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Hello ISS readers. My name is Aswin. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been an avid reader of iss for the past 5 years( if you’re good at maths, you’ll be able to figure that I’ve been a horny boy since I was 14). My journey into the world of sex has been a long and lingering one but after 6 years of venturing down the road of porn, sexuality, masturbation and sex stories, I can safely say that I have seen, felt and learnt all there is to sex( maybe memorising the 64 sex positions in the kama sutra is a bit far-fetched). Fortunately, my hormones were not too obstreperous or uncontrollable till I had to fuck my mom or sister, which apparently some people have(at least according to them). Before I run into the sex, cum and all the other dirty stuff worthy of a porn film, I would like to clarify something unique about myself.

I am a male of Indian descent born in Malaysia. For those of you unaware of this fact, Malaysia has a population of approximately 3 million Indians, who make up approximately 10 percent of the country’s population. The one word which we Indians don’t apply into our lives in Malaysia in comparison to India is “Conservative”. While girls in India, unfortunately, face torment and slut-shaming for donning a skimpy dress, the Indian girls in Malaysia face no such issue, hence the sight of Indian girls sexily clad in shorts and a transparent top or maybe a sexy minidress has become a norm out here.

I reckon visiting India back in 2015 and was shell-shocked to see that 99% of the girls in India dressed in traditional dresses when traversing the streets of India. This is in stark contrast to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s bustling capital city, where Indian women flaunt everything except their naked boobs and pussies. Well, unfortunately, this isn’t a Charles dickens novel where I go on comparing cities and countries throughout my story. It’s time to dive into a darker realm. This dark realm is not one of hellish suffering instead it is a realm for the darkest, utmost pleasures.

Every tom, dick and Harry knows that the utmost pleasure in the world is sex. But of all forms of sex, trust me, the most bewitching and enjoyable sex is forbidden sex for when you taste the forbidden fruit, you lose appetite for all others. In my case , the forbidden fruit goes by the name sharmini balasingam. On first thought, it is just a regular Indian woman’s name. But for me, it was more than that. It was a name that was going to turn me into a man. It was a name that was going to make my cum ooze. It was a name that was going to make me yearn . But before all of that, it was a name that was going to become my English teacher. So how did innocent English lessons turn to sex lessons? It all started with my brewing hormones .

If only they had stayed controlled that day, I wouldn’t have had the most mind-blowing experience in my life and I wouldn’t be writing this story. Hundreds of teachers came and went in my schooling life but none caught my eye like sharmini did. She was at the ripe age of 41. Her legs and thighs were slender and milky and her wholesome ass beared great resemblance to the ass of pornstar Lisa ann . For those of you who don’t know , Lisa ann is regarded as the queen of porn for her numerous porn videos. Sharmini’s face was sultry and she had characteristic drunken eyes which could make any guy drunk without the need of vodka or alcohol. Her hair was wavy and fell graciously over her back like an apsara.

Her boobs weren’t the biggest, but those b cup melons were enough for your eyes to feast on and her milky brown waist made you independent of the need for milk chocolate to satiate and fulfill your sugar demands. All in all, she was a perfect milf. My friends and I would discuss about her in class and proclaim that if Savita bhabhi, the famous slut from the kirtu comic, reincarnated into real life, she would be none other than sharmini. All in all, she was the perfect milf as porn viewers would put it. If a then 17 year old boy could be mesmerized by the sluttiness of a 41 year old milf, you know her sexiness is not mediocre or normal in nature. Fate had it that she would become my English teacher.

Every day, she would walk into class clad in a transparent,figure-hugging blouse and a miniskirt which ended at least 2 palms above her knee. As she taught essay writing on the board using a marker , me and my friends would be unzipping our pants and masturbating under the table. For us, our hands worked more in stroking our dicks during English class than they did on writing essays. Every time she did her rounds, we would quickly zip up(sometimes we would carelessly zip it in haste till the zip hurt our dicks). But we still did it and risked being caught because a boy can control his lust towards a woman, but no boy is able to control his lust towards a seductress. One time , my innocent friend confronted me and said, “Mata, pita, guru, deivam”.

