Hardware Aunty Ki Hard Chudai

Hi, my name is sameer and I am 24 years old. I am average built neither fat nor slim and Caucasian colour, I am currently living in a small family where my elder brother is working and my parents are retired government service. I am in my final year of engineering. So that is a brief summary of myself, now let’s go to the story. In this story, I am going to narrate how I met a hot aunty in a hardware shop and how my lust compelled me to have sex with her in a totally awkward situation.

It was in the rainy season of June that I was feeling very much home sick and my health was getting very bad day by day because of the hostel food and so I decided to take a leave of one week to go home. After reaching home things became good for me, thanks to the care and food of my mom.

It was another regular day of heavy rains and as usual after doing the daily chores I went to bathroom to have a hot shower, thanks to the water heater. Well sometimes I spend little bit more time in bathroom , I was 24 already and I spent most of my time in studies never had a girl friend so obviously- I am a 24 year old virgin! And so my hand had to be busy most of the time doing you know what! So that day I took a good shower and was watching TV. Everything was normal, sound of utensils in kitchen and my mom humming some song, sound of rain, and sound of television. But suddenly there was a boom! It was as if a small fire cracker burst in our home. It was actually the water heater, I totally forgot to switch off the water heater and hence after overheating the pipe melted and the water was continuously leaking. After making a preliminary examination I figured out that I have to change both the pipes, so right away I went to a sanitary hardware shop nearby.

It was 2 pm in the noon I was standing in front of the hardware shop which was closed, after lunch the shop was supposed to be open at 1.30 pm but the shutter was still down and also the shops adjoining were closed. It was raining very heavily that day and I guess none of the shopkeepers were keen to open for business, they would rather sleep under their warm sheets during this heavy rain and anyway the shops were also in a kind of remote area and they could hardly make any business, so I understood it and was about to ride the bike and go in search of other shops but suddenly the wind started blowing so heavily that I decided to stand near that shop for a while.

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While I was standing under the roof of that shop, I spotted one aunty heading towards me. That was an unusual sight for me because the rain was lashing out so heavily accompanied by strong winds and that aunty could hardly manage to hold her umbrella above her head and she was getting all wet by the rain so the idea of the umbrella was useless in that situation. I began to laugh mildly at her situation. As she came closer and closer towards me the picture of that aunty was getting clearer. There was no one around there just me and that aunty, I knew why I was there at that shop but I began to wonder in that split second of time, what the hell is she doing out here in this heavy rain!

And there she was that aunty away from rain comfortably under the roof extension of that shop standing just two steps away from me. And me oh my god I was stunned, I was surprised and I was so happy within that fraction of time I had so many thoughts and I was just thinking how that heater burst and then I had a smile thinking, sure things does happen for best reasons and this is it. That aunty must have been 35 to 40 age. She was around 5 ft 3 height and her figure was just awesome so awesome oh my god. Her colour was that of a typical Indian Caucasian brown and her hairs were little curly and straight. She wore a saree a black one which was completely transparent and was her black blouse so transparent that I could straight away look at her white bra. Her figure must have been 36 34 38. Her boobs were so in shape as if it was curved very delicately by a sculptor and so was her ass. She wasn’t slim or too fat but I could see her tummy waist which was all wet and great to watch.

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As soon as that aunty folded her umbrella she bent down to keep that umbrella down leaning to wall, there was my first hit, that wet curvy ass so huge and that transparent saree making her panty visible, may be brown or red I guess, just looking at that sight my dick was aroused . My penis got so strong as if it was ready to just launch into her ass. Then she looked at me and gave a causal smile and she said” uffff baba kitna jor se baarish ho raha hai aur ei ramu kaka bhi na abhi tak aye nai” whispering those words to herself she took out a huge key from her side bag. Oh I got it now the equation is complete I said to myself in my mind, because this aunty must be the owner of this hardware shop and me her customer, I smiled badly in my devil mind.

I was excited so excited because I knew that this is the moment for me, I felt it in my bones and also my boneless dick. Just me and that aunty and this heavy rain suddenly I was so happy about the rain and I was wishing that it could also thunder lightning storms. That shutter had two big locks one at my end and the other near aunty, that aunty first bent down trying to poke that key in that lock, and there was her saree just coming in her way, so she got up and first she tried to swing her head left and right to dry her hair, wow I could have just stood in front of her and take all that water drops on my face. Then she just got that saree from her shoulder and tried to twist that saree in one single fold and remove all the water. Oh my god when she did that my mouth was literally open because I could clearly see her body just in her wet black transparent blouse only and her so wet waist, the water drops were slowly gliding down towards her sexy navel and her hot cleavage, it is then I realised what deep neck blowse is!

Almost her half boobs were out and her cleavage was filled with so much tiny water drops that I really wished I could straight away go and lick all that wet part with my tongue , and my tongue all over her cleavage and navel and her waist and just dry up her entire body with my tongue. May be she was so irritated by the rain that she didn’t notice that I was just standing next to her and I was watching her almost naked. Than after that she made herself slightly comfortable she put her saree back as normal and she bent to remove the lock and there again I could see her cleavage and her boobs shaking gently. Then she came near me, I smiled but she didn’t notice may be she was irked of something, or maybe she wasn’t comfortable with me standing there. While she was removing the other lock standing just near my leg, she looked at me and I was all into her wet back wet sexy back , she just signalled me to step a little back and then she removed the other lock.

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Now was the crucial part, she had to open the shutter, I could have offered to help her but how will I enjoy watching her sexy wet body so I stood mum doing nothing. She was trying hard to lift that shutter up but she could not, which was evident that this was not her regular work. So she looked at me and now she smiled at me, that pretty sexy smile with her eyes partially closed was just saying it all “please help me lift this up” she had a black mole on her face just right side of the nose and the water drops were just following to that sexy mole I could have just licked it. So I just stood just next to her completely close up with a full clear view of her cleavage and the smell of her body I just lent her a hand and opened the shutter.

So this is it guys, here ends the part one of my story. Please stay tuned for the next part where I will tell the great adventures of sex I had after I opened that shutter. Please feel free to give feedback your feed back will be my improvement. Feed back at [email protected]

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