Not Just One Of Those Sexcapades

So if you’re reading this for the sake of getting an insight of the humping and fucking and the doggy, this might be a little ahead of it’s time for you. Hi to the lovely sex story readers, I write this to bring to you my real life experience of an exquisite affair with a woman who happened to be the best sex of my life.

I had seen Tanya (Name changed for obvious reasons) the first time when She had attended a conference at Chandigarh a few months back in the early spring season. She’s a Delhi-ite and developed an instant attraction towards me that she happened to tell me later. I was too engrossed in the after party with my Post workout protein diet and my responsibilities as a volunteer in the conference, so I mustn’t have noticed. But anyway nothing really happened there other than some eye talking and smiles.

We added each other on Facebook and I had started talking to her soon enough. Getting her number then WhatsApp texts and soon we got calls. Little did we realize we had so much in common than just belonging to the same field. We obviously did not want commitments, have had our poor luck with stupid relationships and had this crazy unexplainable sexual tension building up for each other. I decided to take it ahead and hit it off with her on a weekend.

So I took an early 4 am Bus, while she traveled from Noida, we met at the Kashmere gate metro station of the capital. That was the first time I noticed her(Physically) while the lady had already done her side of stalking on all my social media accounts. AND DAMN, she was a Bomb! Not really on the zero figure size but she just had the right amount of fat in the right places.

She must have been 34-28-36. We had booked an OYO and had pictured, as well as talked about a couple of million things We were gonna do to each other or rather with each other. She had opened about her past relationships as well as sexual encounters and so had I, so pretty much had a vague idea of what to expect.

She had mentioned about not being a big fan of Oral sex (wherein she’s on the receiving end ) upon hearing which I was pretty shocked. Now I may come out as quite a stubborn & self-centered guy but When it comes to Women, I have the utmost respect for the opposite sex and Like to treat them the way they deserve.

For me, sex and pleasure has and will always be a give and take the deal. If both are not in it, there’s no point. I am not one of those guys who sit on the kingsize chair and asks the woman to kneel down and give it a head( I mean yes, I do but that’s not entirely it). Pleasure should be enjoyed at both ends. Personally, I love giving pleasure. So making her moan to my pussy eating skills was on the top of my to-do list for the weekend.

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We met with a hug and a casual lip kiss because obviously, a Hi or a handshake would be disrespecting the sexual energies we had building up in each other since so long. I wanted to take her down right there and then in her black shirt and tight jeans. She looked so drop-dead, yummy. I couldn’t take my eyes off those buttocks I tell you.

So here it begins,
She was a little on the chubbier side with wonderful breasts and a good round Ass that you’d watch twirl as she walks by. She was around 5’5’’ and her figure must have been around 34-28-34. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and black top with some goddamn fruity flavor of the gloss on top of the lips. Damn, If you could look at my face right now.

We took a cab straight to the hotel, checked in, entered the room and started making out right that second. We were usually kissing touching each other in the car as well, but the real deal always starts off in the room as we all know 😉

Stripping each other off, we paved the way for our first hotel room makeout between two people who were probably meeting each other for the first time. We kissed, sucked, loved, bit, tethered, embraced in every sensation of the presence of the other. I was carrying a pack of condoms but for some reason, I felt the need to take things slow with her.

So, I went down. Yes, she was hesitant at first but I couldn’t take my attention off from a bikini waxed Pussy. She had the sweetest pussy I ever tasted oh Damn, So yummy I could cave in there and spend the entire weekend sucking her. I made my slow twirls around her labia side to side, top to bottom, round and round, everything that the men’s sex-cyclopedia and my past experiences offered me with. Her moans were getting louder and louder with time.

I made sure to dirty talk her and occasionally hit those nipples softly to increase her sensations.Boy, she was really enjoying it! She ripped my shorts off and started sucking my balls like a pro while now it was my turn to take the seat in there and enjoy the show. She took the shaft of my penis in her mouth and sucked nice and real from top to bottom for a good 20 minutes. We then embraced each other’s naked body and kept making love for hours.

I sucked on her nipples, but her breasts and ate her neck while we both rolled over in the bedsheet making noises that filled up the room. The sex music made the environment even more lovely with some of the latest erotic numbers playing at our pace, or we were playing at their place. aaaaahhhhh uuuuuhhhh, don’t stop, her body was so smooth and milky white I could stay in there forever!

