My Experience With Marwadi Patient – 2

Hi. I am back. Was eagerly waiting for the sexstory story to get published. Lucky I as Part 1 got published recently & many have liked it and want to next part of it. Here it is.

Well after the seductive examination of the marwadi aunty in OPD met her daily while updating her husband’s health in ICU. She used to give me a cheeky smile at the beginning and at the end. She was very smart in that. Her in-laws & parents actually thanked me for taking care of her husband and her. I was like wow, nice feedback!! After 3 days of ICU care, the husband was shifted to single suite room in 3rd floor in the corner.

Let me tell you that her husband had fallen into heavy boozing and had liver issues so he was developing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol occasionally. So we had to give some injections which used to calm him down and make him sleep. So here comes the day. On day 5 during my night rounds around 8 pm as I entered the patient’s room, I saw patient almost fighting with her wife holding her hand and trying to escape from the room(withdrawal symptoms). I immediately called up sister and helped the patient to lie down back and injected sedative to make him sleep. Advised the sister to leave the room and wife were crying on seeing the condition.

As you all know there will be an extra bed for patients attendees in a single suite room. I took the marwadi aunty on that bed, made her sit and try to console her slowly. She kept her head on my shoulder and started crying. She started complaining abt her husband that she has not enjoyed anything with him since marriage. She was cheated as he always indulged in business and drinking. I tried to console that he will be alright after treatment etc. I slowly put my hand on her shoulder and another hand on her thighs, slowly pressing them. She almost was hugging me from the side.

She was, as usual, wearing a revealing transparent red silver designer saree. I slowly put my right hand on around her waist from shoulder. Slowly pressing her body from shoulder to waist. She stopped crying and started to moan. My left hand was busy massaging her solid thighs. Slowly I took her by my arm and made her stand, walked up to door and locked it. Pulled the window screen and saw her husband sleeping nicely due to the drug. I liked the scene very much. Wow. Slowly took her against the wall, face to face. She was not looking me, I lifted her chin and brought my lips close to hers. Just touched her lip with mine and my both hands were holding her bums and pushing her towards me. She started opening her lips and we started to go on kissing lip-locked for quite a good time.

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Meanwhile my hands were busy caressing her bums outside the saree and slowly lifting her saree. And she had also put her hands on my back and was piercing my back with her not so sharp nails along with moaning. I was enjoying the moment and didn’t want to rush, so allowed her to make the move. After sometime she gradually started unbuttoning my shirt and me helped her to do. Still continuing to kiss her, biting her lips now and then. Her smell was mesmerizing. I started removing her pallu and started caressing her beautiful 38D breasts with blouse. Slowly removed the blouse. Saw her boobs in a red brassiere. Wow, amazing. What a size what a shape. I started chewing it with a bra. And my hands were back to their place caressing her 38 size ass. She started moaning loudly. I had to take care of that in between by lip-locking hers with mine.

I was shuttling between her breasts and mouth !! She understood by desperation and removed the bra on her own and lifted them up for me to eat them. Lovely scene. Lovely. I didn’t waste a sec. continued enjoying her boobs and slowly untied her sarees knot at the waist and gradually pushed her whole saree down, was slightly difficult to push down the saree as a whole. So I turned her against the wall and knelt down and with both my hands slowly pulled it down smelling and kissing her ass cheeks while pulling down the saree. It was a most beautiful part. Marwadi aunty standing against the wall nothing on her except for the panties with a 38-28-38 figure. Wow. I had rush now. I paced up a bit. Tried to eat her bums and continued squeezing her bums with my hands.

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She was on cloud 9 & moaning like anything. Now I tried to pull her red panty slowly down and made her bend forward. Wow. Her pussy was shining between her ass cheeks. Sexy. I couldn’t control much. Made her bend a bit more asking her to take the support of the wall. Separated her ass cheeks completely to see the beauty of her earth. Pinkish brown lips were there inviting me to bang them. I put my tongue out and tried to lick it. I was partially successful coz of her big bums !! She enjoyed each and every moment as much as I did. Now after licking her pussy now, I put my fingers to finger fuck her. It was very satisfying to her. She kept on moaning and suddenly she asked me to fuck her with my penis enough of the fingers.

She turned towards me knelt down and opened my pants in hurry and saw my manhood throbbing against my jockey underwear. She smiled on seeing that. Gave a smirky smile to me and pulled down my underwear and threw it on the coat. Kissed it closing her eyes, showing her shyness even then !! Slowly put my manhood in her mouth inch by inch. Started the giving me a wonderful blowjob of lifetime. !!! After sucking my cock and my balls. She stood up and turned towards the wall, bend forward separating her legs and lifting her ass a bit. Wow what a position and my cock was rock solid for the journey ahead. Slowly I started teasing her pussy lips with my tip of penis. She was becoming restless. She was need of my cock badly. She brought her hand and held my cock at the pussy and herself started moving backwards.

I understood her eagerness and started pumping her slowly and in a minute or two I was inside her completely banging her wet pussy with great speed and sound !! Continued to fuck her from back holding her both bums as a grip. Smacking her bums occasionally and she used to like it and moan loudly with each stroke. After sometime made her to lie down on the bed and started to fuck her and kiss and caress her boons all at the same time. It was wonderful. She used to bit my lips, pinch my back with her fingers even scratch it with her fingernail and put her legs around me for a better position and better fuck. Continued this for quite a long time taking small breaks in between. And she climaxed almost 3-5 times by the time I was ready and I couldn’t control anymore. She asked me to cum inside her without any hesitation. I was in no mood to use any condom or waste my love outside.

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Put her on doggy position on the bed continued the last session of banging, holding her breasts and bums alternating. Finally I did cum inside her and she too had the climax same time along with me. And we both just lied down ont the bed slowly hugging each other for a while. After a while woke up and saw the marwadi beauty lying on bed completely naked and her pussy had my sperms in them, feeling very happy to have such love making session. Kissed her forehead and woke her up. Helped her to clean her pussy. Now I took her dress and helped her to wear them back. I found dressing the marwadi aunty more romantic than undressing her !! And finally she gave me a blowjob once again, helped me to wear my clothes on.
That’s it.

Her husband got discharged later and I was waiting for the follow up not with the patient but with the marwadi aunty !!!
Hope you guys liked my story.

Feel free to comment and mail me.

Got few mails last time. I will try to take a few pics next time and will send u.
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