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Hi. This is a story of my relationship with my devar (brother in law). I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I am finally enjoying life to the fullest and not guilty of sharing it.

I have a very loving hubby and a beautiful daughter. We have been married for about seven years now and my hubby is what I dreamt of. But while we love each other deeply, I always felt a void when it came to our sex life. He is a very soft and tender man – almost feminine. He is very caring and loving husband and father to my daughter, but not very manly when it comes to matters of sex. We had a very infrequent sex life and when it happened, it ended very quickly. Initially, I accepted it and once we had our daughter, life seemed perfect and sex was not that often. It did not help that he spent almost half the year traveling in India or abroad.

But something happened last year on Holi. One of his cousins – who is about 10 years younger to me visited us on holi. My hubby was away and only I was at home with my daughter my parents-in-law. His cousin is his chacha’s son. He was a school going kid when we had got married, but now he was a 21 years old tall handsome man. He was about 6’2″ and very handsome and sexy body structure – like a model, and rather manly. Somewhere he evoked naughty desires in me. A bit about me, I am 31 years old, 5’5″, slim. My hubby is 36 yrs old, 5’6″, slim. So seeing my devar in comparison was quite a different experience.

On the morning of the Holi, my in-laws decided to pay a visit to my father-in-law’s in-laws. So that meant it was me, my daughter and my devar at home. I was in a good mood and started teasing him about his girlfriend etc. and complimenting his looks. My daughter was busy playing holi in the backyard with plants. I cooked breakfast and was in my nighty. We are quite informal with each other as I have seen him grow from around the age of 14 years to now 21 years old man. After we had breakfast, I took some gulal in my hand without telling him and then came from behind him and applied color to his face. He got surprised, but then he did what was expected and of course I wanted. He also got up and took some gulal, but as I tried to run, he grabbed me from behind and applied color on my face.

As I tried to pull away, he held me even tightly with his strong arms and continued to apply color on my face. Since I was moving a lot, I could feel his penis near my ass and one of his hands around my waist very close to my breasts. Such excitement. I was aroused. Naughty me. He then let me go.

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Not satisfied and wanting to play more, I ran back to the kitchen again and this time took out a water pistol, spraying him with water. He tried to protect his eyes and face while also walking towards me and trying to grab me. We were now in the kitchen. After trying to splash some color on me with his hands by throwing color from the bucket, he lifted the entire bucket and threw the color on me. I was cornered, so could not escape and got all wet. He was laughing, and so was I. There was no colored water left now, so I tried to grab some gulal again from the shelf. But he was now alert and before I could get any, he grabbed my arm and then turned me around and started applying gulal on my already wet face and hair and arms. I was feeling helpless in his strong arms and feeling very aroused – so after some initial struggle, I let him have his way. I also felt that he was also getting aroused as I could feel his erecting whenever I got pulled closer to him, but I pretended not to not

We stopped for a while and looked at each other. We were both looking like a colored monkey. I told him that some color has gone in my eyes. I splashed some water from the kitchen tap and now my eyes were feeling better. He had a victorious smile on his face. I slapped him lightly on his face saying that he has become such a strong man that his bhabhi can’t apply color to him. He then sweetly obliged saying – “lo bhabhi, aap laga lo”, giving me the gulal tray. Saying that he pulled a stool and sat on it so that I can easily reach his face. I caressed his face with affection and applied some gulal… Something came over me and I bent forward and missed his forehead and caressed his hair. And then I kissed his cheeks.

All this while, I was still in my nighty and with all the water color-drenched, it was sticking to my skin – and I am sure he noticed. I told him jokingly that now he has grown so big that I should be in his lap rather than him in mine. He responded, so aap aa jao bhabhi. I laughed but felt good about the idea. I said, “hat badmaash, wo to teri girl friend ke liye hain” (naughty, that is for your girlfriend). He then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him saying, “bhabhi, to aap meri girl friend ban jao” (bhabhi, u can be my girlfriend). He pulled me towards him and I almost fell over him. But being a strong man, he was able to balance me and I was now leaning against his chest.

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I then pulled myself away and saying that I need to clean up, left the kitchen and went to the bathroom. I had a nice, long shower and I fingered myself to orgasm thinking of him and imagining him in all naughty ways. My daughter was also all exhausted by then and after having lunch, she went to sleep. My devar was still in his holi colors. I told him also to bathe. He went to the bathroom, but I realized that I had left my under garments in the bathroom itself, so I also went after him. He had not yet closed the door and I saw that he was holding my bra in his hands and as he was about to kiss it perhaps, he noticed that I am also there. He quickly put it back saying that I have left my clothes in there. I took out my clothes, but also noticed that he was trying to hide his huge erection now. Poor guy I thought.

After he also took shower, we were together again. I was wearing a salwar kameez and he was wearing tshirt and shorts. He started complimenting me which I felt was a bit unusual because he did not talk to me like that. But since I was feeling aroused, I also playfully got along and responded to his compliments. We kept touching each other’s hands and arms. At that point, we both knew that what were doing and both were aroused. But I knew that I needed to take the lead.

I went upto him and held his head in my hands and kissed his forehead and burried his face in my bosom. He also hugged me tightly and pulled me closer. I knew it then what will happen next. I pushed my breasts forward and started to breathe heavily. I was standing at this point and he was sitting in his chair. I lowered myself down placing my body on his lap. And thank god he responded. He no longer tried to hide his erection and I could now feel it near my ass. As a final hint, I let my hand touch his erection and remain there for a couple of seconds. He then adjusted himself and hugged me closer. He started kissing my neck and I started to breathe heavily and kiss him back.

Our lips locked. I was surprised that he was a good kisser. I later came to know that I was not his first one, so that explains why he was good. I removed my dupatta and he now had access to all of my neck and upper breasts. He was kissing deeper and deeper into my cleavage and touching my nipples. After some kissing and foreplay, we got up and he lifted me in his arms as we headed to my bedroom. This was the first time a man had lifted me in his arms. I felt like a tiny flower being lifted by an elephant. He was much stronger than I had ever experienced a man to be. We got into my bedroom and removed our clothes. I was in shock looking at his penis. It was at least twice the size of my hubby. I wanted it there and then. He saw my expression and asked if I wanted it. I nodded and smiled.

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I was also worried that my daughter might wake up, so I was eager to have it quickly. He closed the door and came back to bed. He pushed me down and I was now lying on my back with my legs spread. He climbed on the bed and immediately inserted his 9″ rod inside me. For the first time in my wife, I felt filled in completely. A real man was inside me and going to fuck me. I wished he has good stamina – or at least better than my hubby. And that he had. For next 10-12 minutes, he continued to fuck me. Never ever had I been fucked for so long. As he pumped me, I started rubbing myself as well with one hand. He then released it inside me and I felt the strong throbbing of his load inside my pussy. He then tried to pull out, but I wrapped my arms around him and asked him to stay inside. He then lay on top of me. He felt so much heavier, but I loved a young, hard, manly body on top of me and his smell.

I then realized that my daughter is in the next room and did not want to risk her waking up, so I asked him to get dressed and open the room. He did so promptly and we were both outside of my room within a couple of minutes. Thankfully, my daughter was still asleep. I smiled at him and he also seemed pretty pleased. Since then, we have done it a few times, and I am loving every moment of it. His sister got married recently being the eldest bhabhi in the family, I stayed with his family for an extra couple of days while my hubby returned from the wedding sooner. I was staying in a hotel and he took excellent care of me. We had sex several times a day for those two days and I returned from the wedding a very happy and satisfied woman. Happy to finally have a real man in my life.

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