She had a stunning skin texture and damn that Pussy. Guys out there, Those vaginal walls were deep pink and flavored with Berries or IDK what that tasted so fucking amazing I got no words to describe. She was easily the best pussy I ever tasted! We were quite tired after the long journeys and cab travel (July August Delhi is quite hot) and wanted to save our zeal for the night too.

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So we ordered a pizza and lied naked in bed talking stories, making love, building romance. We had so much to speak to each other about as this was the first time we were meeting and had plenty to discuss and discover. Now I am not the fucker you spend some time with and we ride each other like two crazy animals. Like of course, that part does occur but I feel it’s very important for two people to get comfortable with each other.

We decided to go to Connaught Place in the evening for an outing > Had hookah, shots, Starbucks and talked forever about things in the loud music there. We could feel the sexual tension building up as we were unable to keep our hands to yourself. And we obviously had the whole night to think about too!We returned back to the hotel room and she went inside to change into her shorts while I set the room with a few candles and my sex playlist to set the mood right 😉

She opened the bathroom door and I pounced on her like a hungry lion. I stripped her down the waist and gave her an incredible Oral. Her moans were off the peak when I fingerfucked her while licking her clit. I took it as a signal and went for it. My dick was hard and wet and she was oozing juices.

There couldn’t have been a better moment so I just fucked her brains off then and there. We stayed in doggy for quite some time when I turned her legs towards her chest and fucked her in that position. We kissed while my Dick trusted her Vagina deeper and deeper for quite some time.

She was done and asked me to pull out so I did. We started making out again while she started giving me some deep love bites. I sucked her neck, held her wrists above her head and slapped her. I wanted more so I wanted to turn her on again, right away. The bondage trick worked like magic on her and she was hot in no time. We went again for another session and collapsed on the bed after panting heavily for breath.

This was intense and erotic at another level. 2 a night was normal for me. My core strengthening exercises at the gym and physique also helped me a lot. We wanted to do sth crazy so we went out into the balcony, naked and made out there too. We came back to bed and talked about how amazing the night has been and how we both were so delighted to bump into each other. We made out again after having some water after we felt short of fluids ( Like literally ).

We stayed in bed for quite some time, laughing, giggling about each other’s performance. So we were just talking about how long can we both last upon which I said I haven’t really gone more than 2 times on the same night as I did not get a chance. As in the mood never set up that way and I wondered if I could. She said let’s find out. I had already come hard the previous time But I had the ball strength not to disagree with that proposal now.

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So here we were getting each other hot again, and my duchess took the low road. We switched to the 69 which is and will always be my favorite. I sucked her while she got my Junior back on the track again. She was pretty wet already so there were no new moves I could try. So I finger fucked her while I ate her asshole and chewed her buttcheeks.

She bit my Glans Penis and we both were so Hot once again. Junior stood up nice and strong and was ready to go down the tunnel again so I lifted her back placing in a supine, lifted her legs apart like the wings of an Eagle and fucked the life out of her. I was going in like a rooster with all my might fatttt fatttt fatty came to the noises as I spanked her butt.

I had to shove my palm on her mouth to shut it close so that she shouted a little less. She was on a ROLL aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuhhhmmmmmm Yesssssss Dooont stopppp !! The whole room was filled with our noises while I moved her into the doggy now. This time I spanked her ass hard and nice while I fucked her. Held her hair from behind and rode her like it was the last time of our lives.

I was gonna come anytime from now and she asked me to do it inside. Without a condom, we fucked and I came nice and strong inside her till her pussy was filled with my juicy cum. We collapsed on bed, thirsty, energyless and dropped dead. In spite of the AC on full temp. Swing, we panted like hell and longed for breath. We were sweating and dead but had the winning smile on our faces. We kissed again and after some time we went off to sleep.

We went for the fourth time again in the morning where I woke her up with a blowjob. I came inside her again as I final fucked her for the fourth time in 12 hrs which also added to our record of best performance. She too was delighted about the same.We agreed on the fact that this was the best sex of our lives. We showered together and checked out of the hotel. We kissed and hugged and I left Delhi Sunday mid noon while she went back to her hostel.

That’s all my sex story. We are still in touch and have been looking forward to another trip to meet shortly. We are also open to having another couple join us for sexual stuff, swinging etc. If anyone interested can email me [email protected] I keep things, discreet ladies 😉

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