I really enjoyed in the desi sex by local boys who were teasing


I had been living in a society where I was not happy with the local goons who used to tease me in a bad way. Even after complaining to the local authority nothing has happened as these goons really were very strong and it looked very difficult for me to manage. That was really bad condition of mine as we had taken very expensive homes there and getting away from that would have hit us badly. I had heard from someone that one of the same guy has had desi sex with a girl of the society which has really made everyone to get scared.

I had faces the teasing in a bad way but their numbers were very large so I was looking very tiny in front of them. I took the better time in thinking to get away from them as they had always been commenting on my beauty. I kept thinking about making them run away from here. It was getting over as many goons used to follow me to my home and used to comment on parents as how he enjoyed the desi sex with the mother that a sexy babe becomes as their child.

I decided to take some action in their way and I planned to wear tight hot clothes as my parents had gone to other place and I was left in the guardianship of my neighbour. I went out and three goons who were the leaders of them followed me to my room. They thrashed my doors and get inside and started taking of their clothes. They locked the door and took out their hard penises. I had that thing in my plan and I had taken the medication to defeat them in the long run.

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As they all were coming close to me then I stopped them and asked them that I would be giving my body to them to fuck but I wanted something better from them. When they saw that I would be supporting them in the desi sex then they agreed and I told them that they would leave the place or stop teasing the girls in the locality. Their desperation was so high that they agreed to this point as well. I had kept my phone on recording the voices of them so that it can help us in getting rid of them in future.

Here, I had three hard penises in front of me and I licked each one after another to get into desi sex by them in a better manner. They made me naked and one boy came down near my pussy and inserted his hard dick there and started making the strokes. They gave me hot desi sex in different poses and stroked me really very hard. I enjoyed in having desi sex with them and they left my home after three hours continues work with my sexy body.

It was a much pleasurable thing for me as I enjoyed at the best in getting fucked like this. As they were leaving I reminded them what they promised and they confirmed me the same as from the same time they had left that place and now girls really feel better now and many girls thank that person who has removed them from there. It was me but things were hidden for a longer time that I enjoyed better desi sex with them off from here.

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