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Ever you taken either cum or pee in the mouth? No, never means you have missed the final step of sexual pleasure. There are not many people who love to take cum or pee in the mouth or females love to take dicks in the mouth. But, both practices are wonderful and enjoyable. Generally, Indian males and females are not into these two things, but believe me the sour taste of pee and adhesive taste of cum is really good and enjoyable and give immense feeling in the mouth.

Even, Indian females doesn’t like to take dicks in the mouth and females from outside India, they love to enjoy this part of sex. Even, there are many facts is about sucking and licking told in kaamsutra and there are many write-up about taking men’s dick in mouth by females. Men’s feel the same feeling as he feels while fucking aunt hole and ass hole.

Taking cum in mouth is a brave thing by male and female and only few partners got ready for this pleasure play. And taking pee in mouth is like drinking salty water. I was not involved into taking cum and pee in the mouth when I had started enjoying sex. I was doing cam sex with one Russian and she motivated me to take my pee in my mouth. I done pee in a glass in front of cam in a glass and taken in the mouth. It was too tasty and now I love to drink pee of my every sex partner.

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