Indian Girls From An Adult Sex Line Fucked

Beautiful Indian Girls
Beautiful Indian Girl

This was not the first time we had come here. And this is not the first time we came here in the group. Me and Ramu have fucked a lot of pussies here. But these 2 Indian girls came here for the first time only. I am talking about Nandita and Malini. Both of them work for a sex chat line in Delhi. I was a regular caller on this line and Nandita kept on saying me that she is from Delhi and all. But she never gave me her personal numbers and email and all. So I was kind of heart broken. There were other Indian girls too on the same line; but I like Nandita as she had the prettiest voice among all these Indian girls. And then one day I got a phone call on my mobile. Before I could say hello the other person on the line said, “Hello I am Nandita call me back.”

Hot Indian Girls From Chat Lines

Initially I thought it to be as a joke but when I called back I thought I was the luckiest man on the earth. Nandita told me about her inability to give personal number and all. But as I used to call these Indian girls so many times she could not anger me. After couple of minutes of casual talks I started talking on the same dirty talk as we would normally do. Nandita kept on smiling in the entire conversation and finally promised to meet me. And after that incident we started meeting each other. And luckily just like her there was one more girl with her who was okay in having sex with me. These hot Indian girls were room mates and used to work from hostel room only. I mean both these used to work for same chat line and I have already invested a small fortune to get their pussies. The name of second girl was Khushi and she was also very horny when I talked her over the chat line numbers.

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On a fine day Khushi and Nandita both came to my flat. I had arranged for Ramu (my college friend) too. I explained him to tell these girls that he was also a regular caller but he used different names every time he called these Indian girls. When Nandita and Khushi came in my flat I did not believe my eyes. I thought that Khushi will also be an average looking girl like Nandita but I was wrong. Khushi was so pretty and she had really nice pair of boobs. Her ass was also very firm and nice round shaped. I could not wait to fuck her and smooch on her pink lips. Ramu was explained by me on how to proceed. I told him with our code sign to take Nandita away. Now it was only me and Kshushi in the room. We had agreed to pay both these Indian girls 1000 rupees each for fucking with us. As Nandita and Ramu went to the next room I took out 2 notes of 500 rupees and gave it to Khushi. She put those notes in her purse and started to undress. But I did not allow her opening up. Instead I reached to her and started kissing her heavily on her lips, neck and cheeks. She reached to my dick and pressed it. My dick had 1000 different feeling as this hot Indian girl touched it with her hands. I started opening up her shirt buttons and removed it. She was wearing a black bra with a little flower just between both the tits. I licked her cleavage and undid the bra.

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Happily Fucked Khushi’s Pussy

Now it was turn for her pant and the panties. She was wearing the cut panty just like most of the Indian girls. I slid my hand in her panty and rubbed her pussy. She was clean shaved as she normally said me on the chat line. I removed her panty with a jerk of the hand and she was so shy when I made her completely nude. She now started to open my clothes. And when my 8 inch monster dick came in the picture she just could not believe this. She started to stroke my dick with her hands and twist the dick head. I made her sleep on the bed with her legs wide open. My god what a sexy pussy was seen by opening her legs. I could not wait to touch it with my skin stick. I rolled a condom above it and started to touch her pussy with my cock.

Khushi took my dick in her hands and guided it to the hole. It was so hot and sticky in there. One jerk and I was all in. This girl was having a comparatively loose pussy hole which made the penetration painless and easy. I started to give her jerks with the swing of my waist. I kept on moving in and out of her sexy pussy and she kept on moaning and praising my fucking. A lot of aah aaah oh oh followed and I must have fucked Khushi for 10 minutes.

After that I could not control it anymore and all my cum came out in the condom itself. I rested for half a minute and then I took my dick out of her hot pussy. Before we dressed up; Nandita and Ramu also came out from the next room. There was a lot of satisfaction on the face of Ramu and both these Indian girls. Ramu had already paid Nandita her money for the fucking. Nandita and Khushi promised us to come on my flat at least once in 10 days. And we promised them to keep in touch via the chat lines. And that was the day when my biggest myth came to an end. And the myth was CHAT GIRLS DON’T COME TO FUCK YOU; THEY JUST FUCK YOU ON THE PHONE.

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