On the way to my home [Part 3]

It was a small village with a few people. Many of them were female as many of the males of that village used to live in the big city to earn for the house in this village. They stayed me in a room which was vacant as all the men of that house were out for their jobs in the big cities. There was not any electricity and hence that gave me a better reason to stay naked in underwear. It was the spring season but I was really feeling the heat. In the afternoon Seema and Pooja came to my room saying that they are available for me till tomorrow morning. This was a good thing to hear.
Luckily, I had some bikini sets as I used to work for a branded lingerie company with me along with my shaving kit. Firstly I cleaned their pussies after which those were really looking very impressive. I licked them when first time saw their clean pussies. It was really amazing. By doing this all the time passed in a faster way. The darkness was on the flow now but thanks that it was a moony night so had some good light inside through the window. It was almost the mid night and we all were sleeping.

Suddenly my penis felt to fuck anyone at least. It was really very hard that I have to ask Seema to wake up and she got easily when I show her my hard penis then she smiled. This was really very hard and she sucked that sweetly. She also asked Pooja to join and they both played with my penis. It was really very sensible as I was really enjoying their behavior. I too licked them and in that the most amazing thing was my hard penis as the hardness of the same has never gone down from that level once it achieved the same.

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Pooja came over me and inserted the penis inside her pussy and I started stroking her very hard. The hardiness of my penis remained for a better time and Seema also tasted that with her sweet pussy. This was going longer as they were looking to fail in making me to cum. They licked it again and again but the thickness was maintained. I changed many positions and fucked both together. They were almost lost their energy and then in the end it was the doggy position in which my legs were feeling the sensibility of their sexy butts.

Those butts made the things and finally I got the sperms over their sexy body. After that we went for sleep and when we woke up in the morning then also I fucked them in a very short duration and thanked them for the night and everything what they gave me. I left for my home and sometimes I used to go to that village whenever I used to come to my home and always enjoy with Pooja and Seema. They are still fresh and hot for the sex.

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