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Despite hearing several sexual escapades from my classmates, I could not get the opportunity to lose my virginity yet. I have decided that if I lose virginity, it would not be something with a mutual consent and a traditional stuff, and at least I don’t want to lose my virginity to another non-virgin. I wanted to learn it from someone older and well-experienced, so I could beat my sexually active girlfriends in conversation.One night, he suggested we go to his place. I went with great anticipation. In his two-room flat, I sat on his single bed and drank red wine, the first one in ten minutes flat. I thought it would make me brave, hot and ready for what was to happen.

It didn’t stay too long; I barely noticed his hands on me as I vomited over. He carried me into the bathroom and put me down under the shower. I slept there at his flat, and woke up early in the morning, and decided to skip the alcohol next time. A week or so later, we met again at his flat. Of course, there was no wine. He placed a hand on my thigh, rubbed gently, and then slid his hand upwards, towards my cunt. He rubbed his hand across my pussy hair. I had kept my pussy hair just for fun. He stroked one finger along the crack of my cunt, and then slipped a finger inside me.Soon, I felt every muscle in my body tensed, and I came. He too, shot his hot sperm into me, and collapsed on top of me.

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