Last Day With Saumya Aunty

Hello, guys, this is Jai.Storywriterxx2 is my new account.I am here to share the last experience of mine with Saumya aunty.To know more about Saumya aunty, read my previous sex story at (

Most parts of the written stories are true and happened to me in my tech life after I came to Chennai and this one is my last true experience with her.

No problem if you didn’t read the previous stories but just know that Saumya aunty is my friend’s mom and we had an explicit and unimaginable hot relation between us.

Saumya aunty had to shift to Dubai permanently to stay with her husband.This happened on October 6th, 2017, just one more day for her to leave.I felt like I will miss her.I called her and told her that I will miss her a lot and felt a bit bad. She is feeling the same which I came to know from her dull voice.

I went to her home to bid a goodbye to my friend Arvind and his mom Saumya aunty as there will be no time on the next day to meet them, they might be in a hurry.I went in and wished my friend an advance happy journey and asked him about where Saumya aunty was and he told me that she was bathing and I waited in the sofa while I helped him in packing things.

Saumya got ready and came out of her room.She wore a white silk saree, transparent, showing her navel and the blouse.She looked decent with a little amount of a cleavage show and the back was a bit revealing too.She let her hair loose and looked like a goddess with perfect curves and her heels made her ass push up a bit and gave a sexy gait and butts wobbled as she walked.

She was surprised to see me there, I asked her if she was going anywhere as she got ready and she said, “Yes Jai, some works and shopping to do” and asked Arvind to come with her.Arvind told that there is a lot of work and many things to pack so he asked me to take her out.”Ok” I said and went with aunty.

We were not talking anything but just exchanging interrupted looks till we got into the car.”Why are you like that Jai? “, she asked looking at my dull face.I said, “Nothing aunty, I am fine and told her that this is the last day that I can be with her and from later I will not be having anyone to do things like that with.”She smiled at me and said, “No Jai, don’t be sad, instead lets spend the last day happily.” and I accepted that she is right and drove to wherever places she asked me to take and she completed her shopping and its just 7 pm but I remember her saying, Arvind, that it would take a long time and will return back by 9-10 pm.

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I got into the car and she asked me to drive back to home.I was really disappointed. I thought she had plans for me too but there was still time. I didn’t drive her home.I drove the car into the lower floor of parking of the shopping mall and parked it in a corner.That place was for those who came to the movies and nobody will be coming till the movie finishes.I made sure there were no CCTV cameras there.She asked me why did I park the car again, didn’t utter a word and I leaned forward to kiss her but she moved back and stopped me. I calmed down and said,” you told let’s spend today happily, so this is my happiness.”She still stopped me and said, “Not here, someone will see.”

I didn’t listen to her, I just got down from the car, opened the door on her side and pulled her out.I grabbed her by the waist and opened the back door.I pushed her inside went in and locked the car.The car was an SUV and I had enough space.She immediately bounced back and sat properly and tried to stop me by pushing me away.I was not in any mood to listen to her.

She then calmed me slowly and hugged me and said,”Not now, Jai we will go home and do it or else we will do this tomorrow.I will not leave you and go without giving you what you need from me but for now please calm down.”

My face was close to her chest when she pleaded me not to do anything then and there.My face on her soft boobs and her hands around me made me calm down but on the other side I wanted that one last time fuck as soon as possible and said,” nobody will see us here, I made it sure and I want it now, I can’t wait anymore. There will be no time for us tomorrow, do as I say now or else” and gave a break as she seemed to be convinced and started kissing on her chest and came up slowly kissing all along her neck and cheeks to the lips.

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She was trying to speak something but I kept kissing her deeper and deeper.I kissed her like I can never have her again, yes I can not have her again in my life after that day, it was so passionate and with a full force of lust.Within no time, she locked her lips with mine instead of resisting.It became more interesting when she moved her tongue with mine.Slowly I made her lay back and kissing her without even taking a gap to breathe.Finally, I stopped kissing her and removed her pallu aside and started removing her blouse as she was heavily breathing.

I felt her panting and her raging heartbeat while I unhooked her blouse buttons.Her boobs were set free from that tight blouse and she is still panting which made them look so beautiful.Her nipples became hard it was so cool inside the car but hotter inside our bodies.I started kissing sucking and biting her nipples while she just enjoyed and left squeals of joy.I continued to do so and just kissed her all over her upper body and pinched her wherever I felt like.

I then started pulling her saree down from her waist to thighs and she said “No Jai, no fucking” but I was not in a position to listen, I pulled it down completely along with her sexy underwear.I was so hard and horny.I unzipped my pants and came close to her and stopped just to rub my cock on her pussy to which she moaned and I slowly drew back my cock and bent over to lick her pussy. She was so squishy and juicy down there.She squealed and giggled as I licked her pussy to the fullest and tongued it soo good all my hunger was getting satisfied with her sweet juices.

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I came back to kissing her and let her taste her own pussy and she caught hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy while I continued kissing her.It just slid inside slow and smooth. I started stroking her in missionary position in the back seat.It was soo good.She caught my butts and was pressing them as I was kissing and fucking her.I slowly increased the pace.Both of us are getting more and more excited.

She was moaning and grunting under her breath and there was a little tension that someone might see us but the horny and naughty side of us dominated it.I fucked her harder and faster as time passed.We fucked for half an hour like that in the car.

We can feel the end coming.She was trembling and shivering while I fucked her.The pace increased.The car shook and made squeaky noises.We were panting so heavily.I fucked faster and she finally came to hell.I immediately drew my cock out and jumped to reach her mouth and gave a single stroke to pull my foreskin back to release my load in her deep throat and a few drops fell on her lower lip which she licked later.She just sucked on my cock for the next few minutes till it was clean, I hugged and kissed her for a while and zipped my pants.

She fell in the back seat like that as I drove back to home and dressed back on the way.I told her a goodbye and kissed in the lift till we reached our floor.I wished her a happy journey for next day and left.The next day morning they left to Dubai forever and I am here missing her sometimes watching our videos which we took while we got intimate.

Feel free to mail me on [email protected] or message me on hangouts and share your opinions about the sex story.This is Jai and will come up with any true experiences if I have it in future.

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