Mallu-NRI Mom Gets What She Deserves

This is a true indian sex story. Will update only next may/June because I’ll meet her that time only.

My family is 5, dad, mom , elder brother ,me and younger sister. We were originally from UAE, then we got debts and dad had to leave UAE. Only my mom and sister reside there.

Telling about my mom she’s really fair, medium thigh and ass, medium navel too.
Her boobs 36c with great texture and brown nipples. She’s short so overall a great milf package.

I and my brother are doing college in India, I only get to go there on vacations. Had feelings for my mom ever since I started watching porn. I watched her sleep, bath and even work in the kitchen. She’s an innocent, sweet woman. But my dad doesn’t always give her the love she deserves.

When my dad had to leave that country, he had left a lot of debts behind. The bank wanted to get it back so they gave a fake case against my mother in order to get the money. My mother was in really bad shape and she wanted help. I used to call her and console her.

My vacations arrived soon and I traveled to meet her, I hugged her upon reaching home. I never hugged her before , but it was because I wanted to feel her boobs.

We had lunch and all. Next day she took me with her to the hospital, she had some infection on her skin so I also accompanied her.

The doctor said to apply oil all over the body, but the oil should be applied by someone else because it’s very corrosive and stains by it will never come off. She should have the oil on her for 1 hour and it should be applied after evening.

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So we reached home and then we knew my sister had tuition after evening and only I was left. So I volunteered to apply for her.
I put on the TV as she could watch it while I apply it to her. She came in a towel draped over her, she removed the towel revealing only her bra and panty.

I was turned on, as usual, I also got into underwear as the oil should not touch any dress. I started applying in on her , each time I touched her my dick arose like a tower. Her luscious body and my oily hands glided over.

She was giggling as my hands went over her navel and all, it was almost like I was fucking her. She saw the infection was more in her private parts and thank god. Because now I could see them revealed.
She hesitantly removed her bra and panty, now my dick was ready to fuck her.

I put oil on her boobies and made sure I enjoyed every second of it, oh god it felt great, mom’s boobs are the best and most underrated things in the world. She was smiling naughtily, I said to her it’s okay.

I then patted over her unshaved vagina and it was over. She then looked sad and I asked what’s wrong.

She said she’s going through a lot nowadays and its hard, I consoled her by saying I’m always there for her. And she will get the love she deserves from me and not from dad. She smiled, I knew it was my moment. I went in for a kiss and smooched her. It lasted for 3 seconds and she looked dazzled.

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I removed my underwear revealing my dick, she said what are you doing. I told I wanted to apply oil on myself too in case I get it. She stared at my huge dick (20x5cm) .

I then went towards her pussy and started licking it, she moaned ahhhh heavily at first then started telling stop what are you doing ahhhh,then she stopped after 30 seconds and her thighs held my face tightly between it. After 5 minutes I stopped and looked up, she looked pleasured and her hands were crossed over her breasts. I went in for a kind kiss and she was hugging me.she looked up at me and I said, I will give you the pleasure and happiness you deserve.
She said but you’re my son, I told her your life isn’t for wasting, you need some pleasure too. I kissed her again on her forehead.

I took my dick between her oily thighs and just touching her pussy lips, I rammed it in and out and she was in a world of pleasure, after five minutes I cummed, most of it went to her ass cheeks and thighs. We kissed and held together tightly.

Next day I woke up and saw her in kitchen , my sister was asleep and I went and hugged her from behind, she was surprised and I kissed her. She looked happy and blushed.

That day we got a call from the police station saying they found that the bank gave us a false case and we will get a huge amount as damages from the bank.
My mom and I were really happy, by around that time my sister went to tuition, and I looked the main door.

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I held my mom’s hand and took her to the bedroom , I hugged and we started kissing. I told her to let’s celebrate this moment, she was scared, I told her no one will know this and then we will be fine. I removed her salwar top and went to her boobs, she just stood there helpless, and in full pleasure.

We both undressed and I laid her on the bed, took both her cute thighs on my shoulder and slowly inserted my cock into her vagina. It was juicy and kinda tight as my dad didn’t please her enough. As my dick went in and out she let out moans and her boobs bounced around. I was so horny and went kept fucking lusciously.

Believe it or not, we even talked during the sex and kissed and flirted. She was really happy, I took out my dick and cummed on her navel.

We both laid there for a while and was cuddling.

I left UAE and in India now, my vacation is over. I plan to continue this relationship as we both are happy.

Please comment on what to do next, love to hear your thoughts

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