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You shouldn’t have sexual fantasies about your teacher. She’s a respectable person . It’s a sin. I told him,”Hey, whats wrong man? I too believe in the saying mata, pita, guru, deivam. But, you tell me, what’s the prime job of a teacher? He replied, “To teach”. I told him, “Exactly , which is why sharmini is being an extraordinary teacher. Not only is she teaching us English, she is teaching us the art of ogling and lusting for women. She’s teaching us the art of achieving pleasure by giving us heavenly orgasms each time we wank for her. Basically, sex education is not fully enforced in our nation , so she’s enforcing it through her erotic dressing and displays in class”.

As good students, we should accept her teachings and apply it by mastering the art of masturbating to her . Still unconvinced , he told me , “You fucking pervert”. I told him, “Follow me, sharmini will be leaving our class now and heading to the teacher’s room”. Lets tail her, pretending as though we’re headed for the toilet . That particular day, she was clad in a transparent, white blouse which made her blue floral bra totally visible. Her miniskirt was extra short that day baring most of her sexy legs. As we tailed , I told him, ” look at her bra. That complexion of her back. That wholesome ass.

Dont you get seduced by the way it wriggles from side to side as she walks. Look at the complexion of her milky legs, as generous portions of her leg are uncovered every time the slit on her miniskirt splits while she walks . Looks at her slutty walk and the way her legs shine and glisten under the sun as a layer of sweat settles on it after the long day. Could sunny leone beat that? The more and more I spoke about her, the more and more he got turned on. His face was sweaty, his hands shaky and his eyes red.

He told me,”Oh my god, shes a goddess”. Days later, he had joined us in wanking for her in class. So much for mata,pita,guru,deivam. So, long story cut short, how did my dick end up in her pussy? Omg, that must have been the biggest spoiler alert ever. Haha, but you must have been expecting it eventually. So, it all started when I became the top student in class and consistently raked in the top marks in English. Apparently , sharmini loved brains over brawns. My marks opened the window for me to become her favourite student. Whether it was to carry her books to the car or carry her bag, the first name that came to her lips was Aswin.

Well since her lips loved to say my name, it wouldn’t be so hard for her lips to love my dick as well, wouldn’t it?

Hmmmmm……I’m just going to leave that for you to decide. So, every of my attempts to initiate a sexual encounter with her failed and tumbled into the drains. I was scoring sixers in my exams, but only zeros with sharmini. Frustration had started to kick in. If I left school without the chance of at least laying my hand on her sexy waist, then my efforts in buttering her would be a calamitous waste. As I had given up all hope, an avenue arose when one day she met me over the weekend to discuss some matters regarding the english society for which I was president . She was the teacher advisor and hence, wanted to lay out the blueprint of the club activities for the year.

Suddenly, she remarked to me that she was having back pain. With the speed of a lightning bolt, my lips uttered the words, “Miss, would you like me to massage your back”? She looked stunned. I gulped down my saliva expecting to face the music. Instead, she put on a cheeky smile and said, “That’d be great, thank you, Aswin, for your helpfulness”. She was clad in tights and a t-shirt that day, which was far more decent from her sexier outfits. She bent down and allowed me to access her shoulder region. I knew this was my opportunity but I had to be wary because one wrong move could end me up in hot soup. I started with innocent little presses down her back via her shoulder. I noticed her getting more at ease with my touches and moved forwards reaching her armpit regions.

She started making sudden jerks as my touches became more sensual in nature. I noticed her bra strap was preventing me from gaining unrestricted access to her shoulder and back so I enquired, “Miss, your strap is preventing me from massaging your shoulder region”. She promptly replied,”Pull it slightly to the side, but not too much,aswin”. I agreed and slid the straps to the sides of her shoulder. The intensity of my touches increased and I could feel the “Sexual current” streaming through my body. I guess I would say it was like getting an electric shock, but imagine an electric shock that made you beg for more.

