My office aunty – Sucksex


I have just passed my MBA and when I sat for various campus interviews then I got selected by an event management company. I was not having any as such interest as I had not received any other call from any company. I joined that even company and got many lessons from there. It was a better learning experience as was working with many good looking young girls. There was much fun and enjoyment as many males of the company used to say anything to any girl.

I was initially shocked but when a sexy girl made a comment on me then I perceived the whole thing that just a comment is not going to fuck anyone. I too get involved with them and then we started working in a very free environment. There were many married good looking women also and they too used to flirt with the cute looking boys. I too was flirted by many married women not only that I had been invited in the common toilet room by a woman to see her naked boobs. That was really amazing.

I was looking after the marketing works so I had to interact with many good looking girls in and out of the company. One late evening I was in the office due to some hectic work along with a few people. We closed the day almost in the night. A married woman, Anita, or better I may call her as an aunty was also with me in that work and when we were leaving for our homes then she came to me and proposed me for a dinner with her at her home. I accepted that happily as I wanted to get interacted with her family members as well.

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When I reached inside her home then I was surprised to see that there was no one. Anita then told me that her other family members have gone to the native place and they would be coming after a week. I really had no clue what to do now. We had dinner together which she cooked in a very faster way. I wanted to leave from there but it got almost mid night so she persuaded me to spend the night her house only as she would be feel happy.

I tried to avoid but failed in wining on her request. I was sleeping in a bedroom along with my laptop. I connected it to internet and started enjoying the porn movies. I had erected penis inside my underwear. I was rubbing that very hard and suddenly one thing came to my mind why not to do flirting with that woman who is sleeping in the other room.

I took this chance and went to her room, I knocked her door and she opened it, she was looking just sleepy but I started well commenting on her that how could she avoid a young boy in her house. She took that very well and put her hand on my pant near penis. Anita found it hard and pushed me inside on her bed. We get inside and played the best game of sex together. ………….. look forward to more sequel in this name

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My office women – Sucksex

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