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Hi Friend’s take out your hands out from your pants, first let’s read a sexy Indian hot story of a Indian hot girl who likes to fuck and suck….read this story from the mouth of this Indian hot girl only from here…..My Indian hot boyfriend was giving me a hard time showing up late, so I was really pissed and I think I had enough of him so I accepted an invitation to hook up with a stranger in a bar since I was already dressed up expecting a nice time. I had my make up done and my shiny black hair is hanging loose down my back. I had on a purple dress that was made for dancing. Now for the shoes, I slipped on my high heeled sandals and smooth up my pantyhose.

I left a message on my boyfriend’s answering machine that I’ve had enough waiting and that I’m going out instead with someone else. Then I went online and left a message at “manhoe” to meet me at Fridays 9 sharp then set out for the night.

Friday’s is a smashing hangout especially on weekends. The live bands can really get the bar going. I love to dance and I haven’t been going out in weeks. I really thought this is my night and hope to be the best night ever. I smiled and walked up the door. Hello sexy, haven’t seen that sweet ass for weeks, the bouncer said as I handed him cash for cover charge. I chose a table just between the bar and the dance floor, anywhere accessible to dancing and drinking. I ordered a margarita and looked over at the men sitting and standing alone at the bar. I wanted to dance and if manhoe won’t show up, I will definitely dance with anyone who is available. My eyes have been on everyone when I saw him standing at the end of the bar. He was dressed in black Indian hot style, no coat which I find amusing; most of the men I know wore suits, either gray or black.

His description was pretty accurate. This Indian hot stud was over 6 feet tall with long brown hair just hanging over his collar. He had on tight black jeans and doc marten boots. His shirt was open at the top but only for comfort. He looks pretty confident and is really attractive, the kind that my boyfriend would be jealous about. I didn’t want him to catch me staring so I dropped my eyes and surveyed the dance floor instead. Some couple was fighting just beside my table when manhoe held his palm out and said, mistress, my table might be safer. I looked up and placed my hand in his and he pulled me up. His table was on the far side of the room, several booths where placed against the wall.

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The seating was darker and I felt a quiver of excitement race up and down my spine. I wondered what he was thinking at the moment. My shyness kicked in and I had no idea what to say. He placed his hand over mine and on the glass, smiled sweetly and said. “Don’t be shy; I won’t be doing what you don’t want to do”. I felt his knee bump mine and wondered if he had done it on purpose. We sat and looked longer on each other.

The band was already warming up and my body is as well because he looks so goddamn delicious and he’s already turning me on with his gaze. “You came here to dance?” he said as if we haven’t talked about that before.  “Yes” I said. “Then Indian hot dance is what we’ll do” replied. We stood up and walked together at the dance floor. The song wasn’t slow nor fast. He held me with some space that got me actually disappointed.

He was a good dancer though and we blended well. The band changed tempo and moved into a slow song. He held me closer and I looked into his eyes. I could feel the beating of his heart through the thin black cloth covering his chest. We danced slowly around the room and I could feel his thighs moving against mine, his hand was moving in small circles against the small of my back as we danced. The song ended and the band said that they were taking a break so we went back to our table. He excused himself to go to the rest room and when he was back he slid into the booth and sat so one of my knees was in between his.

It forced me to sit with my legs spread slight spread under the table. He had a devious smile on his face telling me that he had done it on purpose. I smiled back. I pushed my hair back off my neck; his eyes followed a small trickle of sweat as it ran down my neck, over my collarbone and disappeared beneath the neckline of my dress. I could see lust shining in his eyes. I could stop the involuntary shiver that snaked up my spine and the image popped into my mind of the two of us in bed. His knees shifted up against mine and slid further up the inside of my thighs. He watched my Indian hot face as his hand slid over my knee. He leaned forward and ran his hand up my leg as far as he could reach. One finger stroked my thigh as his foot nudges my feet apart. That slow stroking finger had my pulse racing and I completely lost my train of thought.

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I was getting wet wishing he could reach my panties soon. The band started playing again and I said I need to go to the rest room. I didn’t realize he followed me when I looked up and saw that he was at the door. I was shocked and all I could do was staring. He reached out, took my purse and dropped it at the counter. He licks his lips and I gave out a tiny moan. “We could get caught.” I said.  “Do you really care?” as he pulled me hard.

We finally looked to get the best Indian hot sexual pleasure which happened to us in a very nice way. I really remember that Indian hot act of us in a very special way.

No, I breathe as I encircled my arms on his neck and I pulled his Indian hot lips into mine. We were both greedy with lust. He jerked my head back as his tongue thrust into my open mouth. Our tongues rubbed and stroked against each other. I pulled my head back and we both gasp for breath.

I felt his lips on my neck and he was being rough, I like it a lot better and it’s hotter. He scraped his teeth down the sensitive flesh of my throat. I shivered as I felt his other hand moved down over my breast. My nipples were already hard and felt it pushing against my bra. Heat is pooling between my legs and I felt his erection against my lower stomach. I rubbed my hips harder against him. He turned me around and shoved me up against the door. I cupped and stroked the hard evidence of his arousal. He groaned and rocked his hips so my hand was rubbing against his cock. He bent down to lick my neck and I continued to stroke him.

His other hand slid down my side and began inching my dress up. His hand cupped my pussy over my hose and panties and ground the heel of his hand against me. He released my hair and used his free hand to tug at the pantyhose, I felt the material tear. His finger poked inside the hole he had made to search for the edge of my panties. “Spread your legs further” he said. The seeking finger was up under the lace of my panties and got inside. His finger ran down my slit and up to the hard little button that needed prime attention. He circled it and pinched lightly between his thumb and forefinger.

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I held his arms for support and could only moan as he rubbed and flicked my clit with his Indian hot fingers. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked? I was getting close and he just kept rubbing faster as he watched my face. “No! Oh god please don’t!” I begged as he nuzzled my neck again. “Are you going to cum?” as his teeth grazed one nipple. “Yes oh pleases yes!” I just wanted him to keep stroking, rubbing and licking me to orgasm! “Are you sure?” he said again.

Oh boy he was teasing me good. “Yeah please make me cum!” His hand moved faster and faster as I pushed my dripping pussy against him. The tension paramounted and then finally with one last flick of his finger I exploded against him. I was groaning with pleasure. He shoved two fingers deep inside me and I felt my Indian hot muscles squeezing as the spasm went on and on. I continued to ride as his movements slowed. When I was finally calm, he slipped his hand out and slowly licked his fingers which are coated with my juices. I could not turn my gaze away as he licks his fingers clean. “I knew you were this sweet babe.” he smiled and kissed me gently on the lips.

I can taste myself on his tongue. I had never tasted myself before. That got me wondering if all women taste like so I asked him. He laughed and I started laughing too. He put his arms around me and whispered “I’m Harry; you want a taste of me as well?” I smiled and pulled his zipper down instead….Friends hope you liked this Indian hot story, for  Indian hot stories, Indian hot videos, Indian hot photos and more desi fun keep on coming to SUCKSEX….best place for desi sex.

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