Marrying My Nephew Prakash – Part 3

I prepared delicious lunch for all of us and served them. My nephew was constantly staring at me when I was walking in the house. He seemed to be more excited. As and when I was serving all with food, my pallu used to slide on either side giving a glimpse of my big boobs. I could see my nephew licking his lips. I was feeling nervous and excitement by looking at him. He roamed around my house freely after the lunch.

He asked my husband for my snaps to show his friends and relatives. My husband asked him to go to room and pick the photos in my album. I was having lunch with my children then in the dining hall and heard what my husband said. I stopped and asked my nephew not to go my room as there are some private photos of me. I told him that I would give later but my children and husband gave him green signal and told me that he would be my future husband and he can see any photo of me.

I became more nervous. There were some photos where I was wearing night dress. Some photos in my bath towel. I was scared and wondering how he would feel by looking at my photos. He went to my room and didn’t come out for 15 mins. I quickly finished my lunch and went to see what he was doing. I was shocked to see that he was smelling my inner wears. I shouted at him by seeing that. He apologized me and begged me not to tell anyone. I was laughing inside by his naughty acts. I told him to behave properly. I saw my album and realized that he had taken my private photos. I asked him to give back but he begged me to allow him to take those snaps. I said that when he can have me as his wife, what was the need of those snaps. He said that he would keep till marriage. Finally I gave permission. He went out of my room feeling shy.

Few purohits came in the evening. They gave 2 Auspicious dates for our marriage. One was in the same month and another one was after 2 months. Purohits asked us to choose one date. I chose the one after 2 months but my nephew chose the one in the same month. Then my husband and his mom and dad discussed and chose the date in the same month. That gave us only 20 days for preparation. I said I need Time. But my husband convinced me telling that it’s better I get married in the same month as he would not stay with us for 2 months. He said that it’s his wish to see my marriage before he leaves. I said Ok after thinking for some time.

Then purohits gave date and timings for muhurtham for marriage.

I saw their family and my husband and relatives whispering and discussing something. Then they all asked purohits to fix a date for the first night. After hearing that, I raised my voice telling that I’ve already 2 children and what was the need for the first night. Then they all started explaining that the boy also has physical needs and he is very much interested in having his own children. I didn’t know what to say. His mom came forward and started explaining that the boy is still 27 and I was lucky to get him as husband. She said that it was my duty to satisfy all his sexual needs and give birth to his kids. I was blushing hearing those words. She said that I might have 10-12 years of fertility left and requested me to conceive soon so that she becomes grand mother to her son’s kids. I finally gave consent. Then purohits gave the date for our first night. It was just 2 days after marriage. I was feeling that everything is happening quickly. I started to accept things and prepare myself.

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Their family left next day as they had to prepare themselves for marriage. My cousin took my personal mobile no from my husband and started texting me. I was feeling excited by seeing naughty messages. Though he was highly qualified and professional, he was a child at heart. One day, he called me and said that he was still virgin and he hadn’t seen any woman naked. I was surprised to hear that and felt very happy and lucky to get him as my husband. I asked him what he would do after I grow old. He said that he’s is true love and not just lust. He said he would live with me forever However old I grow. I felt happy hearing that from him. I assured him that I shall be a good wife to him.

Then finally marriage day came. It was arranged in our house. We called few ppl to witness and wish us. He held my hand for the first time during the ceremony and I melted in his touch. He tied the sacred knot and we both were new husband and wife. We stood for reception. Photographer asked us to pose for few close photographs. I was feeling shy but my relatives and kids advised me to accept the situation and pose. My nephew was also feeling shy to hug me for the photograph. His mom advised him to start making the move. Then he took the courage and hugged me tightly for the photograph. I felt electric current in my body. He dick had grown hard and was touching me. I cooperated with shyness for all the photographs. Many of our relatives came and posed for photographs. Some of my friends wished me and told that I was very lucky to get a dark and handsome boy as my husband and asked me to start a new life and enjoy life to the fullest. After the marriage ceremony, all of us went to temple to seek the blessings of God. Next day was our first night. I was feeling nervous and excited. I took fresh bath in the evening.

My room was decorated with flowers, fruits and sweets. My nephew, that is my husband was ready and waiting in my room. His mom and our relatives helped me to get ready. I chose red saree with tight blouse so that my curves were visible. My blouse was bit deep in front and back. My cleavage was visible and my back was almost fully exposed. His mom gave me a glass of milk and guided me to my room. Everybody came near room and wished me. My husband and children wished me and asked me to get a new baby by next year. I blushed and went inside. I locked the door and went near him. I gave him the glass of milk and bent to touch his feet to seek my husband’s blessings. He took me up and made me sit beside him. He said that am elder to him and it’s not required to touch his feet. I said that it was my duty as wife.

