Injury Leads To Sex With Neighbor

Hello, I am Rahul, Now in Chennai. This is my story while I was in Bangalore, living alone I was resting at home after getting hurt in my knee and was advised rest.

I was really bored when a neighbor I’d been lusting after for months, comes to my rescue. Asha Aunty proved the best medicine of all.
It was around eight o’clock at night, and I had just sat on the sofa in the hall. I had taken a bath and eaten a light dinner in the kitchen and wearing my bathrobe. I sat down to watch TV before going to bed. As I reached for the remote, the doorbell rang and I called out, “Come in, it’s open.”

Since I was not expecting anyone, I was surprised to see Asha Aunty, the hot, voluopotus woman with black eyes and long black hair who lived on my floor and whose smile never failed to start my pulse racing and my cock rising. She was around 45 years and married to a businessman who was constantly traveling; their son was abroad for further studies.

“Hello Rahul,” she said. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. I saw you walking with a cane the other day, and I thought I’d stop by and see how you were doing.”

At my urging, Asha Aunty took a seat next to me on the sofa, and we started talking. My concentration kept wandering as I looked at my sexy neighbor. She had a firm, round ass, and breasts the size of Mangoes; she was a sight to behold. Asha Aunty always dressed provocatively in low cut blouses and sari well below the navel, and that night was no exception. The white blouse she had worn was almost transparent, and when the light hit her just right, I could make out her bra.

Without really realizing it, I lapsed into a state of self-pity, bemoaning my lousy luck as I told her about my knee and the problems I was having. Asha Aunty listened attentively, and when I was through said, “You’re going to be fine, Rahul. All you need is some cheering up.” She paused briefly, then smiled and said, “And I can help with that.”

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The next thing I knew she was sitting my lap and, taking my face in her hands, kissing me full on the lips. Pleasantly surprised, I brought my hands to her thighs, lightly caressing them over her sari… I started kissing her back, working my tongue into her mouth to entwine with hers. My robe had fallen open, and my cock—hard and erect—was sticking straight up

Asha Aunty gave a little laugh and got off me. Quickly, she took off her Sari, blouse bra, and panties and then climbed back into my lap, slowly lowering herself onto my stiff cock. She smiling with pleasure as she filled her pussy with my dick, and I cupped her heavenly ass cheeks in my hands. Her big black eyes looked into mine as she smiled and said, “Mmm… I kind of thought you’d have a big one. It feels really good inside me.”

I took hold of her breasts and brought them, one at a time, to my mouth. As I licked and sucked her nipples, Asha Aunty began moving on my cock. She fucked herself deliberately, lifting up off my cock and then settling back down on it almost in slow motion, seemingly resolved to draw out the pleasure for as long as possible. Up, down, up, down, until finally she settled onto my dick one last time and shuddered through an orgasm, her beautiful face twisted with pleasure.

When she calmed down she resumed riding my cock, this time at a little faster pace, her tits moving up and down in front of my face as I held tight to her creamy smooth ass cheeks. Soon she was coming again, her hands tightening on my shoulders as her pussy contracted around my cock, and she emitted a long moan of satisfaction. How I managed to hold myself in check I’ll never know.

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Asha Aunty got off my lap and knelt between my legs. Smiling up at me, she proceeded to lick my cock clean of her juices. That done, she put her full lips on my cockhead and, while gently squeezing my balls, took me deep into her silky mouth. Her nostrils flared wildly as my cock pushed into her throat. Reaching down between her legs, she began stroking her slick pussy lips and diddling her clit. Holding her head in my hands, I fucked her face quickly and deeply as her fingers danced over her sensitive button.

Asha Aunty came again, this time slipping two fingers inside herself and then bringing them up to my mouth so I could taste her essence. I marveled at how sweet it was. Like honey, I thought.
“I have to fuck you now,” I said. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Fuck my pussy first,” Asha Aunty said, having pulled her mouth off my cock. “And then my asshole. I love it when a guy busts open my ass. You okay with that?”

Okay? Here was this gorgeous woman naked and horny and asking me to fuck not only her pussy but her ass as well. I was much, much more than okay. I was dazed.

Asha Aunty knelt on the couch with her hands braced against the back cushions, and I took up a position right behind her, moving cautiously because of my bad knee. As her pussy was soaking wet and my cock stone hard, I wasted no time plunging deep inside her. Sheer willpower enabled me to keep from coming for a few minutes, but when Asha Aunty started working a finger in and out of her ass as I fucked her cunt with steady, even strokes, I almost lost it. Time to switch holes, I thought.

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Withdrawing from her drenched pussy, I placed the head of my cock at her ass hole and began pushing into her divine backside. Asha Aunty looked back at me, her face flushed with desire. “Give it to me, Rahul,” she demanded. “I want it all in my ass, baby.

And that’s what she got. When all six and a half inches of my hard cock was buried in her behind, I stood there looking down at her asshole stretched tight around me, savoring the delightful sight. The slight pain in my bad knee was nothing compared to the wonderful feel of Asha Aunty’s tight ass as I began fucking it. “Oh, do it, do it,” she pleaded. “Fuck my ass, baby. Harder, please.”

I hung in there for a while, but when Asha Aunty cried out that she was coming, I plunged into her fine ass one last time and sent my creamy semen rushing into her back passage. I couldn’t stop coming, or so it seemed, and when I finally pulled out of Asha Aunty’s bottom I was exhausted.

The pain in my bad knee returned with a vengeance, but that didn’t stop me from watching, my come began trickling out of my lovely neighbor’s well-stretched asshole.

Asha Aunty left soon after that, but not before promising to check up on me in a few days. I made my way into the bathroom with the aid of my cane, showered for the second time that night, then crawled into bed. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. The swelling in my knee was of secondary importance, made almost irrelevant by the swelling in my cock. And how nice to have a beautiful neighbor who had the cure for that.

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