Thats how I felt when massaging sharmini. Out of my increased horniness, I slid my hands forwards from her back down her armpit towards her breasts. Immediately, in reflex to the action, she pushed my hands away and stared at me. My whole world has crushed. It seemed like doomsday had arrived way too early. I expected a slap on my face but sharmini just uttered to me, “I think its getting late, we should both go home. Anyways , I’m starting tuition classes for english. You’re already an excellent student but it’d be good if you’d be able to attend next weekend”. In the haste of the moment,all I replied was “Ok”. I went home perplexed. What had just happened? Did it mean that I had made my breakthrough or did it mean she might call my parents and relate the entire incident to them. The thought of massaging her made me horny and I went to the lavatory and pulled down my boxer briefs. I started stroking my cock while recollecting the incident .

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I was so close to an amazing climax until thoughts of sharmini reporting my misconduct flashed through my head. I couldnt proceed any further as my cock became flaccid. I decided to turn on the wi-fi and downloaded poonam pandey’s film , “Nasha”. It was a movie of how a teenage student, just like me, seduced and fucked his slutty teacher. But somehow, one thing didn’t fit. In nasha, poonam pandey broke up with her then long term boyfriend after a brawl and hence hooked up with her student. In my case, that wasnt to be because sharmini was happily married with a 9 year old kid. I could only moan in regret as I thought about how lucky her husband was to be able to fuck her every single night.Personally, I didnt need to fuck her pussy for my entire lifetime.

All I needed was to fuck it once to fulfill my utmost desire. Why god, why? Why do this to me? Why cant you let me fuck her just once? Deep into my thoughts, I slept off on the sofa. The next morning, I decided not to pursue my sexual advances anymore for safety sake and join her tuition classes to make amends with her. That saturday, I went to her home for the tuition class. She greeted me at the door dressed in a t shirt and jeans. Unsuspectingly, I entered the house and sat at a designated table facing a whiteboard. To my surprise, I was the only student in the class. I asked her about her husband and son and she said that her husband was out on a business trip while her son was away at summer camp.

Things were starting to turn, unseasonably steamy. Her house now appeared to me like the perfect location for some hot sex. After all when the cats are away, the mice wil play. However, I brushed that thought off my mind and took out my workbook. Sharmini told me she was going to the dressing room to change into something more comfortable, to which I promptly agreed. Just as I had opened my book to the first page and prepared to start 2 hours of learning english, sharmini appeared from the dressing room clad in a black lingerie and pantyhose . Her face was all sultry and her face had a slutty expression. This avatar of her stunned me. If I was older, I probably would have gotten a heart attack because when I saw her dressed so seductively, I truly felt my heart skipping a beat.

I sat at my table speechless. She took out her marker and wrote on the board, ” write an essay of at least a 1000 words on how you fucked your teacher”. I was bamboozled. She then looked me in the eye and said, “Why are you so shocked? Don’t you have any ideas. Well, if you dont have any ideas , maybe its because youve never had the experience. So maybe, after I have sex with you, youll have enough experience to write this essay”. I was thinking , “Was I hallucinating? I must be sleeping?”. She then gave me a sensual slap on the face . As her hand hit me, it rang a bell in my head. I knew then that it was very, very real. She moved towards me and we lip-locked. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she stuck hers into mine. We were passionately sucking the life out of each other. Her lips had turned red from all the passion of my love bites.

As we exchanged saliva and our tongues, her hand moved all the way down to my pulsating dick. It felt as if my dick had become my second heart. It was pulsating that much. We stripped each other and she said, “Apparently youre lacking calcium, maybe you need some milk. Hmmmm…. Where can we get high quality milk?” before I could answer, she buried my head into her juicy breasts, and although there was no milk, I felt like I had tasted nectar. She told me its best we continue our sexcapade in the bedroom because our passion at that moment was so deep that if we had sex on the study table, the table would have probably broken.

