Losing Virginity With Girlfriend In Yelagiri

Hi, This is Vivek from Bangalore. I am a big fan of ISS and submitting my first story here. please forgive for any mistakes. Please let me know your feedback at [email protected] Any beautiful girls, women looking for some fun can contact me. 100% privacy will be maintained.

I am 25, 5.8, easy going guy working in a reputed mnc in Bengaluru. This incident happened last year with my then-girlfriend. She was my junior in college. her name is Sushma(Name changed for privacy). After my college i got placed in reputed MNCs and started working in Bengaluru. after a year she also got a job in Bengaluru and fortunately stayed close to my place. to introduce her she is 24,5.3 fair body with amazing figure of 36c-32-36.

we were bored of city decided to travel to some hill station for couple of days on vacation. We headed towards Yelagiri and we had already booked a room there for stay. when we reached there first we thought of having some rest and settled in our room. we had some romance before but nothing more than that. as soon as entering the room i hugged her tight and started kissing her on lips. It was after long time we got total privacy. we started smooching passionately. it continued for about 10 minutes. while kissing i had pushed her towards wall and started caressing her body.

Finally we broke the kiss came to bed. I started removing her top and she was hesitant initially but agreed later. I was pressing her 36c silky soft boobs and kissing her neck. This turned her on she moved my shirt held me tight. I was biting her boobs gently over her maroon color bra. She was looking like an angel. her fair body was shining.

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I removed her jeans while kissing her navel. Now she was in her bra and blue panty sitting in front of me.

I slid her panty down and started licking her cleanly shaved pussy. I put my tongue inside and was tasting her pussy. I removed my dress and got naked. She got scared looking at my tool which is 6.5 in size. she was reluctant in having sex thinking it would hurt her. I convinced her she agreed hesitantly.

I came on top her in the missionary position. She was already wet because of pussy licking. I took out a condom from my bag and wore it. Then I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. She started screaming in pain. Now in one thrust, i pushed my dick and there it was. Some blood started coming, I had broken her hymen. Trust me guys, it’s amazing when girl lets you break her virginity.

after a couple of strokes, she started enjoying and started moaning. She was telling Vivek, fuck me, baby, this is awesome. I was getting more turned on by her words started fucking her wildly. She had orgasmed couple of times already.

Now she stopped me and she wanted to come on top of me. I was lying on the bed and she came in cowgirl position. She positioned my dick to her pussy and started moving her hips. Her huge melons were bouncing freely. I told her I was about to come. I took the condom out. She laid down and I shot my cum over her boobs and face. She even took some drops inside her mouth and said it is tasty.

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She slept beside me hugging me tightly as was tired. she hugged me tightly, looking at my eyes told ‘I love you Vivek, you made me feel the pleasure of sex Thank you!’ we slept hugging each other tightly for some time.

We got up after sometime and ordered food at in-house restaurant. We had some time before our food arrived. I looked at her eyes and she looking at me with lustful look. she got up from bed and held my dick. Again my dick stood straight with her touch. She came close and kissed my dick. she started teasing me and took it inside her mouth completely. She started sucking it. It was difficult for her as it was her first time. I asked her to come and sit on my face. Now her pussy was near my mouth and we were in 69 position kissing and sucking each other. She gave an amazing blow job. And with my sucking she got another orgasm and i it tasted amazing as i still continued to suck her pussy.

I wanted to to fuck her ass now. But she was not ready to get fucked in her ass hole. So decided to have fun on the table available in the room and took out the condom from my bag again. she slept on the table keeping her legs wide open. It helped to enter her pussy easily. This time my dick entered easily as her pussy was dripping wet. I entered her in one go and she was screaming ‘Vivek, Mado.. nan Tullna Hardako in Kannada(Means, fuck me hard and tear my pussy)… Fuck me hard make me your bitch’. She was getting dirtier and it was turning me on more. I fucked her like that for 10 minutes. I was about to cum now shoot my load inside. though i was wearing condom told to take a pill next day to be on safer side. By that time our room bell rang as food had come. She went inside the washroom. I quickly wore my dress and collected the food. We ate and slept again hugging each other tightly.

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we had 3 more rounds of sex in next one day in different positions. I will narrate that in another story based on your feedback. Hope you like this experience of mine. Do send your feedback about my sex story at [email protected] . I will be waiting for your responses. Now she broke up with me and I am ready to please you beautiful ladies in Bengaluru feel free to contact me. 100% privacy will be maintained.

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