid and Raju both used to see bluefilms and do masturbation. One day, Raju came to Neelam house and started watching bluefilm with her kid but Neelam asked her kid to go outside and get something. Neelam knew, her kid will not be back in 3-4 hours. She went to room and caught Raju red handed. He felt embarrassed and said sorry to Neelam but Neelam was smiling and asked him to remove all clothes. Raju was shy but Neelam was in hurry and really wanted his dick.

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Neelam knew, it was wrong to fuck a small kid but she was not able control her hornyness. She just asked to do the things with her as he used to see in bluefilm. Neelam removed Raju’s clothes and her clothes also. They we both were nude and Raju’s small dick were vibrating and Neelam’s boobs and tits were getting hard and her cunt started getting wet. Neelam was a mature sex player but today she was feeling burned and not able to hold the wetness. She came to Raju and taken her dick in her hands and started doing masturbation.

Raju had not fucked any female yet and she knew; he could not satisfy her with his dick. So, she got Raju’s dick near to her pussy and started rubbing his dick on her clit. Raju was feeling hot and his dick was hot like red hot iron rode and both were moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaa…ooooooooo…yes……I am sorry Raju but I can’t control. Please allow me to use you dick but I will take care of it. Neelam’s body was shivering and her ass was moving and shaking in pleasure and she was getting cum. Suddenly, Neelam had started moving her ass fast; Raju got worried and hold her tight but in few minutes that lots of fight juice came out from Neelam’s pussy.

Neelam also done Raju’s masturbation and made him satisfy also. After that, they both fall in love and Raju used to fuck Neelam every day. When, Neelam got good money and jewellery from Ramu; she called Ramu and asked for divorce and wanted to stay with Raju but everything was so messed up. When Ramu asked her to understand, Neelam went away far from Ramu and now those guy were going to make them understand for good life and good future.

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