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Hello Guys, I am Ram from Bangalore. This is my first indian sex story in ISS, I have been following ISS for the past 6 months.

I am 40 years old, very good physique, above average height with broad shoulders, I work for an MNC in Bangalore.

This is a real story happened in 2011. The heroine of the story is Sameera, she is from North working in a hospital in Bangalore as a Nurse.

She is around 5 ft 2 inch, very fair, extremely beautiful with statistics 38D-30-36. She was 12 years younger to me.

I happen to visit this hospital sometime in 2011, she was in reception. She was very friendly, I asked her for some details about doctor’s visit etc. I noticed that she was teasing other patients. I introduced myself to her, She told her name as Sameera (name changed). I did not talked much on that day and left to home.

I visited the same hospital after 1 month, I greeted her with her name, she felt happy and surprised that I remember her name. I talked a bit more and then left after my Dr visit without asking her number.

Again after a month or so, I called the hospital phone number to inquire something, she answered. I recognized her voice and told her name, she felt very happy. Got the information from her and disconnected the phone. With in 5 min I got a SMS to my cell phone from an unknown number asking me to save her details, it is Sameera. I got excited, called her immediately, she felt happy and told me that she was hoping that some day I will call the hospital and talk to her. We talked for some time and then suddenly told me that I came in her dreams. Got the clear Green Signal. I straightly asked her bra size, she told 38D.

Later we continued talking over the phone for a month and one day I asked to come for a cinema. Next weekend we went to a Hindi Cinema. She came in a red Salwar. I told her you are extremely beautiful, she blushed and said thanks, I know. Inside the cinema hall, first I was holding her hand, then I put my hand in her bra and touched the boobs. She got excited, I started kissing her lips passionately. One couple was sitting next to us, the
lady was asking her husband “Let’s go to some other seats”, but he was insisting to stay there only. We moved to corner seats where no one is there.

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Next time, I will book corner seats. I tried to remove her bra she denied, so I pressed her boobs by keeping my hand inside her dress. Her melons are so soft and firm, my hand is full of her boob. Most of the time we were having fun, not watching the cinema. She was feeling shy to hold my dick, hence I did not insist. I tried to finger her pussy, she said no, I kept silent.

Then our phone talking continued for 2 months, we both were busy. Finally, I asked her to come to a hotel near to her PG. She took some time and said yes, finally the day came. She came in a wonderful Punjabi dress, dashingly beautiful. We packed food for two and checked into the hotel. She insisted that she wants to feel the skin of my penis inside her, so no condoms. As soon as we entered I kissed her lips passionately with a tight hug. She asked me to remove one piece at a time from her body, first, i removed her top and started kissing her soft neck. She started moaning slowly. She was wearing a ladies banian on her pink bra. I removed all her dress except pink bra and pink panty. She removed all my dress except my undie. She saw the tent in my underwear and started touching it.

I started kissing her back from neck till butt, she was getting so excited and started moaning. I removed her bra, her boobs are fully white with pink areola, huge boobs. They are like Heavy Milk Tankers. I put one boob in my mouth and started pressing the other. She was super excited and started moving on the bed. I asked her to suck my dick, she refused and instead kissed it a couple of times, I did not force her to suck it. Her thighs are wonderful, they are like the stem of a fully grown banana plant. She told me that she used to work in the farm, hence that much fit.

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Finally i pulled her panty, her pussy is clean shaven. I kissed her wet pussy and started licking it, she said no for that. I tried to put my finger into it, she said no for that also stating that she will feel pain for it. Juices are flowing out from her pussy, i inserted my dick into her pussy slowly. I started jerking slowly in missionary position. She raised her legs and wrapped it around my waist for a deeper penetration. I started squeezing
her boobs and simultaneously fucking her. She started moaning loudly ‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhh’ with deep breaths. Continued banging for 10
min, then changed to doggy position and banged for 5 min. I told her i am cumming, she asked me to take a break for 2 min, we came to missionary after banging for some more time, i cummed my huge load into her pussy. I fall on her, hugging each other. We were in that position for 10 min. We cleaned in the bathroom and lied on the bed. She is extremely happy and told me that the session is super. We rested for 20 minutes, we were hugging and cuddling. She felt my hard dick with her hand and asked “do you want one more round” (Later she told me that, it means she wants one more round), we started kissing and hugging each other soon I started riding on her in different positions. This time it took a bit more time for my ejaculation. She took I Pill.

We slept for 30 minutes and started having our dinner we brought. By the time we finish eating it was 10:30 PM, I rested by keeping my head on her lap/boobs/waist for 30 minutes. We talked for 30 minutes, she told that her boyfriend broke with her 1 year back, since then she is depressed a bit.

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She told me that she just fed her breast to her BF. After a few months later she told me that she was in a physical relationship with her BF for the past 7 years (since her age 18, Horny Cunt). Actually, i haven’t got her out of my talent, but she told me that she liked my Physique, my way of talking and sense of humour.

We started the third fucking session of the night with more passion, fucked till we sweat heavily. She told enough for the night and we slept by hugging each other. I got up at five, this time I put my dick straight into her pussy and started banging. Since we men have more testosterone in early morning I banged her with full speed, she moaned heavily. I had to lip lock her to reduce her moaning. Had one more session after 30 minutes then we started taking bath at 6 AM together. I asked her to have one more round, she told that she has to go for her duty. We applied soap to each other and rubbed the bodies. I asked her at least give me a blowjob. She refused, kissed my dick and we left the hotel.

Same day noon she called me and told that “tum Kamaal Hein yaar” (you are wonderful) and she is not able to concentrate on her work due to the previous night’s sweet memories, I told her “same here”.

Later after a month we again met in a hotel, that night also we had 5 sessions.

After a month her parents started looking marriage proposals and she went to her native place permanently. I still remember the sweet memories I had with her and miss her still. She did not give any of her contact details, so please don’t ask me for it. I hope she is married now.

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