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Hello ISS users, I am a big fan of this website and I read different stories each and every day so thought of penning down my experience. Kindly ignore, if any mistakes were found in the writing. Let me tell something about myself, I am Priya Manisha (name changed) graduate from a reputed college from Bangalore. I do have a lot of self-respect and raised as an independent woman, because of this behavioral aspect I always aspire to do a job post completion of my graduation so that I could be the same independent women. Hunt for the job started pretty soon and on the other side, I used to follow ISS stories. Being a girl is not so easy, we have to control ourselves because of the restrictions and the sex stories turn me on when I go through some stories. So I thought of giving a try to experience the fun, by the way, I was a virgin at that time and I was very eager to experience the thrill.

The quest for a good boy started in the month of May 2017 and to my surprise, most of the guys didn’t reach the level that I was expecting for. I have gone through kinky guys, rough guys and lot more from different sources, but all of them were not up to the mark. I was looking for a guy with whom I can completely give myself, at the same time relation has to be maintained in a discreet way. Most of the guys were flirts and some of them were never trustworthy. Days and months have been passed away and finally, ISS website gave me the breakthrough in finding the perfect guy. I have gone through a story from ISS, which triggered my impulses and as a token of gratitude I have dropped an email to him with compliments.

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We kept on exchanging emails for more than one month and under that one-month scrutiny, I found that he was the guy that I am looking for. He gave me a lot of confidence to get the things going, he always reached to my expectations with security and the integrity as well. Best thing, that grabbed my attention is that he never asked for my pictures nor my number, and I too wanted it the same way. We both continued exchanging our thoughts on sex over the email and concluded that he is a trustworthy guy. On a beautiful Wednesday, I had invited him to my room. I do still remember the context where I am trying something new with a stranger and this irrational thinking gave chills down the spine. As per my instructions, he entered my room with lightning speed and closed the door in a blink.

I was wearing skin-tight leggings and t-shirt, he was in jeans and hoodie. We both were looking at each other for the first time, He was continuously gazing at my boobs and finally gave me the compliments about my sexy structure. I used to keep up hot blazing structure 36 30 37, and I do like the way how boys lustfully look at my boobs and ass on roads. We both sat on the couch and had a little discussion to ease the things, after some time he took the initiative and broke the ice. He grabbed my hair and pulled towards him and gave a smooch which I never forget in my whole life. He grabbed my hair firmly and kept another hand near my tummy, he pulled off a smoking hot smooch for 5 minutes and it was something like a filmy style which I liked the most since it is the first time for me. We both stood up and started doing another intense smooch, this time he lifted my thigh up with his hand and I grabbed him firmly with my hands. He started the foreplay slowly and started to lick my earlobes and with the help of his fingers he tickled my neck part and this made me mad.

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We both were in the mood and he kept both his hands inside my t-shirt, he unhooked my bra and took it out. He gave a kinky smile at me cause I am just wearing a t-shirt without a bra, which gave him a perfect glance of my erected and popped nipples. He took the charge and rammed onto my boobies and started to chew them and suck them over the t-shirt. I was out of control because of this foreplay and started to moan like aaaahhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhh uuuummmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmm. He was in charge and dropped his hands on my ass and started to grind them like hell, on top of it he started to lick my boobs directly this time. The room has been filled up with my moans of uuuussssss aahhhhmmmmmm mmmmhhhhhh and I was way out of control and unintentionally I left a love bite on his shoulder and he is expecting that. He gave a hug and lifted me up and suggested to wrap my legs around his tummy. We both started smooch passionately and he took me into the master bedroom. He dropped his jeans and his manhood was popping out to explore my mouth. He made me sit on my knees and took his cock out. Oh my god, it was so huge and thick and if I am not wrong it would be around 7.5 inches hard cock. He kept his cock on my face, started spanking on my face and it was damn hot. I do watch porn, so without wasting any time I took it into my mouth and the thick and hot cock filled my mouth completely. I was literally choking and yelling like uuuummmmm uuummmmmmm uuuuhhhhmmmm but enjoyed the stroking to the core. He gently gave the to and fro momentum while I was busy digging his cock deeper into my mouth.

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After few minutes he pulled it out and dropped me on the bed. This time he targeted my pussy and boobs, grabbed one of the boobs and started pressing it slowly and took another boob into his mouth. While doing this he started to rub his cock near my pussy, while the panty was still on. We both were on heat and I was completely turned on by him. He is taking me to heaven really slowly as per my expectations and suggestions. At that moment, I was completely satisfied and felt that “I found a secure and perfect guy to cling on with” to explore my sexual desires.

Hope you enjoyed it so far, will let you know the rest in the upcoming part. Let me know any suggestions about making the next part better to read. You can reach me at [email protected]

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