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Hello, I’m Atom, 21 years from Bangalore. I would like to share my first experience with my neighbor. My Neighbor aunty name is Sarala, 32 years old, with a nice pair of boobs. I always stare at her boobs when she is in nighty especially. This is my real sex story.

Coming to the sex story.
I was alone in my home most of the times. One fine day, I didn’t have college and was feeling bored and lonely. It was around 11 and I heard some sounds. It was my neighbor, Sarala aunty, she went to the terrace with a bucket for drying her wet clothes. After 2-3 minutes, I also went there. She was in her blue nighty and while she was bending it gave a clear scene of her cleavage. I acted like I was chit-chatting in mobile but I was staring at her cleavages. She noticed me that I was watching her and gave me a cunning look and a wicked smile.

The conversation was like this.

Aunty: had your breakfast??
Me: yes! Aunty
Aunty: didn’t have any work??
Me: No aunty, just felt bored, so I came here for some fresh air and relaxation.
Aunty: I know why you came here.

I was tensed and I don’t know whether she noticed me or not. I said bye to her and went home. Before I leave, she gave a cute smile to me.

After 15 minutes, I heard her shouting. I went there. Sarala aunty slipped on the floor. I lifted her up and helped her to walk to her home. While I was holding Aunty’s arm, sometimes I touched her boobs. I reached her bedroom by holding her hand and placed her on the bed. She was feeling so much pain near her ankle and lower legs.

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Me: Aunty, I think you need some massage to feel relief.
Aunty: ya, I think so.
Me: can I give you a massage??
Aunty: yes, please.
Me: where is a balm or some oil??
Aunty: balm is on that table

I took the balm & asked her.

Me: where is the pain??
Aunty was showing her lower leg and said, “here”. I applied balm & gave a gentle smooth massage. Aunty felt so relaxed.

Aunty: feeling some relief now.
Aunty: can you massage my both legs, fully.
Me: sure aunty.

I lifted her nighty till her lower waist and gave her a massage. She felt so horny.

Aunty: can you give me a whole body massage, please??
Me: sure aunty
Aunty: please give me a dry massage.
Me: Aunty what about your nighty.
Aunty: Remove whatever you want.

I lifted her nighty and removed it. Then, I threw that away. She was lying on her stomach, I massaged her back, butt and waist. She was feeling so horny and gave moaning sounds. I released her knot of the lower skirt and removed. She was in her black bra and black panty. Wow! what a structure and she looked like a model. She became so horny and whispered in my ears.

Aunty: I know you are watching me for so many days, I also like you so much.

I felt excited by this word.

Me: I love you, aunty, I masturbated so many times dreaming about you.
Aunty: oh my dear, today, I’m all yours, do whatever you want, fulfill your dreams.

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I touched her lips. It was like rose petals and I gave a long lip lock for around 10 minutes. It was a big smooch. While kissing, I removed my T-shirt. After a long kiss, I held her breast in my hand. It was big and felt so soft. I unhooked her bra. Her boobs were swinging out and it looked like little watermelons. I squeezed her nipples. She moaned like Ah.

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I bite it and played with it. I removed her panty and threw it away. She was completely nude in front of me. She covered her face due to shy. I held her both hands and gave a kiss. She had a clean shaved pussy. I fingered her pussy. She gave sounds like uh. She removed my lower clothes and held my cock in her hand. She kept my cock in her mouth and gave a good blowjob. I felt like I was cumming and went to the toilet and released my load.

Aunty: are you ready for the war??
Me: ya my dear, I will bang you out.
Aunty: come, make me your slut.

I gave her a smooch. She widened her legs and was welcoming my penis into her hole. But I rubbed her with my penis and was teasing her. She begged me like,

Aunty: Don’t tease me, please insert your cock and make me full.
Me: just kidding dear.
Aunty: you idiot, we are under the process of producing kids. You must be joking.

I inserted my tool into her hole. After 2-3 strokes, I felt fully in her hole. First, we tried missionary position. Next, she rode on me. I felt I was about to cum.

Me: I’m cumming.
Aunty: please, release in my pussy.

I released all the loads. We both were so tired. We laid on the bed and hugged each other. We kissed each other. Made some oral sex.

Me: Really, I love you dear, my dream is fulfilled today.
Aunty: Actually you are my real husband, you fulfilled my sexual desires.
Me: oh, really? my dear wife.
Aunty: yes! My dear hubby.
Me: will you promise me??
Aunty: what??
Me: whenever I want, you must be available for me.
Aunty: oh! From today, this property is yours. You can enjoy this property whenever you want.
Me: OK my dear wife. Can we play another game?
Aunty: ya sure.

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This time, I tried the doggy style. The room was covered with full of sounds like “tup tup” and she was screaming heavily. We slept for sometimes. We took bath together. The Little session happened in the bathroom too.

I was ready for leave. She told me to wait for sometimes. She brought some juice and sat on my lap feeding her juice to me. She also fed some fruits. I kept fruit in her mouth and bit it from there. Finally, I left her at her home after a long smooch.

After this, we had so many sex sessions. When she came to the terrace for drying the clothes, I also went there. She called me her hubby. We always have some foreplays and smooches whenever she comes to the terrace or whenever she comes to my home whenever I was alone.

Thank you for reading my sex story.

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