Mom Finding Her True Love Part 1

This is john from Kerala and this is a real incident happened in my life.let I introduce myself. I am a software engineer and this story happened during my school family consists of me , my dad and mom. Dad’s name is Philip and he is a supervisor in Saudi Arabia and he visits us once in 2 mom’s name is Julie and she is a nurse. She was also in Saudi but came back when I was in 6th mom is a very active lady and she normally wears saree in public and nighty at home.

Her figure is 36-34-36. She is of medium complexion. I am the only child of my parents. When this story happens I was in the 8th standard and my mom was 36 years old and my uncle 40. Now let me introduce the hero to u. The reason I said the hero because of the fact that he is actually a hero for me. He is my uncle, his name is Mathew. To be precise he is the husband of my dad’s sister. He is a farmer by profession and due to that reason, he is having a strong body. But he is a lean type of guy. And partially bald.but he has a height of more than 6 ft and 2 inch.he always had great care for me and bought me lots of stuff each time he visited us. We were in the city and he lived in the village 30 km away from our home. My mom called him bhaiya. He is very loving guy. And he is considered as a role model in the family.

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As I said my mom is a nurse and due to that reason my family members and neighbors used to ask for her she used to get lots of calls. And my aunt also considered her as her own sister.
The starting of these incidents took place during the summer vacation of my 7th standard. I was at home watching tv and it was so hot outside. Then my mom came and told me that we have to attend a marriage in the near by district on day after tomorrow. And i straight away told her a big no because i don’t like to travel very much. Then she told me that uncle will also be accompanying us then i was so happy because it was a long time since i have seen him. And the day finally approached. We were ready at 6 am and uncle came at 7 am. Then we had our breakfast and we took a bus from bus station. We took a seat where 3 people can sit. I took the window seat and beside me uncle and then mom. But after some time an old lady came and asked for a seat to sit,so that i sat on uncle’s lap and mom beside him.they were sitting very close and mom was talking to that old lady and uncle was asking about my studies to me. Thighs of mom and uncle were rubbing each other and i felt the hardon on uncle because i was on his lap.My mom was wearing a semi-transparent saree so if someone looked deep into her cleavage they can get a good view. And i also noted a man standing near our seat was feasting at her boobs.

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After 2 hours of journey we reached the venue and during the time of ceremony many guys were looking at mom and my uncle and mom were separated , because both of them were busy with other family members. After spending around 3 -4 hours there we decided to go back home. Then i told mom that we can walk through the paddy field near the venue because it was so beautiful to see and mom didn’t agree at first then i told uncle and he convinced mom. We decided to take a small walk through the fields and we walked through a narrow way made by clay through the field. I was walking in front and behind me was uncle. He was holding my hands and at some point I slipped and while trying to catch me uncle fall down. But he was ok and mom told its enough and we went to catch the bus but the bus came so late and we reached home around 6 pm and i told uncle to stay in our house for that day and after great effort from me ,he finally and uncle went to my room and mom went to her room. Then i noticed that blood was coming from uncles leg and i told him that.

In search of the medicine he knocked my mom’s room but it was open and she was in her blouse and petticoat.suddenly uncle closed the door from outside and said sorry. But my mom told “for what are u saying sorry?” and she opened the door. Then i got into the room and after me my uncle. Mom was wearing a blouse and petticoat. I was stunned to see mom standing in front of uncle in that condition without any problem. Her deep cleavage was clearly visible. Her boobs were holding tight in the blouse and the outline of her bra was also clearly visible.her blouse was in a condition as that of a balloon expanded to its maximum limit. Her deep navel was also clearly visible. It gave me a hard-on. I also noticed the hardon on uncle and he was trying his best to look away from her boobs,and he succeeded and told mom that blood is coming from his legs.

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Mom told uncle to sit on the bed and she kneeled down on the floor and she rolled his pants up.this condition was giving uncle an amazing view of moms boobs and from his expression he want to tear the blouse and bite the juicy boobs of mom and suck on those sweet nipples.

To be continued.

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