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Me: Prakash. Sorry.. hubby, you are looking good.
Nephew: oh, you already started addressing me as hubby. Thank you, aunty. Sorry.. Thank you sumithra
Me: drink the milk hubby..
Nephew: you sip it and give me.

I sipped it and gave him. He drank it. While he was drinking, I slid my pallu down so that he gets turned on.
Nephew: sumithra, you are looking hot and sexy.
Me: thank you, dear.

Nephew : what’s your boobs size
Me : 38
Nephew : Wowww! That’s awesome.. Am very lucky
I started blushing.. He slowly came near me and kissed on my cheeks.. He held my hand pressed hard. I started moaning.. He soon kissed my lips and started Smooching me. I returned my kisses and soon started enjoying it. I was missing these things for all these years. Suddenly I was aroused and tempted. We both had our lips locked and smoothed for almost 30 mins. He then started kissing me all over my face. He gave some bites on my cheeks. He then turned his attention towards my boobs.

He held my boobs and started caressing it. I was moaning harder. He started pressing my boobs harder.. He then removed my blouse. I was shying and ran away from him. He removed his shirt and came running towards me. He removed my bra and soon started Sucking my boobs and nipples. I started feeling his body. He was top less.. He had nice chest. I asked him to stop for sometime. He asked me why. I said that I was missing these things for many years and thanked him very much. I started kissing his chest. I started licking his body. I soon removed his trousers and underwear. His cock was very big and had become harder. I took his penis and started kissing it madly. Then i started licking it.

After sometime I started Sucking his cock. I was surprised to see that he was still holding his cock in erected state without ejaculating. Then he removed my saree and underwear. I stood naked in front of him. He started kissing my thighs and butts. He started biting my butts. I started moaning louder. He then put his finger inside me. I moaned louder and louder. He finally inserted his penis inside me and fucked me for long time. After sometime we both fell asleep.

Next day morning I got up first and recalled what happened previous night. I blushed myself and went to take bath. I couldn’t believe that my own nephew had fucked me the previous night. I took bath and went to kitchen without speaking to him. He got up and took bath.. He came to dining hall for breakfast. I was feeling shy to face my new hubby. Everyone else came to dining hall.. I served them all and sat with them for breakfast. My nephew was constantly starring at me. After few minutes of silence, my new mother in law asked me how was the night in front of all. I felt shy and couldn’t answer her.

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Then my ex-husband said that that me and my nephew enjoyed very much as there were sounds heard from our room. I felt shocked and embarrassed in front of all. Then my ex-husband asked my nephew that is my new husband about our first night. He said that it was very good and that night was the best night of his life. He also said that I tasted great for him. I was blushing too much in front of all and I was also feeling uncomfortable. My nephew that is my new husband made a request to all elders to extend the first night fore 2 nights.. I was shocked to hear that. All elders happily agreed and asked my consent. I couldn’t talk in front of all but just nodded my head giving my approval. I was happy and excited to spend 2 more nights with my young and new husband. Then my ex-husband said that the honeymoon is arranged in Shimla and he said that the package is for 7 nights and 8 days.. My nephew thanked him a lot for the honeymoon package.. I also felt very happy but couldn’t express.. My ex-husband was supposed to leave the same evening. I thanked him for everything and all of us sent him happily..

My children and my nephew’s parents arranged and decorated my room and bed for the second night with my nephew. I took bath and was getting ready but my mother in law gave me one night dress to wear for that night. It was bit transparent and up to knee. I tried that and I was looking very sexy in that attire. My mother in law gave me hot milk and guided me to the room. My new husband was eagerly waiting for me. After I entered, he quickly closed the door and pounced on me like a hungry tiger. This time I was comfortable and cooperated with him from the beginning and we both explored our bodies whole night. He fucked me again and we both slept naked hugging each other for rest of the night.

He fucked me again for the third night and we both were sent to honeymoon a few days later. And there we both enjoyed to the maximum. The weather was good and we both were almost confined to our bedroom for the most part of the time. He fucked me every day. I was surprised but happy with his sexual energy. I enjoyed to the fullest. I got back what I was missing for last 15 years and that too with good interest. He fucked me regularly for 5-6 months and as per doctor’s advice, he stopped having sex with me in 7th month onwards as I was carrying his child. After exactly 10 months of our marriage, I gave birth to twin boys.

My new kids are now more than a year old. My nephew and I are planning for the second honeymoon shortly. Am extremely delighted, happy and grateful for all the things. God has blessed me with all the happiness, wealth and health.

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