My Sister Soniya – Part 1

Hi, friends.This is my first sex story but real.So sorry for the grammar mistake.I am Raj from Chennai.I did M.Sc(computer science). My family members are my father Nandhan, mother Devi, sister Soniya and me.We are a middle-class family.

Let me tell about my sister Soniya.She is very beautiful and fair in color.Her eyes are like fish, anybody will fall for her easily and will decide to fuck her, lips are very seductive even flexible for sucking 2 cocks, boobs are medium sized, thighs are extraordinary, ass is quite large.When we walk on the roads, guys stare at her ass and boobs. They give comments about my sister’s structure.I usually fantasize about my hot sister and masturbate.But didn’t have the courage to fuck her.Let me go to the sex story.

My sister joined the same college I am studying because my parents thought I would be protective of her.She was very disciplined in school but college life has changed her.

She has a boyfriend. I have seen her with a boyfriend around the campus and outside too.She didn’t mind me watching her with a boyfriend.She thought I won’t tell parents and that is normal in these days.They were enjoying a lot.

But I have a number of friends in college.They tell me about sister roaming with her boyfriend because they too had a crush on my sister.They come to my home lot of times to see her body(I enjoy seeing), touch her but she was very frank, she took it as friendly. They tried to seduce her in front of me but didn’t work.

They tell me how they badly want to fuck my sister.One day, one of my friends went one step ahead, kissed her in lips which I saw with my own eyes. She was very angry, shocked and tell them “Get the fuck out” and told me not to bring them home ever again.They didn’t come home since that day.

In college, they tell me about my sister to me directly like”If I am her brother, I will fuck that hot bitch every day”.They are jealous because they didn’t have the chance to enjoy her beauty.

But this created jealousy to me also. I saw Soniya with boyfriend kissing, touching her thighs, pressing boobs even inside the college. On that day, I wanted to taste my sweet sister.So I took the chances at home. I used to find ways to see her body whenever she bends. I did things like seeing her boobs, kissing in cheeks and touching her thighs casually and sometimes rubbing her thighs without knowing.

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Then I started to seduce her slowly.In the home, I take her mobile phone normally to see the WhatsApp chats.I am very communicative with her asking about boyfriend, ask about photos with him (in a photo, her tits are visible)

I am sure he would play with her boobs, thighs, kiss her but I don’t think they fucked. So I send those photo to my phone and masturbated daily. Day by day, I became very horny and wanted to fuck her badly.So I pretended to my sister like a caring brother.

One day, my parents were out of town(that day, I decided to make her mine) only my sister and me were at home.She came to my room to talk about planning for a movie with her boyfriend.But I didn’t listen. I was watching her thighs, boobs, eyes and nose.

She caught me watching her and asked what??And then I said what?? She replied you are watching all over me and I said “Nothing”. I did talk with her a lot to make her stay in my room and not to go away and slowly I went near the door and closed it.

She: What?
Me: I wanted to give you surprise, close your eyes
(she thought I would bring tickets for movie)
She: ok
Me: open your mouth.

She opened her mouth. I slowly took my cock outside and placed in her mouth. She was so shocked to see me that way and tried to get outside shouting, “What are you doing Raj”.I, on the other side, took her hand and begged not to go away.

Me: I want to fuck you, please don’t go away
She: no way, you are my brother. Get lost you bastard.

She went outside my room and was sitting in the hall.I went to the hall to console her and to beg her not to tell parents

She: if I tell parents, I am the one who will be ashamed and first take that thing inside(my cock).

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I became normal, took my cock inside and asked her sorry. She said okay.I felt very bad that day.She was not speaking to me on the following days properly and for parent’s sake, she spoke with me in front of them, so the parents did not ask what was the problem.

But silently, I am building the rage to fuck my sister bitch day by day.That attempt I failed. For the god’s sake, she didn’t tell parents, so I planned to take things more slowly.Things have been changed later. Years passed.Their relationship became intimate.She brought her boyfriend to home whenever parents are not home and I used to pretend like I was ignoring them.One day, I hear them talking when I was standing near my room door, they were in the hall

He: Hey, darling, your brother won’t mind this, right??
She: Yeah, he won’t tell parents.
He: Why?
She: Because he is the dumbest person I ever know.

He sat near her on a sofa kissing her on a cheek and saying “Hey, don’t talk about your brother like that”. Then they completely forget that one person standing in the same house was watching them and started to make love.They slowly kissed for a minute and after what they did leave me shocking.He suddenly placed his hand on her boob and started pressing.

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He slowly opened her churidar and simultaneously she removed his shirt and pant.She was standing in blue color bra and same color panty.She was walking near my door to see what I am doing.Then I ran near my computer and put my headset on and pretended like I was hearing the song.Then she went to bath.He followed her but she denied.He was waiting outside like a hungry dog.Later, she came outside. After some time, I was stunned to see her in the towel wrapped around her body.

Her boyfriend also got excited.I can’t tolerate any further and took my cock outside and started rubbing.Then he slowly opened the towel. I was very eager to see her body for the first time.Yes, he opened it.Those boobs are perfect sized and pussy was well shaved.She was standing nude in front of her boyfriend and her brother(with or without knowing).He took his cock out(larger than mine).She was holding his cock in hand and he was rubbing her pussy.They kissed again for 10 minutes, he smooched her.

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Later he took her to the bedroom and I was following them.He started licking her boobs, pulling the erected nipples and licking her pussy.She was moaning ah ah ah.Then she kneels down and opened her mouth, took his cock into her mouth.She was very good in sucking.She exactly looked like a slut.After she sucked for some time, they were ready to fuck.He placed his cock inside the pussy and started pushing it.I was shocked to see his cock.

Suddenly, it went inside her and was invisible outside.I thought that moment, she was fucked minimum 50 times.She was moaning ah.Fuck.Ah.Fuck you bastard.Fuck me fuck me.I can’t wait for more than this.I ejected outside and he took his cock out and came in her mouth.They slept for some time.Now I went back to my room to sleep.I was more tired of watching them fuck.Then an hour later, I went to the bathroom and opened the door and saw them fucking.

There was no noise.This is was unexpected.He was fucking her in the ass.They saw me and she started to protect her boobs and pussy.Then I got out of the home and came after some time.He left and I asked her what was she doing.

She said “I will do whatever I want, you to shut up, incestuous fellah.This will continue”, she said.He started to come as my friend when parents are at home.

They will have a quick session.She sucks his cock in front of me while parents were outside.She became rude these days and very horny for cock, addicted to sex.But I don’t know. I didn’t get sad, angry for her.I just wanted to see her happy.Because I started realizing that I love her.

This sex story does not end here.In the next part, I will tell you how we made love and lust.Thank you for reading the sex story.

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