I Fall For My Mature Maid

I am Rahul, while I was working in Hyderabad in a company, I was given an apartment to stay, and very soon I found it difficult to maintain it and decided to keep a maid. One day I came across a lady who was mopping the corridor, I asked her if she knew anyone to work for me to clean and maintain my apartment. She was a woman about 50 years, she had a nice oval face, she was fair, good looking, she looked neat and clean, she said that she could do it.
“Let me see your place and we will fix up the salary,” she said to me.I led her to my apartment and she looked around.”This place is a mess,” she told me. I told her that since I go to work and come back late I didn’t have time to clean it and that’s the reason I wanted a maid. “How much will you pay?” She asked. We bargained and then settled at a salary that was affordable to me. She said she would begin tomorrow. I found out her name was Stella. Sure enough, around 8 am Stella knocked on my door. She came in and began to clean up.

I should tell you something about Stella. She looked to be in her early fifties. Her hair was long and black. She had tied it in a ponytail. I look her over as she was working, what I could see she had a hot body. Stella got my place cleaned, I didn’t recognize the place. While she was there I saw her looking at me.

A few days later I told her that I had some stuff that I need to get down from the loft and need her help and I told her not to worry, that I would pay her extra. Stella agreed and we planned on doing it on Sunday.Sunday morning she was at my door and very soon we began removing stuff from the loft, stuff such as books, DVD’s etc that I didn’t bother to open and arrange when I moved into the apartment.

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Very soon I began arranging the stuff, Stella standing right next to me. My cock was stirring in my pants as while we were working we would brush against each other and many a times brushed against her big boobs and ass. It had been some time since I last had sex. I wondered what it would be like to make love to someone like Stella. She then told me some things about her. She was divorced. Her husband had up and left her. She was scraping by doing cleaning work. She was thankful she met me.”You are helping me out with this some extra money by giving me work.”” Normally handsome young guys, didn’t want an older woman to work for them, they prefer young girls,” she said.

I was looking at her breasts as she was talking, it kind of felt stupid, I took courage and told her.”Please don’t take this the wrong way Stella but I find you incredibly attractive.” Saying that I embraced her and begun to kiss her on her, with my arms behind her I reached and un hooked her blouse freeing her globes, seeing then free, I had to touch them. I reached up and placed the palms of my hands on her hard nipples.

“Oh my God!” Stella let out this loud moan.

I started to squeeze her ripe breasts. I moved Stella close to the sofa. I began to remove her Sari and the in the skirt down over her hips. They fell to the floor; I was not surprised when I noticed that she did have any panties. I brushed a finger across her slit. Stella was damp. That much was for sure. I pulled my shirt off and took off the rest of my clothes. Stella looked down to see my hard, erect penis.”We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said to weakly.It sounded like a feeble plea for me to stop. I sat down on the sofa and I pulled Stella down on my lap. Stella was straddling me. The tip of my dick was brushing against her wet folds of her pussy. My dick head found her opening and I pushed in. She let out a scream, she was tight down below since she hadn’t had sex for some time.

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I held her hips down and thrust into her pussy. Stella liked it, there was no denying. “Please Sir, fuck me hard,” she pleaded with me.I brought my hips up as Stella rode my cock. I told her that I needed her and Stella said that she too was thinking of me and how it would be to have sex with a young North Indian man, she added that the previous night and fingered herself. I stretched that tight pussy as we fucked there on the sofa. I said I was going to fuck more than this one time.

Stella gave her body to me that day. I nibbled on her hard nipples. Stella placed her hands on the back of my head and urged me to suck on her tits. I felt my dick swell like never before. It felt like I was deep in her belly as she milked my dick. This went on for a long time; Stella said that I had made her cum three times already. Now I too was close to shooting, I just could not slow and pull out, since I was not sure if she is protected or not, but it was too late I sent spurts of my cum into her pussy. Stella’s held on tightly when she felt me, Cumming. Her muscles contracted and she squeezed all my cum off my dick.I held her tight into my body and Stella held on until we were both drained. Stella got to her feet and went to the bathroom. She came back and asked me if I felt good, and I replied that it was fantastic. I wanted that as much as you did. I haven’t been with a man for years.

I am at least twenty years older than you Rahul. I told her I always had a thing for older women, since I find them to be most pleasurable, they know how to receive and give total pleasure. I enjoyed what we had done and I wasn’t about to regret. She kissed me on the lips and got dressed. Stella left and I fell asleep.

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I was awoken by a knock on my door. It was Stella coming to check on me before her shift started. I pulled her to me and I kissed her, took off her clothes in a jiffy and I made her lie back. I took her by the ankles and raised her legs up. I plunged my hard pecker deep into her body, I told Stella she was a really hot woman, our bodies were inseparable as I gave her the fucking she needed.”You want my cock, don’t you Stella?”You’re going to make me cum, talking like that Rahul.”I told Stella I wanted her to come with me; I want to feel her juices all over my dick. I wasn’t going to pull out until she came repeatedly. I worked Stella up into a state of sexual ecstasy. She screamed as I gave her the fucking of a lifetime. Oh my God, Rahul!”I am Cumming, oh-oh-oh, please come with me “I want to feel you cum in me!”I took Stella hard with my prick. We both came together and I shot a big load at her. After we finished, Stella said she didn’t know if she could work today as I had exhausted and drained her completely.

We continued to have sex till I was there, even though I had a few girlfriends and had then overnight at my place, Stella was aware but for me, Stella was the best. There is nothing like a mature woman, they like to give pleasure and at the same time receive it without any expectations.

I have since then moved to many cities and now am in Chennai, any women interested in meeting me for NSA fun can contact me on [email protected]

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