She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. She was dominating me and I loved it to the core. She held my dick firmly at the shaft and stroked it. Being a young , overexcited lad, I shouted , ” miss, im cumming”. She immediately took her hand off. I begged her . “Please miss, dont stop. I cant bear it. Please make me ejaculate”. She was in no mood to stop teasing and punishing me. She replied, “Two mistakes , number one, cumming too early when ive just started and number two , calling me miss. Call me sharmini and ill suck your dick to climax. Beg me”. I shouted ,” sharmini, please give me a blowjob. Please suck it till I release all my cum into your mouth”.

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She gave a slutty laugh and deepthroated my 5 inch dick. “Youve got a nice, tasty dick”, she said. Wonder how your cum tastes, sweet like pineapples or bitter like bittergourds”. Upon saying that, she sucked my dick with maximum intensity. I tried my best to hold on but my dick was powerless to the sexiness of sharmini. I blowed my load of cum directly into her mouth. “Hmmmm, sweet like pineapples”, she remarked. We hugged and kissed for 5 mins and just as I was about to fuck her she guided my head down to her pussy. “Lubricate it before you enter me, you despearate little boy”. I licked her pussy in circular motion and I recall her moaning, “Ahhh…. It feels so heavenly. Harder. Harder. Fuck. Keep going. It feels so good”. She was saying it over and over again like a tape recording.

Probably, that showed the amount of pleasure she was in. She then held my dick and asked me, “Are you scared of entering my pussy?”. I admitted that I was slightly scared. After all,I had never fucked any girl in my life before.”Oh, so you’re a virgin”, she replied. She continued , “Well, not anymore “, and before I could react, she spreaded her pussy lips and guided my dick into her pussy orifice. When I entered her pussy, my whole mind went blank. I was immersed in pleasure. As my dick explored the depths of her pussy, it felt like my body was feeling the depths of heaven. When I entered her pussy , I realised what it feels like to be in heaven. I realised why people said that heaven lies in between a woman’s legs because every inch of me was getting a zest of pleasure from every moment of our heavenly sex .

I shouted , “Fuck,sharmini. Your pussy feels so fucking good”. She couldnt reply because she was moaning all along. “Ahhh…Ahhhh …Ahhh ” were the mantras which were filling the room. I was about to cum and told her that I was going to release it in her pussy. She said , ” no, what if I get pregnant? No”. Even in that immense pleasure, I realised her excuse was rational. So I asked, ” has your husband ever fucked your ass?”. She replied, “No, why?” . Without giving second thought, I replied, ” since you took my virginity, you slut, its only fair I repaid the favour by being the first to fuck your asshole.” I then slid my dick out of her pussy and into her ass crack. She screamed, “Fuck, fuck, your dick feels so big in my ass. Ahhh..”. I stroked my dick into and out of her ass about 10 times , and suddenly her body started contracting. She was orgasming. As her asshole clenched onto my dick , I could not hold my treasure trove of cum any longer and released it into her asshole.

I smothered her asshole with cum. Tje fatigue after the wild session was immeasurable but somehow, we got ourselves up from bed. After the fuck, we found it awkward to look each other in the eye. Sharmini told me not to tell anyone about our sexcapade and that all that happened is to be kept between us. I agreed to that and shyly told her that I should clean up. We cleaned ourselves up and I left her house for home after cheekily saying that I now had enough inspiration to write the essay on “How you fucked your teacher?”. We fucked only 2 times after that after which I graduated from school and lost contact with her. The fact that I wished to fuck her once in my life but had the opportunity to drill her pussy and ass 3 times leaves me over the moon.

After all, it wasnt my fault that we ended up having intercourse. It was that sexy bitch sharmini who seduced me with her sexy lingerie in the first place. (lol,isnt that every guys excuse after having forbidden sex). After sharmini, ive fucked 3 other girls in my life but none of them have come within touching distance of the pleasure I had when fucking sharmini. Not many guys in the world managed to fuck their teacher and enjoy the forbidden fruit like I did. But those who did will tell you tales of how the immense pleasure of forbidden sex surpasses all other pleasures. My forbidden fruit came by the name of sharmini. She was my teacher. She was my mentor. She was even the examiner of my assessments. But to me she meant something deeper. She was my seductress. She was my slutty queen. And most importantly, despite being 24 years older to me, she was the woman who took my virginity.

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