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Mallu girls belong to southern part of India and they are chubby chic. Mallu girls are whitish in color and they are little plump from their tummy and Thais. Their belly is perfectly round and it acts as a hole and they love to feel the touch of dick at belly. They have lots of hairs near pussy area and they love to keep it as it is. Even, men love mallu girls with hairs only. They have very smooth body and they have lots of meat on their parts due to which men loves to play fetish, biting, rubbing hard with them.

Mallu girls are all time favorite of film makers, media people and people from outside India. They are many south Indian females in Bollywood, who either enjoyed or enjoying successful career. Advertisement industry people love to promote product after showing their beautiful and inviting body. Mallu females are brave and they never hesitate if ones they decided. People who are sex addict and love to taste all cast and race, they love to come to India and have sex with mallu girls.

Mallu girls are generally housewife by professional and they love to seek outside for sex as they have huge sexual desire. If their partners are not able to satisfy them in bed, they never stop behind and go ahead for outside love and sexual desire. Guys, I believe who has sex will mallu; he is very lucky.

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