Honeymoon With Friend’s Wife Nisha

hi, guys, my name is Nikhil. I am from Kolkata and 24 years of age with a dick size of 8 inches. I am a handsome boy with 5’9 height. My skin colour is white. So this is my first story and this is the story of how I fucked my friend’s wife on her honeymoon.

This is true story which happened in October’ 2016. Let me introduce the hottest girl “Nisha” who is the wife of my Business partner Vishal. she is very beautiful with the size of 34, 30, 36. she is 5’5 tall with a face full of cuteness and the skin colour is as similar to the colour of milk.

We (Vishal & me) are college friends and after college life, we started our business in Kolkata itself and slowly n gradually in coming 2 years we got settled in a nice way. Now, Nisha came in Vishal’s life as a sister’s friend n slowly they became good friends. Now Nisha used to visit our office to meet Vishal once in a week, then twice in a week and so on… She used to bring lots of food for both of us and we always had a great time together.

Our friendship got stronger n Vishal and Nisha went into a relationship. Now they treat themselves as a couple in office too. I always used to admire her beauty as she had a charming personality and she used to give a naughty smile always which sometimes confuse me as well. Vishal was my best friend so he used to share all the stuff of his life including his GF, chats, sex chats n all. He used to tell me how they do video call at night n how Nisha seduce him. Vishal used to stay in a flat so, Nisha would come to his place at night for sex.

I always had a fantasy to fuck that beauty but never got the confidence to say anything as she is my best friend’s girlfriend. so, I always used to check Vishal’s phone whenever I got chance n check out Nisha’s nude or semi nude pic which she used to send him to seduce. I always masturbate thinking of her. Days passed n after 6 months Vishal got married to Nisha and they planned to go for honeymoon in Gangtok.

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As we were expanding our business i asked Vishal to meet some client in gangtok too during some free time, in which he asked why dont you come as well, we can make some business over there too. I was so happy as i will get a chance to see Nisha n feel her getting fucked. Now the story starts, After 2 days in gangtok, i was in hotel as i had some headache and vishal called me to visit her room to get some paper as he was dealing with a client. I went to his room, rang the bell n there came the beauty…in a transparent black colour night dress wearing nothing inside her. I was shocked to see her in that position, my eyes were stick to her nipples which are clearly visiable. She got stunned too may be bcoz she was not expecting me at her door. I complimented her as you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen on this planet, vishal is seriously very lucky to have u in his life. she smiled and welcomed me covering herself with a blanket. I told her its okay, u don’t need to cover urself as ur dress is supr sexy which helped me to see ur sexy figure n pink colour nipples in a naughty way. she got shy n told i will kill u nikhil in a naughty way. I laughed and kissed her on her cheeks n went away saying i wish you were my wife, i would have cancelled all the meeting for you. I got this much courage as she was my friend too.

I was looking for a chance to fuck her and that awesome day came, Vishal n Nisha were getting ready for a sight seen in the evening n all of a sudden Vishal felt down from stairs and got injured a bit. He called me to help him, later after an hour he asked me to take Nisha out for some time as this will spoil her mood to which I was very happy as I will get a chance to spend some time with that gorgeous lady. Nisha was not ready for it but Vishal forced her to come with me n we went for sight seen. meanwhile…

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me- How can u be so gorgeous
she- smiled
s- can I ask you something Nikhil?
m- yes, for sure
s- do u lust on me??
m- not actually but I am ur secret admirer
s- say in yes or no
m- yes, I want to spend some quality time with u provided u agree to it
s- why do u think I will agree??
m- because I like u

s- since when u lust on me?
m- from the first day I have seen u in office and you are my friend, I know everything about u, ur personal life, sex life, have seen ur nude pics in his phone, saw u in transparent nighty yesterday…so, basically I am desperate about you
s- bas bas, ho gaya …. (smiled)
m- can I get a chance??
s- noooo
m- please …I promise, I will satisfy u more than visual
s- uff, Vishal will kill me
m- I will take care of that, he will never get to know
m- yeah baby
s- okay, when?
m- tonight.
s- how is that possible?
m- leave it on me.

I gave Vishal 2 sleeping pill in water in he slept like never before n asked Nisha to come to my room wearing that nighty only. My room was next to her, she came to my room after 10 mins wearing that nighty wth a naughty smile on her face.
I welcomed her n started kissing her all over her face, to my surprise she is a great kisser. We kissed for 10 mins that I realized the door is still open and a child is watching us, I closed the room n throw her to the bed and started kissing her again all over her face. She came over me saying show me how rough u can fuck me.

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I gave her love bite on her lips and tore her dress to which she said, don’t waste ur energy on my dress rather than that fuck me harder. I started pressing her boobs with one hand and fingering her with another, she was moaning loudly…Nikhil fuck me pls, I am bored with Vishal…. She opened my cloths n constantly staring at my dick which is of 8 inches saying omg how big it is. She started sucking it, omg I can’t say I loved it so much that I cummed in her mouth with in a minute.

Now she said, (ye meri chut ko far dega) lt will tear my pussy as Vishal has only 5 inch dick, please fuck me now, I inserted my dick in her pussy, it was tight, she was in tears saying Nikhil slowly pls it’s hurting me a lot, I kissed her n said lets do it roughly and inserted my dick in her pussy completely and fucked her for 20 mins in that position. she was so happy that u really have stamina dude as Vishal can only fuck for 10 mins maximum.

Now she came over me saying, fuck me u moron, I wanna be ur slut baby…show me ur stamina babuuu, you asshole, motherfucker I want to be ur slut for life time baby, fuck me harder harder, I started beating her in her ass with my dick inside her ass saying I will make u my prostitute.

We had 5 sessions that night n after that we do sex whenever Vishal is not in Kolkata, in sort I had 20- 25 times sex with Nisha till now. Do u guys liked my story, any aunty, girl, married, unmarried, wanna have fun can contact me or I can be available for sex chat, phone chat, video call, you can mail me @[email protected]
Love you all…please give response to my story!!

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