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Hi my name is Veronica, working as beauty consultant. Like many other ladies I also carry a deep passion for sex. I had enough experience with males and females. But this is a story, when I fell in love with a young lad of 19 yrs when I was 32 years old. At that age I was working as a beautician in a famous company of beauty products.

I met this young guy at a coffee house and he was working as the customer support executive in that café. He was very handsome and charming and carried a shy face all the time. First time when I met him, he came to take the order and the way he was talking to me snatched my attention. I don’t know why I thought about falling in love with him. May be because I was ditched by my boyfriend and take revenge upon him.

I try to open up conversation with him, but he so polite and was answering all questions like school boy answering to the teacher. That added my likeness to him. After that day I went to the café everyday with the aim in mind to seduce him. It took long days to make him close to me. I took his mobile number and started calling at odd times. He was very shy to talk about sex and once he confessed that he never had the chance to enjoy sex with a lady or girl. He was even not masturbating. That was a shock to me, but I tried to persuade him.

Later he got addicted to me, and when I asked him openly whether he would be interested in having sex with me, he was shocked to hear that and he didn’t say anything about it. But I was determined to hook this guy and make him do whatever I wanted to do with him. After so much of pressure he admitted to visit my apartment where I was staying. I invited him to my room and made him relax on the sofa. I served him wine and sat close to him. When I was about to touch his body he tried to move away from me and I was laughing.

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After talking for some time I dragged him close to me and he was so shy to touch my body. I took his face in my hands and sucked his lips and he started shivering and I was much interested to watch him shivering. I touched his dick and pulled my hand away. Then I forcefully touched his cock and pushed my hands inside his pants. He had a strong dick and it was half erect and masturbated it and it got fully erect. When I bent towards his dick to suck it he jumped out of the sofa and tried to move away.

I grabbed him by his t-shirt and pushed him to the sofa and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. He was trebling with bliss and shock. I licked and rolled my tongue over his dick. He made pumping movements with his abdomen and he was about to cum. I pumped his dick with my hands and he was pressing my boobs harder and he exploded with a cheeky noise. I laughed and watched his shy face. I told him now you will satisfy me. I removed my skirt and panties and pressed his face on my pussy lips; he rejected first but slowly licked it for me. Even though he was an armature in doing that, I was enjoying the way he did it. I asked him to finger my pussy while licking it. He did the same way I told him and that made me climaxed. I made him a master in fucking from the very next intercourse and I wondered where his bashfulness had vanished.

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