Having desi sex with him is really an enjoyable act which I enjoyed


It was the nice time for me as I was permitted by my parents to spend my holiday for a week at my sister’s home. When I went there to surprise my sister and in-laws then they were really happy to see me there. It was a beautiful house and at a corner of the house a boy used to live on rent. I met him also who looked very nice to me. I had started getting some sexy desi sex kind of feeling from the very beginning but I was avoiding initially.

After the dinner we started watching a movie and suddenly a very hot kissing scene come in that which run almost for a span of 10 minutes. My sister and her husband were sitting behind me. When I turned my face on the back then I saw his hands squeezing her boobs and they were kissing each other deeply. Soon I turned my head in front after seeing that hot beginning of desi sex.

I too get wet in my pussy and thought of having someone to play with me. My sister asked me to sleep in my room as it was almost mid night. I was in full mood to enjoy desi sex but no one seemed me ready and then I started rubbing my pussy in my room. Soon I came to hear some sound from the neighboring room which was given to that boy and then I planned to meet him that time and if everything went good then I will fuck him.

As I went close to his door I started hearing some sound which was sounding like some girl is enjoying the desi sex. Soon I caught him as it was a movie sound. I knocked the door and in that haphazard he closed the movie and open the door. I asked him whether I can come in his room or not which he replied positive and then I asked him what was he watching.

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He told me that it was a movie. I asked him lets watch together then he was stunned as he was not in a mood to open his computer as it was on the screen only. By seeing his hesitation I switched the screen of the computer on and then I saw a penis inside a pussy hole enjoying desi sex. I laughed at him and asked is he really grown up to watch such movies.

He replied that he is that much grown up that he can make many women pregnant. I told him that I do not want to get pregnant but yes can think of enjoying the desi sex. He understood the things and closed the door. He came very fast on me and took out his hard penis on my face and asked me to suck the same. I sucked his cock in a better way and then he made me naked.

I laid on the bed and he come from my back side and inserted his hard cock in my pussy. Slowly he started increasing his speed in jerks and that finally made me get into the better side. He had hot desi sex with me really well that I loved his taste and enjoyed all the nights when I was there.


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